Timothy Allen Divorced Life, Married Life, Wife, Children, Wiki and Career Information

Being celebrity does not always mean to be in good behavior. Sometimes, things can go wrong and they could get serious. Timothy Allen, well known as Tim Allen is a world-renowned actor, and author who had been to jail more than one time. Although having such incidents in life, he is still standing in his career. Now, let’s us dig through his personal life, and incidents along with Timothy Allen divorced life, married life and career. We will be also covering about his issues with being arrested and drug issues.

Timothy Allen Divorced Life and Married Life: Wife and Children

Timothy married at the age of 31 to Laura Diebel. The date of his marriage was in the year 1984, April 7. The married life took its pace to get bonded and later disbanded in 1999. The duo was separated because of some unconcerned extra-marital issues. They got officially and legally divorced when their petition was finalised in the year 2003.

After three years of separation, Timothy remarried to Jane Hajduk. It is said that Jane was the reason for his first divorce. Jane and Timothy started dating in 2001, dated 5 years and then tied a knot. His marriage ceremony was private, opened to only close friends and families.

Talking about his children, he has two daughters till date. One from Laura named Katherine and another from Jane, named Elizabeth.

Timothy Allen Divorced Life

Timothy Allen Career as Actor and Author

Allen is not only just an actor and author but also is a comedian. He started his career as funny man in 1975 through the Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle. Even when he moved from his old living place to LA, he continued his career and used to perform at The Comedy Store.

Later, his career as TV show presenter and actor boosted up when he joined ABC sitcom named Home Improvement. Soon after that, he was seen in different shows and series like The Tool Man, The Santa Clause, and others. Allen then started voicing for the movies. The first movie with his voice was Toy Story, in which he gave sound for Buzz Lightyear. Till now, his voice has been used for Toy Story sequel and other movies life Galaxy Quest, Jungle 2 Jungle and in The Santa Clause sequels. The last appearance of Timothy Allen is said to be the ABC sitcom named Last Man Standing.

Timothy Allen’s Jail Issues

Timothy went to jail for the first time when he was arrested with drugs. In 1978, he was arrested at the Kalamazoo Airport with cocaine. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, which he swapped to seven years in prison for the name of drug dealers.

Then again in 1997, he was forced to go to jail because of being drunk. In his blood, when tested, there was more than 0.15 percent of alcohol.

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