135 Cutest Bird Tattoos That Everyone Would Love (With Meaning)

Bird tattoos- you get them because they are fantastic. They look cool, almost every tattoo artists are very familiar with these tattoos, so you are going to get a lot of options to choose from. And also talking about their designs and placements, there are many ways you could have your tattoo done, and for very parts of your body, there are unique designs, that place perfectly where you are doing your tattoo on. And also, they go with many other designs, like they add up to other elements in your tattoo to give a unique interpretation and a story that exactly describes yourself.

Bird Tattoo Meaning


Bird tattoos say precisely what birds are- that means independent and free. These tattoos are for to represent your way of living, your life where you do everything according to your will and your thoughts. With what you do, there is nobody else with the privilege to stop you. For all bords in general, this is what you signify with your bird tattoos.

But, this doesn’t mean all this stops here, some specific birds may mean specific things. For example, a dove signifies purity and innocence. And also, combining your bird with other elements also means that you use these two things to bring out a common meaning, something that represents you uniquely.

So, getting a bird tattoo has so much on your intellectuality and design aspects. And if you are looking to have a bird tattoo, we are here to help you. Hence, here goes- here are some of the great bird tattoos thatš you would love to have.

Bird And Rose

bird tattoos

You have got freedom, you have got beauty, and you also have an abundance of love. Those are the things that you could say with these tattoos.

Skull Bird

A rather interesting design in a traditional bird tattoo design approach. What’s good about this one is that it combines various elements to tell a very deep story.

Bird Sleeve Tattoos

A bird and a rose- when you see these two things, there is no way you are not going to love what you are seeing. Because it is all about the love itself.

Chest Sparrow

A sparrow and red flower- a dazzling design. For a sparrow tattoo, it could be representing various things and the most common being that you have no harm intended to everyone, and some also take this bird as a spiritual connection to the almighty.

Crystalline Bird

Stepping on gems and diamonds and the bird itself is extravagant. This design is a treat for everybody’s eyes.

Woman And Bird

Including love and free spirit, this tattoo also represents feminine beauty.

A Crow

Angelic possession- this one means to tell exactly that. And its design is a pure work of art.

Stepping Seagulls

Seabirds, they are usually taken as a symbolism of patience and striking at the right moment. And don’t forget a mermaid has been included here too.

Flying Bird

A tribal design of a sparrow. These types of designs are always good to see.

Upper arm Bird

Placement of your small bird tattoos- they also mean a lot. Like where you have them and what you wear to go along with them, all these things are very important.


Clever use of watercolors to bring this bird into life. Like even if we know they are colors, we still think it is very realistic.

Owl And Blue Rose

In this tattoo, the blue rose- this is actually doesn’t represent itself, but it rather elucidates what this owl means. A spirit guide and blue is a color for angelic possession.

Flower Nectar

Flowers only don’t give us a sight to see, but also food for some birds. And those birds who food source is the most beautiful thing that nature has to offer, are indeed are going to be very beautiful themselves.

Minimalist Bird Tattoos

It won’t matter on the size of your tattoo; it just sums up to whether it looks good and whether or not it tells your story. And for this one, there’s a tickmark for both of them.

Crow Tattoo

A blackbird- so that there is a common privilege to a common black ink used to tattoo. This bird tattoo represents the God’s messenger.

Bulbul And Berries

What do you think about it? Small, cute and sweet.


Well, yes- many people prefer the same birds, but only how they design it is different. This one is creative and even without outlines, looks stunning.

A Painting

It is like a spilled watercolor, really dilute and perfection. Colors are escaping out of its outline- this is what makes it captivating.

Yellow Bird And World

Your favorite bird and your favorite word- your tattoo should be made of everything that is your favorites.

A Busy Bird

Busy meeting his flower friend and busy being beautiful. Also, always busy being praised as a bird tattoo.

Traditional Sparrow

For birds having significance regarding meaning from the ancient times, we are bound to see various classic outlines and designs.


Bird tattoos meanings a specific thing and you exactly saying what it is- here is a tattoo that clarifies everything.


A tree tattoo or a bird tattoo? Well, this one is a lot of wisdom mixed in a free spirit. And the tattoo wearer proves that with his intellectuality for devising such a design.

Bird On A Thread

Creative lines- that is what we have to say to this wireline. What a beautiful way to have a bird tattoo on back.


Why have a single bird when you can have a group of them flying free and enjoying in the vast sky?


Definitely, the wearer and this bird- both know their style. They really have a good notch of being unique.

Evening Sky

This one somehow relaxes your mind. For, we know that a tattoo is an art and art- that is all about spreading positive energy that is concealed in an artists mind.

Colored Sleeve BIrd

Isn’t this just mesmerizing? A design that focuses on every element so closely like they almost seem like their real-world counterparts even in those colors devised just for them.

Bird Foot Tattoos

Smaller design for this one. When it is a silhouette, this could represent your friend’s other people who are with you and value their freedom just like you do.


A symbol of loyalty, love, and innocence.  When a bird with a beautiful soul is tattooed, it automatically becomes special.

Orange Gradient

Your tattoo themes could revolve around your favorite color. And it has a Native American vibe to it.

Birds Made From A Paintbrush

Views- that is all that counts. Like what angles you see your birds, and when bird tattoos are done correctly, they look like perfect wildlife photographs on your skin.

A Wise Old Owl

When getting bird tattoos on arm, people prefer getting a sleeve tattoo done itself because it could be made more elaborative.

A Perch

Bird and a ladybird, why not do a thing? Just bring in cute things in your tattoos and nothing else.

A Berry Branch

Japanese ambiance- anything having a Japanese touch in it really stands out from everything else.

Fly High

Having a proud, free-flying bird means representing how your soul works. Always independent and your decisions privilege are out of everybody’s reach.

Points And Thrones

Having seen its body, you may have noticed that it could actually prick you if you wanted to touch him. So, now maybe you know that those sharper points on its body are more than just designs.

A King Bird

Simplicity stretched so that it looks the finest. What do you think about this?

A Garden

Soothe your heart- just like when you are looking at a garden as you take a look at your own tattoo.

Bird And Branch

A brach really strong- this gives out a great ambiance of the wilderness.

Flying Bird

A thick outline and this flying bird look like a pencil sketch done on a canvas. And in a great way, of course.

My World

Some dark vibe in this one, a horror story but of success, like he could be describing his situation in life where it is full of struggles- that almost try to kill him, but he can still live. There indeed are so many things you can say with bird tattoos on forearm.

Friends Of The Sky

Having some birds fly over an area- in most cases, you would want a wider place to have such a tattoo on. And your back is just that.

Forth The Rising Sun

Its color background is what makes it special. A unique design for a bird sleeve tattoo.

Gem And Crow

Here we go- there are some great classic styles. And they make perfect bird tattoos for girls.

A Flying Peacock

She takes over your upper arm. And also proves that even peacocks with no colors are beautiful.

Sunflower And Bird

A birds meaning is just what you know, and sunflower is a flower that signifies happiness.

Small Brd And A Tough Branch

Isn’t it great that birds can fly and later on go and perch on any branch they want? It is just because of similar qualities like this that you want to get a bird tattoo, don’t you?

Pigeon And Quote

A bird of peace- and your tattoo says just that. And you also tell some specific thing with your tattoo. Designs like this could be perfect bird tattoos on back.

Japanese Thin Outlines

Isn’t this sharp, smooth and wonderful- all at the same time? Two birds, maybe lovers and if so, they represent you and your special one.

Bird And Flowers On Neck

Imagine having this- I bet her tattoo is talked about everywhere she goes. When your birds are colorful, that also means that your free life-  is colorful as well.

Buds And Bird

Flower buds on your bird tattoo- this means in your independent life, there are some things that you have just recently come to learn. Those things are not completely clear to you, but you are on the process.

Flower Nectar

What a great way to do it, like even a single color makes it colorful. And also a great place to accommodate a wider design.


Its color pattern is just awesome; everyone would be staring at your forearm with something like this.

Red Bird And Flowers

Everything goes perfectly, a bold black outline and a stunning red inside of it. And forget about those red pinstripes in those flower petals.


A vulture with a blue eye- well, yes most likely an angelic possession. Getting this one means you signify resourcefulness, cleverness, and motherhood with a stunning design.

Bird Tattoo On Your Back

And for this one too, some very sharp outlines stand out from everything else.

Traditional Eagle

Especially when you are getting traditional bird tattoos, people opt for this bird. Because, first, this bird is a very important one in various cultural and another, it signifies a lot of things like strength and vision, all those what you need to live a great life.

Rose And Bird

Getting to know about a bird tattoo meaning beforehand means you become a great critic. And this time, I et you have rated it a full ten out of ten.

Love Birds

When you see birds like these, your mind think about the word love. I don’t know if it is an involuntary action cause by your consciousness, but is true.

Moon And Crow

One enchanting night and a bird and flowers, continuing to be as beautiful as everyone praises your sleeve tattoo.

One Nod

When they do this, smaller birds look really adorable. Everyone’s heart would melt seeing something so endearing.

Flight To Beauty

Now, you are free and about to land on flowers, which is a representation of a beautiful life you are about to live. Your story indeed is going to change in the coming times, but with your tattoo, you will remember this very moment which meant a lot to you.

Beneath the Moon

Happiness, love and feminine beauty, this one shows what a soul of a woman is all about.

Trial Eagle

Tribal tattoos- classic designs of tattoos which were popular in the past and still are considered great. For a reason, and that is for stunning design opportunities.

Sea Waves

Not only the birds, but we also have to praise those droplets of water made on his back. Makes it seem like his back is a computer screen showing some HD scenarios. With birds, watchtower and the sea, everything that you are interested in.

Rose And Bird

It there are no colors on your rose, then generally, it is taken as read. Not a rule, but we are talking about the general perception here.

Traditional Sparrow

One bird and that is just enough- it stands out on your forearm. Especially with a traditional design on a sparrow, YOu will need to hold your heart.

Woman And Bird

Your bird could be a primary or a secondary element, all that is okay until you stretch its design to the best you can do.

A Nut Tree

What branch is it sitting on, you could use this concept to make your tattoo distinct from everyone else.

Peacock Feathers

There is nothing to add, you see this bird, and you say that it is beautiful.

My Cute Little Crow

Every bird tattoos could be given a unique feminine version, talk to your tattoo artist about that.

Cups And Bird

Guess these beautiful things found a beautiful home. If there is a great imagination, there are better creations.

Happy Bird

Look at its face, enough to make everyone smile. The scarce blue colors are taken to be feminine colors as well. A great one in the team of our bird tattoos on ankle.

Decorated With A Flower

A cute bird itself, and still has got some beautiful way of dressing itself, with a flower ribbon, of course.

Confused Cock

Male pride, not always arrogance, still a great thing to represent. Especially when it is just that which will never let anybody mess with you.

A Blue Marking

Everywhere a blue, really impressive. But, don’t forget- getting a design such as this also means you are willing to take proper care of your tattoo so that you won’t let the color fade away.

A HEart Of Love

Love- a beautiful thing to feel, and a beautiful thing to represent as well. Look at this one.

Girl And  A Colorful Silhouette

It is all about its color- transformation of blue into purple, and both of them introduce infinite awesomeness and variations all over. And that girl represents the tattoo wearer.

Woman And Bird

You would call this one impressive because it really is. This woman looks like that robot, Sophia.

I fly

Look at its tail; you get a funny impression of some hen sprinting. Anyway, this really is cool as a seagull design.

Parrot With No Outline

A clever bird tattoo for a clever person. AN an arrow that is taking you straight to your goal.

Crow And Crystals

What about this, with os many elements, the is a lot going on her tattoo, we are talking about the design and meanings as well.

One Peaceful Stare

Loving the fact it is free and loving that it is living its life like it is supposed to. So, this bird also deserves some rest on your thigh.

Rugged Crow

Or a rigged one with all the pain that life offers, but still flying. Something that some ould takes inspiration from.

Owl Face

That is all you need- this one says that you are looking and you always see, even if it is dark.

Bird And A Dinosaur Skeleton

That skeleton may be representing others who want you to live your life according to what they say. But, they can’t touch you and whatever they say to you are eventually going to turn out to be dead thoughts.

Bird and  Thread Bell

You are free, and you want the world to know that. Maybe, this could be a representation he wanted to do with his bird tattoo. Maybe not, but you know what, you could give your bird tattoo your own unique meaning.

A Friendly Stare

A stare- it has been looking at you like it has some written plans in its mind. Something you would not necessarily like.

Tribal Pigeon

Tribal designs- they are suitable to go with any bird tattoos you have.

Silhouette And A Phrase

Indeed, I don’t know what these characters mean, but they could sum to be saying something very wonderful. They are.

For now, that you have seen such great designs and have a clear idea how to confer the bird tattoos and their meanings, you should be looking at some other models. Take these as bonuses or something, just to help you to get a clear idea for what you are looking for.

Here you go, I hope this helped you make your decision. I really hope you liked these bird tattoos.

After knowing what design you want to get, you should also be clear about how you want to get it. Which means you should get a clear idea of where you are going to get your tattoo on, your body placement and your tattoo parlor. You don’t need to place your tattoo in the exact area where it has been shown here. It is all up to you where you would want to get it. You will need to find a sweet spot between your tattoo visibility and your pain endurance; these two things are very important for you to consider. Talk to your tattoo artist about it.
And yes, talking about your tattoo artist, you will need to get your tattoo with the best. No chances to be taken, your tattoo is your eternal art, something that is going to be with you until you live. Make sure your tattoo artist understands this and has the same passion as you have for your tattoo.

After these things considered well, you are good to go and till the next time, best of luck with your tattoo.

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