Aidan Gillen Married Life, Wife, Divorce Issues, Bio, Wiki and Net Worth

The talented and good looking Irish actor Aidan Gillen is considered one of the most well-recognized faces in the industry. Appearing in multiple series and films, he has made a name for himself in the entertainment field. Joining his former career as an actor, he was only a teenager. But now he is 48 years old and yet his fan followers are more than ever.

Early Life

The date 24 April 1968, is his date of birth. Born in Drumcondra, Dublin, he spent most of his childhood there. He was pretty much involved in acting all his life. As a teenager, he was fascinated by the acting and soon enough got involved. Being still, a young teenager, he started his acting journey which he has continued until now. Successfully, fulfilling his dream career, he is today considered one of the talented actors in the industry.


Before starting to pursue his career, he attended the St. Vincent’s C.B.S for his early education. He then joined the Dublin Youth Theatre where he began his acting and performing. Playing the role of Nick Bottom in A midsummer Night’s Dream he first debuted as a performer. Later, he moved to London and then joined the Projects Arts Centre.

Aidan Gillen with Conleth Hill on Set

Aidan Gillen with Conleth Hill on Set

Game of Thrones: Conleth Hill

Early Career

After performing in stage productions and theaters, he finally got to debut as an officially. He played the role of Stuart Alan Jones in the TV series called Queer as Folk. His acting skills were immediately appreciated and he was nominated for Best Actor at the British Academy Television Award.


His initial debut as Stuart Alan Jones in the Channel 4 TV series, Queer as Folk, became his breakthrough to his acting career. His acting skills were majorly appreciated by the audience members as well as the producers of The Caretaker. So, in the year 2004, he was offered the role of Tommy Carcetti in yet another series called The Wire. With the success of the series, he rose to fame as well. His face became a well-recognized face and his name was enlisted as one of the talented actors in the industry.

Aidan Gillen as Little Finger in Game of Thrones

Aidan Gillen as Little Finger with Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones: Sansa Stark

His major role, however, came in 2011, when he was cast as Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish in the popular HBO Tv series called Game of Thrones. The show is an adaptation of the novel series- A song of Ice and Fire. It went on to become one of the most successful show and thus, he gained the appreciation for his acting.

His outstanding acting has been noticeable in the films he has played so far. Some of them can be named as- The Drip, The lonely Passion of Judith Hearne, the Courier, Circle of Friends, Mojo, buddy Boy, The Low Down etc. These were his early movies he played in the start of his career. His recent films include- The Dark Knight rises, Song, Ambition, Sing Street, Calvary, Still, Song etc.

All of his roles and portrayal of the characters have done justice to its storyline. his acting has been awarded and has been mentioned on several occasion at award shows etc.

Aidan Gillen Married Life

Aidan Gillen with His Wife

Aidan Gillen with His Ex-Wife Olivia

Gillen was married to Olivia O’Flanagan. They were a happy couple and have two children together named Berry Murphy and Joe Murphy. Unfortunately, the couple has already separated their ways even though they still remain good friends. By the year 2005, they were already separate and living their own lives.

Awards and Nominations

Gillen first won an award for his acting in the year 2000. He had won the Edinburgh International Film Festival Award for his role in the film The Low Down. After his career went up and he started playing more roles, he got to win many more awards. His talents as an actor were always appreciated and his name was mentioned in award shows in different categories.

In the year 2000 till date, he has won the Irish Film Festival Award for Actor in Lead Role Television, Milan International Film Festival Award for Best Actor,  as well as the Empire Hero Award. He has been nominated several times for Teen Choice Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, Irish Film and Television Award, British Independent Film Award as well as for Tony Award.

In his whole career of filmography and acting, he has successfully become one of the talented actors. His good looks and skills together have gathered him much fame and fandom. Looking forward to his more incredible works of acting, audience and critics have made positive remarks.

Aidan Gillen Bio

Aidan Gillen Net Worth

The handsome 48-year-old actor has pretty much dedicated his whole life to his acting career. He does not have any other source of income and thus, his roles in films and TV series have contributed to most of his net worth. Up till 2015, he has managed to garner the huge amount of around $4 Million dollars as his net worth amount. Starting as a young teenager, he has managed to successfully make his way to the top step by step.

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