Ben Savage: Movies, TV Shows, Net Worth, Married (Biopic)

How much does Ben Savage make?

Bennett Savage is a popular child actor and recently a TV director. He still reminiscences as the lovable Cory Matthews from 90’s super hit TV series ‘Bot Meets World.’

Ben estimates a net worth of $12 million.


Early Life

Bennett Joseph Savage was born on the 13 of September 1980 Highland Park, Illinois, U.S. His mother is Joanne Savage, and his father is Lewis Savage.

Additionally, he has two older siblings. His older brother Fred Savage works as an actor, director, and a producer. Meanwhile, his sister Kala Savage is an actress and a musician.

The Savage family has a Jew descent. Furthermore, their bloodline stretches from Poland/Ukraine to Germany andLatvia.

Ben’s horoscope is a Virgo.


Ben went to Stanford University, Stanford, California U.S. This was where he got a degree in Political Science.

Unfortunately, any information about his high school hasn’t been disclosed.

Early Career

Unsurprisingly, Ben didn’t have any transition job. He was a mere child when he began his career. Since then, he has simply built on this achievement.


Ben made his debut at a tender age of 9. He starred in a 1989’s children movie titled ‘Little Monsters.’ The film revolves around a boy who discovers that his bedtime monster stories were more than real! This was a decent start. Critics at IMDb rates it 6.1, which is average for the modern standards. However, for a child actor’s debut, this was promising.

Consequently, it did not take him long to leave a lasting impression in his career. In 1993 he featured in 90’s cult TV show ‘Boy Meets World.’ He stars as the lovable Cory Matthews who is growing up. The TV series revolves around an adolescent life of a boy and his journey towards adulthood.

The TV sitcom was an instant. It had a massive fan base who relate their struggles to Cory. Unsurprisingly, IMDb rates it highly with a massive 8.1 score. Furthermore, the show’s popularity is still on the rise.

Meanwhile, Ben featured in other notable movies like ‘Clifford’ (1994) 5.3 and ‘Car Babes’ (2006) 5.6. However, both movies were only a decent success. IMDb rated them 5.3 and 5.6 respectively. He hasn’t appeared in many movies either. He usually features in TV series.

But, he has come to limelight recently with a reboot of the 90’s hit TV show, ‘Girl Meets World.’ This is a Disney spin-off series sequel to ‘Boy Meets World.’

Ben stars as Cory Matthews again! This time he has two daughters who are on a similar road. The reboot gave nostalgic feels to the TV show’s old fans, as well as forming bonds with the new generation. Moreover, IMDb rates it 7.2, which on usual trend is impressive for any sequel series. Quiet worthy, the show got nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards.


Awards and Honors

Ben has had one individual award win and has bagged an impressive five nominations. All of which were for his portrayal of Cory Matthews.

In 2000, he shared a Blimp award with Rider Strong under the category for Favorite Television Friends.

In addition to that, he was nominated for the best leading young actor in 1994, 1997, 1998, and 1990.

Personal Information

Name  Bennett Joseph Savage
Birthdate  13 September 1980
Birth Place  Highland Park, Illinois, U.S.
Profession  Actor, Director
Mother’s Name  Joanne Savage
Father’s Name  Lewis Savage
Siblings  Fred Savage, Kala Savage
Height  5’10”
Weight  197 lbs
Body Measurement  Not Available
Horoscope  Virgo
Net Worth  $12 million


Despite being a child star, Ben has managed to keep his intimate life more than quiet. We only know of his High School girlfriend. He was said to have dated Alexis Coe. She is a historian and author.

Furthermore, we aren’t sure about his current relationship status. Ben is probably single.

Social Reach

Ben is moderately active on social media. He lures about 1.1 million followers on Instagram. Surprisingly, he comes off as a ‘normal guy’ in his posts. He usually posts video and snapshots of his mundane life. Just so normal life!

In addition to that, he has a facebook page with 36 thousand followers. However. He has not posted anything since mid-2015.

Meanwhile, he has a massive 514 thousand followers on Twitter. He is relative active there. And, as his Instagram account, he posts humorous mundane moments of his life.

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Net Worth

With his early career boom and his re-appearance in a reboot, Ben is currently listed with a net worth of $12 million!

Rumors and Controversies

Ben maintains a grounded life. Despite media circling him since a tender age, he stays away from trouble.

However, he did raise few eyebrows with his dating life. Ben is rumored having a spicy affair with his on-screen wife, Danielle Fishel. Although, the two has vehemently denied so.

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