Dante Basco Married Life, Personal Life, Net Worth, Wife and Career

If you have seen Avatar: The Last Air Bender when you were a child, you must know who Zuko is. But, we are not talking here about this anime character. Rather we are talking about the actor behind this anime character. Dante R. Basco is the voice over actor for this series along with various other series. Today, we present you Dante Basco married life, his personal life, his total earning till date, and children.

dante basco married

Dante Basco Married Life: Wife and Children

Basco is one nifty celebrity who is not married yet. E is already 41 years old, still, is not seen with anyone or is not connected with anyone. As he is not in a relationship, some people guessed him to be gay, but this statement is false. Dante himself claimed to be straight and is not gay.

Date Basco is a busy man. So, we can say that he is too busy with his schedule and is not able to find a proper girl. While surfing through his Instagram account, we found a picture with ‘my first girl, I kissed her’ written below. This picture was confusing enough to make someone think the girl to be his girlfriend. We too are not so sure whether she is a girlfriend or his wife. As his personal life is still concealed, we will update the truth to you as soon as we get information.

Basco’s Career on Acting and Voice Over

Dante is not a complete American. He is Filipino American hybrid person who started his career through the movie Hook. But, the real deal started when he voiced for Zuko, the anime character of Avatar: The Last Airbender.  Apart from that, he also voiced for Saint Row, Stake series, and for American Dragon: Jake Long.

Talking about his acting, he starred as a gay teenager in the movie ‘But I’m A Cheerleader’. For the movie ‘Take the Lead’, he was portrayed as a break dancer. Apart from that, he was also featured in some commercials like of Verizon Wireless and Sprite.

Dante Basco’s Net Worth

As this great persona is active in acting field for long, we might guess his net worth to be around two digit millions or something. But, his actual net worth is only $500 thousand. His net worth does not include his salary, though. His annual salary is beyond counting measures.

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