Bam Margera Bio, Wiki, Married Life, Wife, Divorce Issues and Net Worth

Brandon Cole Margera, famously known as Bam Margera is an America-based professional skateboarder and stunt performer. His face is widely recognized as one of the crew members of Jackass, an MTV show. He became a worldwide famous TV personality after the show aired on television.

Early Life

Born on the date 28 September 1979, Bam Margera is the son of  April and Phil Margera. He has a brother named Jess Margera who is a member of the heavy metal bands Foreign Objects and CKY. Margera was born and raised in West Chester, Pennsylvania. He got his nickname “Bam” when his grandfather named him after his early childhood habit of running into walls.

Bam Margera Bio


Margera attended the East High School for his primary and high school education. He was not interested in studying and has quoted many times that his friend “Chris Raab” was the only reason he attended school.

Early Career

Margera was an avid skateboarder and used to pass most of his time skateboarding with his friends. He then started shooting videos of him and his friends skateboarding and doing stunts. Their videos were then turned to the CKY video series.


As a Skateboarder

Margera began his initial career as a skateboarder in the year 1997. He was sponsored by Toy Machine Skateboards. He later became a member of the Team Element in 2001. However, Margera is no longer a member of that group anymore. He was sponsored by many commercial groups like- Volcom, Landspeed Wheels, Electric Sunglasses, Fairman’s Skateshop etc. Currently now in 2016, he is void of any sponsorship and has been reported to have retired from the career of skateboarding.

As a TV Star

Margera had independently produced the first video series CKY. The series made it to its sequel- CKY2K, CKY3, and CKY4. The abbreviation stands for Camp Kill Yourself which is a reference to the film “Sleepaway Camp”.

Many of his friends were featured in the early videos. His friends included were- Ryan Dunn, Brandon DiCamillo, Rake Yohn, Chris Raab and also Brandon Novak.

After the huge success of the CKY series, the editor of the show “Big Brother” gathered them up for a crew for the show called “Jackass”. The show aired on the cable TV’s MTV channel and went on to become a major hit. The series held Margera and Ryan Dunn as the main cast whereas the other crew members played the supporting roles.

Margera’s success peaked up when he was cast in the movie Jackass: The Movie and went on to play further in “Jackass number two, Jackass 3D and Jackass 3.5.  His fame rose from a TV star to professional skateboarder and stunt artist. He was then given the chance to run his own show called “Viva La Bam”. This show ran for 5 seasons from the year 2003 to 2005. The show was majorly filmed in West Chester.

Later on, in 2007, Margera got engaged to his then-fiancee Melissa Rothstein. Their wedding was filmed and aired as a follow-up to his show Viva La Bam. He also played a non-sex role in a pornographic film called “The Fantastic Whores 4”.

Margera had also appeared in the series Nitro Circus for a short role. He then made appearances in the show “Bam’s World Domination” along with Ryan Dunn and Tim O’Connor.  The first episode of this show was aired on October 13, 2010.

In the Music and Film Industry

Margera had started the music label “Filthy Note records” in the year 2005. The records have directed several music videos by the bands “Vains of Jenna”, “Viking Skulls”, “The sacrament”, “Him”, “Dead and gone”, “The 69 Eyes”, “Solitary Man” etc. He was also a band member of Gnarlking as a keyboardist.

Margera later formed a band “Fuckface Unstoppable” in 2013. The band included him, his brother and his girlfriend, and also Brandon Novak. They released their first debut album in the May of 2014.

After his close friend Ryan Dunn passed away in a car crash in 2011, he stayed off his career path for almost a year. He later announced in 2015 that he will soon be releasing an autobiography of his life mainly focusing on his story of overcoming the death of his dear friend Dunn. The trailer of this movies was first released on Youtube with the title “I need time to be useless” on April 9, 2015. The movie is in its 3 years of making and is said to be released very soon.

Bam Margera Married Life

Margera first engaged a divorced single mother Jenn Rivell. She was a part of several of his projects and appeared in episodes of Viva La Bam. They later separated in the year 2005. He then got re-engaged to Mellissa Rothstein in 2006.

She became a major part of his career as well when their wedding and honeymoon in Philadelphia was aired on MTV show Bam’s Unholy Union. Following their marriage, Margera was taken to the hospital for major alcohol binging after Missy, called 911. They had started having problems in their marriage and went up to the point of them living in separate cities and meeting only once a week. The couple got divorced later in November 2012.

He is now currently married to his wife Nicole Boyd on October 5, 2013.

Bam Margera Net worth

His estimated net worth as an actor, skateboarder, and a TV star sums up to about $45 million.

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