Ben Burtt Personal Life, Married, Wife, Wiki, Bio, Childhood, Career, Net Worth

Among various voice actors, Ben Burtt is the one who is popular among all. You must have watched WALL-E, well it was voice given by Burtt. Not just this movie, he also worked for other movies like Star Trek and E.T. Being all-rounder in voice and sound designing, Ben is able to open his separate sound house as well. Let’s us now know more about his information, childhood, career and other information!

Ben Burtt Childhood and Early Career

The award winning actor Ben was born in New York, Jamesville. He graduated from Allegheny College with a majority in Physics. He was interested in acting and being a major role in a movie. But, he developed his intuition as sound designer and voice actor later while in college. He started his career right after graduating college. He started working in special effects, which led him to gain a further academic qualification.

Ben Burtt Professional Career as Sound Designer and Voice Actor

Although his early career started in 1970, his official career as a sound designer started in 1997 when he was chosen for his very first dynamic project ‘Star Wars’. Burtt was given responsibility to design special sound to make special effects. He specialises his skill of modifying sounds and frequency and made some dubbing. But, his very first acting as a voice actor was for the movie ‘WALL-E’. The voice of the tiny robot in the movie ( the main character) was of Ben with special sound modification.

Ben is also known as director and writer along with being a sound designer. He worked as a director for documentary films among which ‘Special Effects’ was the one to be nominated for Oscar. He worked as cameo actor in movies like Return of the Jedi, and Star Wars – The Phantom Menace as well.

Ben Burtt Personal Life, Married Life and Wife

Being sincere in work is something we must learn from Ben. Although he is able to exhibit his works and experience to the whole world, his personal life is itself a disguise. He is married, but we do not have any information about his wife name and exact dates. We will soon update it to you when known.

Ben Burtt’s Net Worth

Burtt, Cancer, is successful enough to grow his net worth from minion to million. Being a sound designer and director, along with writer, we surely can say that he is a bit more earners and has earned enough. His estimated net worth is $3.5 million. It includes his living house along with his business and properties.

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