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Among various voice actors, Edward Asner, or Ed is businessman cum actor who has been the former president of Screen Actors Guild. For us who likes animated movies, let me tell you, he was the one to dub the character Carl Fredicksen in the movie Up. Apart from dubbing, he is also active in TV shows as well. Let’s us discuss about Edward Asner personal life, and about his career.

Edward Asner Childhood and Early Career

Born on 15 November 1929, he was very conscious from the beginning. He went to Wyandotte High School for his schooling and graduated from the University of Chicago. As he was half-Russian and half-American, it was difficult for him to talk about ethnicity.

As an early career, he worked as assembler in General Motors. Apart from that, he also worked as U.S. Army Signal Corps.

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Edward Asner’s Career

Soon after leaving Army, he was seen featuring in any social shows and TV episodes. The very first step as TV actor was in 1963, when he played role in The Outer Limits. Soon after that, many other series like Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Mary Tyler Moore and dramas like Decoy and The Outlaws came approaching him. Although he has played for much other series, he became world famous when he played Lou Grant character for the Moore show.

Long with his acting career, he is also a voice actor. This voice dubbing career was started in 1987, when he was given chance to record the sound for Babbitt. Soon after that, he was asked to do some more on TV series like Spider-Man, Captain Planet and the Planeteers, Star Wars and some animated series of Batman. Above all, his voice for the movie Up was Academy Award winning.

Edward Asner Personal Life, Married and Wife Information

Asner married twice in his life. He married Nancy Sykes in the year 1959. His’ first marriage lasted for 29 years, and ended in 1988. From the first wife, he was blessed with three children. The marriage came to an end because of his extra-marital affair with Carol Jean Vogelman. Edward also has son with Carol of whose he named as Charles.

After three years from split, Edward got engaged with Cindy Gilmore. After engagement in 1991, the duo started official living together relationship. But, their marriage took time of around 7 years. They got married in the year 1998, and separated in the year 2007.

Edward Asner’s Net Worth

As being successful in profession of acting and sound dubbing, Asner earned lot of fame and money. From the work he did till now, we can say that he has been paid nicely. His estimated net worth is $5 million.

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