140 Matching Best Friend Tattoos For You And Your Wonderful Best Friend

Best friend tattoos- just another way for you to say that your friendship is eternal. Having a best friend means you know what this gift means to anyone, so you are very proud and representing them is a huge matter that means a lot to you. And if you want to have one, then I am glad that you are such a person who made this wonderful decision and here we are just to help you.

Here, we searched over the internet to find some epic best friend symbol tattoos for you. Take a look at them and have some thoughts.

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best friend tattoos

Talking about the best friend tattoos, only words can make cute designs. When you read them, of course.

Sleeping Owls

What a beautiful and artistic way to represent the best friend relationship. An owl can have many symbols like wisdom, vision, and prolific hunter, but this is a clear example of how you can give your tattoo your meaning.


For these two best friends, their tattoos are some sort of a code name. Anyway, with the heart tattoo, it signifies love, we can easily say that.

Geometric HEart

Yes, heart tattoos are common, because it talks about love, which is a very beautiful thing. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your design should be looking like everyone’s else.

Sun And Moon

Both of them- they make our sky wonderful. And they also make each other complete. Just a perfect fit to make everyone’s tattoos.

Flying Birds

For the best friend tattoos on the wrist, you can tattoo something so that it signifies what both of you love. These birds mean “best friends”, as well as freedom.

Hone Bees

You guys work hard, always with each other. To make anything a success, you know exactly how you should be heading towards it, which means with each other with the same purpose of doing something.


Googles- a unique design, when you are getting matching tattoos which represent something, you have an opportunity to have our own rules backing up any motif. And you elaborate on them with your best friend tattoos quotes.

Day And Night

Here is an abstract representation of the sun and the moon. And a clear-cut way to say that you are best friends.

Onion And Chilli

Hot and spicy- you two are always good together, but there is no one that would want to break you. Message delivered by cute best friend tattoos.

Pinky Promise

Here is one of those best friend tattoos for guy and girl. You two promise to always be together with a pinky promise. But, also don’t forget they have another pair of best friend tattoos on their wrist.

From Another Planet

You two- you are from another planet. Well, that is what you feel like when you are together, exactly what your tattoos say.


Sign of love and when two of them are together, matching with each other that means eternal love, which will always be within you until you are alive.

Heart Dancers

Awkward human figures, but when you guys get it, it is cute. Just representing some love in a very funny way, which is always what you do.


Not only as best friend tattoos, but these stars are also unique from any other tattoos of its type. Colors and dots, well- we just can’t explain, they are different from anything that we are used to seeing before.

Beer And Pizza

And when these two things come together, all you do it chill. You best friend tattoos are not just to say you are best friends, but also they help you to express your relationship with each other.


Purple lotus- also a sign of devotion. A pure devotion that you always have for each other.


Napping cats, another cute best friend representation. Endearing designs like this are always welcomed by best friends, aren’t they?

Camp Fire

Represent one of those adventures you have had in your tattoo. They tell a great story about yourselves.

Wine Glass

Amazingly creative design, both of them make one complete tattoo, so they will need to come together for you to see the design.

Beautiful And Free

Here is another instance of their tattoos completing each other. One starts with a word, and another ends that with a symbol.

Tribal Floral Sky Designs

Flower and sun and moon- here are the things that both of these tattoos represent. Traditional designs are always so cool.

Unicorn And Panda

They could see many things, but here, they are used as adorable little things to stand as representatives for their cute relationship.

Quotes And Hearts

Tattoos like these tell exactly what your tattoos are all about. Design and its meaning, everything elucidated completely.

Roman Names

Your names in your language- or any language you can like. Make your best friend do that same, and then you have a pair of praisable tattoos.

Lotus Flower On Legs

Matching, with only some design differences. Well, when you have matching tattoos, it is not so much necessary that your tattoos have no difference at all.

Flower Plant

Here is another pair which really looks cool. Flower and leaves- and in their own style.


Both of them- they come from the same thing. They have it labeled so that you will find many evil things in common with each of them.


Wine- and they ordered what each of them like. Yin- Yang, they can’t exist without one another.

Sweet Dude

Many times, best friends complete each other’s words. And sometimes, they can do it in their tattoos as well.

Plant Bushes

Styles like this can be inked on any number of the best friends. What I mean to say is that even if only three best friends have had this tattoo, these will also make great est friend tattoos for 4, 5 and so on.

Hand Symbols

Rock and rap, these Mickey Mouse hands tell your mood when you are with one another.


Always in the mood to party, that is you two everytime you meet. And your tattoos also add on to that logic.

Lumos And Nox

Sun and Moon- these two things make great best friend tattoos, we already know that. Now, it is about how innovative you can get with them.

String Phone

This also says a very profound thing. You two always hear one another when no one else around you can.


There was a time when these memes were popular everywhere if you remember.

A Heart Piece

Only one can complete the other- most of these tattoos say this thing because it is what summing up every best friend relationship sounds like. And there are numerous ways you can say just that.

Two People Flying

Two people are getting tattoos of two birds flying free. Each one of them represents you and your friend.


Tattoos on such places mean something only intimate people can see. Such as your best friend, of course.


Different style still rose. And still, a lot of love expressed towards one another.

Heart Sign

Heart best friend tattoos- well, yes, they have been famous for quite a long time. And they will always be. Meanwhile, you choose or even create unique blends.

Tree Of Life

These tattoos are always used to represent precious things, and it only makes a lot of sense when you do so with your best friend.

Maple Leaf

When viewed one at a time, they are a symbol of change. But when you see that they are matching, you should know that they could be tattoos that two best friends got.

Deer And Roses

Female friends with a feminine design and emotions. Breathtaking motifs, I will have to add.


Many things available for you to tattoo, and when you find one, you will end up having something that can be called epic. LEarn from them.

Celtic Lotus

All three of them must be very proud of their tattoos. Especially when something so wonderful has been embedded in designs that will be remembered for ages.

Puzzles To Fit

Both of them- they work together to form the solution to a puzzle. Your consciousness should be good as your style choice. Only then you will get this.

Witches Hat

I can’t say what you plan to do after wearing this, but I can easily say this is a symbol of notoriety that you guys are always up to.

Love Fruit

Love bears fruit, that is very true. We have already seen it when it makes two people be best friends and even have a tattoo with a fruit made out of its symbol.

Crystalline Lion

You guys rule- that is what you could say with these tattoos standing for royalty. But to do that, you must be together, and you already know that.

Coconut Tree

Island tree- always producing fruits to let people keep on surviving. I was talking about this tree and yeah, if your relationship is as strong as a coconut shell, there is no way you are not going to be intrigued with these designs.


They have some hidden meaning in this tattoo, anyway, its design is awesome. And if these pictures somehow tell a story of your own, then you already know what you should do.


Diamond, crown, loyalty, and queens to one another, Of course, your best friend tattoos are a commitment that you do so as always to remain what you are wholehearted.

Love To Her

Those apostrophic signs are pointing to one another- as it says who these tattoos are for. An innovative way for those who notice.

Fingers Crossed

A tattoo with a hope that you will always be together. A wish that the other tattoos are still the same.

Inside A Trapezoid

Day and night and the Mountain landmark- another way of representing the same thing we have been talking about for a lot.

Tree And Sun

Trees that stand proud and stretch to the Sun, as they sing about your love. And they are very strong- to ever be taken out. That s almost impossible.

Roman Numerals

The roman numeral tattoos can be used as any tattoo, that’s their beauty. And it is a solid yes for best friend tattoos made from them.

Rose Thumb Tattoos

When you wish each other best of luck, there always is a lot of love that you show with that. Even your placement plays a major role in elaborating your tattoo; this is for sure.

As You Are

And I will still take you in. There indeed is some phrase that you think is your phrase and that’s what can do in your tattoo.


What about some geometry in your tattoo but no crystalline tattoo structures this time? This is a sign of ‘similar to’ if you remember you middle school maths.


Relation as beautiful as a diamond and as strong as it. A diamond does tell your relationship, doesn’t it?


Something concealed- something that is hidden in both of you. Your tattoo can be about that if you wish.

Pinky Promise Over Flowers

Especially for girls, these tattoos themselves are just another pinky promise you make with one another. And you already know what I am talking about.

Till Death

If what I said in the previous design was still vague, here is something very clear. Now you know what this design means.

Paper Pieces

From different countries- here is one design that is distinct. I get the idea that you could be nodding your head for you found something unique.


Wings that help you fly and be free. Some tattoos which don’t seem anything at all actually maybe saying something too deep, you will need to keep an eye on that.


Crystal structures- I wonder what they stand for. Whatever they are, they still mean their commitment towards each other.

Sun And Moon Finger Tattoos

For a great place for small best friends tattoos, your fingers could be a perfect option.

Pearls And Sky Wanderers

Here is a feminine design for these heavenly bodies. They look incredible.

Tribal Celtic

The classic design of the tribal tattoos it is cool whatever you use them for. And this the same for best friend tattoos.

Triangle And Circle

Your geometry book had ideas for many heartfelt designs; this is not the first instance you are thinking about it.


Not a tug of war, just that they are transferring their messages without the world knowing what they are upto. Even dinosaurs are not scary at sometimes.

Sun And Moon On Leg

Once you are interested in these tattoos, you would want to see more and more of them. Yes, we understand it, and that is what we recommend, you are doing a good job.


Sometimes, tattoos like this mean you may not be together, but you still have a counterpart somewhere else in the world. And when your tattoos come together, they will know what you meant for this whole time.

Two Birds

You already know their meanings and each of their significance as a best friend tattoo, so now it is your time to explore more designs and placements ideas.

Two Cats

Cats are always endearing, and whatever be their reaction to anything, you still want to keep on looking at them. And that also is when you have them on your tattoos.

Bird And Flower

Best friend imprinted on your best friend tattoos. You know that they live because of one another and they embrace the world with their beauty when they are together.


Stars high- it is true that your relationship is as beautiful as those wonderful things. And it is also a good idea to have star tattoos.


One has seed, the other not- some could say this, but what to realize is that they are the same.


Arrows also make great matching best friend tattoos ideas. As you can see in this image.

Small Diamonds


Small best friend tattoos, yes there is an abundance of them. You just be a little clever and have one that is ideal for the both of you.

Direction Compass

Wherever it points, it still is love or other beautiful things. Designs don’t only use eyes; they also need a great mind sometimes.

Traditional Arrow

Native American designs, here we can see that these arrows point to one another. Means, wherever you guys are, your focus always will be towards your best friend.

Dancing PEar

Here is another idea for your best friend tattoo. This time on the back of the leg, where it could mean you should be wearing math in outfits like these two are doing.

Robot Cutes

What do you think about using elements from Sci-fi in your tattoo designs? If both of you are interested in them, people should not even e asking, I know.

A Flower Steam

Flowers of eternal friendship- sometimes, it is wonderful getting one for the other, instead of offering it.

Flower Outline

For minimalistic designs, here is another sleek design. Whatever type of tattoo you want to get, there always is the best type for each of them.

Green Tree Brocolli

Here is a unique idea for the matching best friend tattoos for 2. I don’t know which of these two words in the title is close to it, but it is for you to say.

Bee Trial

Hardworking things that all of us love. And they are the ones who know exactly how they should be valuing their friends.

Small HEart

No matter what the size of your heart tattoos is, the amount of love that fits in it is tremendous. You know it, I know.

Spaceship And Saturn

You will need one to reach to the other. A cartoonish style of both of these entities, still a great one.

Tribal Arrow

Arrow designs, here are some great best friend tattoos for those who really want to make a statement.

Arrow Cross

More and more, and especially with phrases, they seem to say more than they do.

Love Everything Out Of You

Exploring for best friend tattoos on the internet, we found some great designs on Pinterest. And this is just one of them.


They got their design preference, still, they share the same idea of love. And these awesome things are what they got to show for it.

Heart With Hat

Some best friend tattoos on Tumblr were just amazing. And someone put this on that site, and we got it from there.


I don’t know what MND means, but it is something they both resent. And they have the coolest way of saying it.

Butterfly Outline

All complete even if the design doesn’t seem so. Love said in a very beautiful way.


Different but similar. Best friend tattoos telling about what they do in the matchday,

Heart Pieces

You know what they mean, and you also like the way they say it. These designs are just what you were looking for in best friend tattoos.

Eternal Love and Always Together- When you look for tattoos for best friends with meaning, this is what you come up with. I bet you already know that, and now take a look at some bonus designs to help make a decision.

So, her were some great best friend tattoos what we wanted everyone to see. I hope that they impressed you.

Getting a tattoo- this is something that means a lot to you, and it adds up even more when you are getting a tattoo such as a best friend tattoo. So, make sure you do it in the best way possible. Never rush- this is something that you never do with the tattoos. I am not talking about your decision to have a tattoo, but I am just saying that you should reflect on your design choice for quite some time before deciding anything on that. After that, go to the best tattoo artist you can and take some of his ideas.

After all this, you are good to go and best of luck with whichever design you are going to have.

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