86 Education and different aspects of life in many ways

The term “education” comprises of two Latin words “educere, educare” means to train and “educatum” means the act of teaching.

Education is all about teaching, acquiring knowledge and polishing your skills. Education is the basic tool that can develop an independent nation which can never be ruined. It is an essential tool in acquiring a reasonable mark in the world. Our world is continuously changing and developing new and modern techniques to withstand in this challenging atmosphere. All these challenges can only be met through the education because it teaches how we can tackle these challenges of life. So any people that want to get information about education or essay writing have to visit Essayshark.

Role of education in society

“Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world” rightly said by a wise man Nelson Mandela. “Education is the cornerstone of a society” said by Bernard Lord. Education is an institution which plays a key role in uniting the society so that its culture, humanities and civilization could be maintained and flourished. Since education is itself a prestigious institution so it establishes a healthy relationship among the people of society. Through education a society can be made a symbolic and happy place to live in. And that is why I strongly agree why education is so important.

Role of education in character building

“Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Character is a scale through which a man can be recognized. Character building greatly depends on the education from primary school all the way up to the further education and beyond. Education expands our vision and polishes our skills. It is the education that shines our character so we will be able to make ourselves physically, mentally, psychologically, socially, and spiritually strong. Education is also a prerequisite in developing a man to attain a transparent character and confidence in life.


Role of education in economic development

“Economic development and quality education are integrally linked” said by John Boswell.

Education makes a reasonable society that is stable in both point of view i.e., economically and politically. For every society it not only enhances the intellectual skills but it also provides the base for the development and progress of the society. It helps to improve living standards by arising and invigorating technological and economic development. Therefore if we consider the development of a country as a tree then education is its seed (investment) that produces fruits (dividends) but under favorable environment with full care.

Role of education in culture development

“The purpose of education is to keep a culture from being drowned in senseless repetitions” said by Harold Rosenberg.Education and culture development are closely linked with each other. If a society has a spiritual pattern of culture, then its educational procedures will emphasize the achievement of moral and eternal values of life. On the other hand, if the cultural pattern of a society is materialistic, then naturally its educational pattern will be shaped for the attainment of material values which promote pleasures of senses and material comforts. If the society has no culture it will have no definite organization pattern. Hence the culture of a country has a strong impact on its educational system.


Having a good education is the key to get the brilliance in life. Without a good education one can find it difficult to become a triumph in different encounters and battles of life. Through good education you can communicate intelligently to other people. A good education is necessary because you will be able to think of yourself and can make a good decisions in difficult turns of life.

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