109 Best Happy Birthday Wishes And Quotes For The Special Day

Birthday- not just a day someone was born, but also a day for reflection and celebration and that is what makes your happy birthday wishes special. When you wish someone happy birthday, it would just mean some words to you, but what you got to realize is that even on the expense of some simple words, you could definitely make someone’s special day happier.

Looking forward to wishing your special person happy birthday is a very unique way than the others? You always want to do so, don’t you? Well, don’t worry, we got you. Here, we gathered some great happy birthday wishes that you could send your loved ones that are certain to make their day.

A Blessing I Value The Most
birthday wishes


Happy birthday wishes for lover- when you are looking for one, you will have to make sure that your words are carefully combined, making them the sweetest you can.

Every Moment Of Your Birthday

With your words in their happy birthday, wish them that they enjoy every moment of this day. And this will help that enjoyments and happiness transcend to them every day from this day on.

May Lord

There are some simple happy birthday wishes that don’t need to say anything poetic. Just some words from you will be enough to brighten their important day.

A Beautiful Day

Wishing them on one day- but what you wish for them, you hope they will last forever. This one is a classic yet great happy birthday wish.


In every birthday of the people special to you, give them a quote to remember. I mean to say gift those words because eventually, some wishes like this are set to change their lives.

Two Great Days

These both days are the days you could celebrate your birthday/ Willian Barclay definite had the grasp of things when he said this quote.

Birthday Of My Best Friend

When you are best friends with someone, you will always want to make sure that your birthday wish stands out from everyone else. And it’s most likely that your wish is the first wish they are going to hear. So, make them special.

My Dear Sister

Tell her that she is very precious to you for her birthday. Here, with this wish, you could praise every aspect of their behaviors and beauty. Like everything that helps you be proud to call them your sister.

Nature Way Of Protecting You

For some people, a birthday is not such a fun thing to celebrate. Because instead of celebrating and cherishing, they only have this thought that they are getting old. So, there are going to be many happy birthday wishes that will inspire them despite their thoughts.

Birthday Of My Sister

With this wish, you will have described every way you see your sister. Everything that makes her awesome. Birthday wishes for sister must make her proud.

World’ Best In Everything

Wishing them like this means wishing them to have everything they can ever have. So, your wish is set to be special for them.

Start Of Exciting Years

Every BIrthday brings another year. A year full of so many excitements and surprises, and you have so many new things you can try out. Wishing someone like this means making them excited in their day.

My Wife

I know you don’t want to piss your wife off- and especially when it’s her birthday, you will need to have a proper selection of the words you are using. Or, you express your heart with this one.

Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

One word special- this means a lot. For someone to be special to you, this means a lot to you and them as well. Remind your boyfriend that you are special.

Except for My Love

Rain some lovely words on your lover during their birthday. Remind them that you love is going to be infinite, which is never going to end.

More You Celebrate Your Life

For happy birthday quotes, here is another one for you. Tell them these words in their birthday to always want to remind them to enjoy their lives, from this day on/

Present For You

The best present anyone can ever gift somebody. A present that will make everyone happy.

An Irish Blessing

An Irish blessing, but can be given to people of any other backgrounds. Every good thing has been wished.

Every Wish

Wishes coming true- sometimes, it seems like a miracle. But, wishing that all of someone’s wishes come true, that is a lot that you can do, especially when you mean what you say.

Another Day

Here are some words that we always have to remember. Whether it is our birthday or not, this quote is something we should never be forgetting.

My Special Boy

For girls, they want to make sure that their happy birthday wishes will be well thought of. That is why they can think of something like this.

One Classic Wish

Many people already say this, right? But, if it still is not old, then you can easily say people wish like this because it means a lot.

Birthday Wishes For A Best Friend Female

Comparing your best friend with a cake- actually, you can compare your best friend with anything that you like, because all is allowed. And anyway, make your words unique and lovely if you are using them for their birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Niece

Your niece thinks you are cool. She might even think that you are the strongest person in this world. For a person who values you so much, you should never forget to shower them greatest wishes on their birthday.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Husband

It is overkill. First, you give them a cute and a funny birthday wish that makes them happy. And, I bet it will take some time for your husband to understand what the essence of it.

Enjoy Every Good Thing

Well, isn’t this birthday wish frank? Wish them everything that you can, and what you can is whatever makes them happy.

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes

Sometimes, things like late happy birthday wishes could happen. But that shouldn’t be stopping you from making a wish.

What You Dream Of

Make an explanation of this world, and also wish that they get what they dream of. This wish is too cute.

Lovely Flower THat BLooms

Well, yes- people indeed are happy when it’s their birthday. And, you can add on to their happiness by telling them why their birthday values more than they think.

A Century’s Life

Living for a hundred years- it is an achievement to be real. For a person having so many experiences of happiness and pain, happy birthday wishes for the 100th consecutive year could be a thing they would be very proud of.


You are always loving them and wishing for their best. Remind them this on their birthday as you wish them as well.

Thinking Of You

As you already know, for a person to make somebody’s thoughts, that will make a lot to themselves. And when you tell them they are in your thoughts while they already are happy, you know, that is just a lot of happiness.


Smiles that they a; ways deserve- send them some for their birthday. They need to smile, right? And your wish definitely will be a reason for that.

A Poem

This poem has words- words that are going to be very magical as happy birthday wishes to a friend.

My Sunshine

Here is one wish- it is for your daughter. With this quote, remind her why she is so special for you, with all of the things she does with you.

My Love

For those looking for happy birthday wishes messages, I hope this quote gave you exactly what you were looking for.

With Everything You Deserve

Tell, them they deserve all these things. And by time, they will also realize it themselves and maybe who knows, your one birthday wish could change all their upcoming birthdays.

Moments Where We Are Together

Your moments with your friend- those are your favorite; this is for sure. And when it is your friends birthday, you always have more than that to celebrate.

Simply Do So

Your boss also deserves a very happy birthday wish because first,  they work really hard and another- they so much believe in you that they have included you in their team.

Wises and Dreams

Short happy birthday wishes- if you mean what you say, these words that you send will mean more than what they mean. Inspirational birthday quotes like this make great birthday wishes for kids.

Only A Number

Most of the birthday wishes for dad sound like this. Well, for some people concerned about their age on their birthday, this is a quote that you would want them to read. Tell them this, and this could change their entire perception of aging and things.

You Are My Treasure

You were privileged to share their birthday, that is a very great thing that you can say. And when they hear what you have to say, they are going to be genuinely happy.

Two Words

These two words- even if you say it, it will mean a lot. Just remember yourself about your birthday, say a friend that you have not been talking to for ages said this, how would you fee? Wouldn’t you try to remember all those little memories you had with them?

Better Life With You

You and them- you both are on a journey together. And when it’s their birthday, it is not just an important day for them, but this day also means a lot to you. Include just the tin your happy birthday wish.

Most Successful Boss

You always work to make your boss happy, and you know why. You can’t leave a thing unattained in this aspect. So, don’t forget to wish your boss with the best happy birthday wishes there is, this might as well be good for your career.

Birthday Wishes For A Special Friend

Wishing your special friend a happy birthday and thanking them for being your friend with all these heartfelt words- that is the way you go.

Cute Birthday Wishes For Best Friends

Not only as a wish, but this quote is inspiring. About what it says about best friends. So true. This is one of those facebook birthday wishes.

Too Much Cake Without Me

Well, yes- sometimes, we may not be able to be with them on their special day. But, what we could do is make up for that- which means wishing them and also saying them that you actually care about not being there.

Experience Everything 

Motivate them the first thing in their lives. They hit a new number with their age; this also means they are going to experience very new things that are specific to their age.

Life And Tears

Faster, the better. These types of birthday wishes quotes should be taught to the younger ones on their birthdays, so as to make sure that they are not going to cry tears for a lot of time without knowing any reason.

Special As You Are

This is one of those birthday wishes for niece. This day is special and both of them match perfectly. Because both of you are special. This is what you exactly say with this quote.

Fortune And Happiness

It talks about happiness, and it also talks about the existing pains going away. A happy birthday wish complete in all the ways. These words could make both- great happy birthday wishes for son or birthday wishes for daughter.

Without A Facebook Reminder

Even some of them may say they don’t, they do. The thing that this quote tells about your birthday is so true.

Healthy Birthday

Birthday with perfect health- a happy, healthy birthday. Even adding some words make your wish sound different from everything they have heard at the moment.

Nineteenth Birthday

HAving a birthday after one full year of being adult- till this time, people will have learned many things that they have not before. And they will need stronger happy birthday wishes to remain strong.

Kind And Selfless

Finding a boss like this certainly is a gift, you will need to appreciate that. And make him aware of that in the good mans birthday. Thank you for birthday wishes- you need to thank your boss for being what he is.

You Will Be Older

For a birthday, it is true that we are older than our younger self., but still, we are younger than what we are supposed to be. Even these simple words are also going to make someone’s birthday special.

A Heartfelt Birthday MEssage

Yes, your birthday wish could be the same as what everything always says. But, you also say that what you say really is heartfelt. So, it will mean more to them than what others said.

Young And Old

For some people struggling, this is something that will burn their fuels for their birthday. It is on their birthday you could inspire them, so take your chance.

Day With Flowers Around

Happy birthday poems, they are fun to read. Especially to the ones who are enjoying their special day. Especially these are some of the most emotional birthday wishes for girls.

To Me

Everyone that is special to you wishes you on your birthday. But, you also realize that you are as special as to you yourself like the others are. So, don’t forget to wish yourself a happy birthday.

Time To Grow Young

Being young- it means enjoying your life and being happy. But to realize this, it might take us a lot of time. This quote says just that.

You and Your Birthday

Happy birthday wishes to your dad- this is a wonderful gesture that you show when you write a poem dedicated to him.

My Mind And Heart

They mean a lot to you, so you want to make sure that your happy birthday wishes will also mean a lot to them. And that is why you decorate them with the sweetest things to say.


If you are to send someone pictures, make sure that your words exactly match to the happy birthday wishes pictures that you are sending.

Dreams And Desires

In one of our previous happy birthday wishes, it was only dreams, and this time, it is also desired.

Let’s Light The Candles

These types of happy birthday wishes are those which exactly suit to the cake’s delivery box.

Not Older But Better

Congratulate them for being better than their previous self on their birthday, just like this.

Happy And Ends Too

Starting happy and ending happy- this is all that we want our birthday to be like, isn’t it? So, you wish could mention just that.

Angels With A Lot oF Love

Why not use quotes like this as your happy birthday wishes SMS? Like you do so when you are away from them, so words like this could also help to shorten your distance- even that may be a little bit.

Fantastic Day

What you love the most- spend time with that o your birthday. It is simple- and also a simple thing for you to say on someone’s birthday.

Everyday For THe Rest Of Your Life

Wish them in a day- but wish them for every times they are going to live.

My Rescuer

Birthday wishes for brother- tell them why you love them so much on this beautiful day.


For My Mother

When you say happy birthday mom- you do know that this is like one of the most wonderful things she s ever going to hear in her life, right? And so, make sure that your birthday wishes for mom are only among the special birthday wishes.

From One Dreamer To Another

Words like this make great happy birthday wishes for a friend, or for a member of your team. Those people who are working hard with you to gain the same goal.


Wish them- wish them for the day and hope that their celebrations never end. One of the best wishes to suit in your birthday wishes cards.

Something Good For You

A little laugh- everyone deserves it on their birthday, don’t they?

A Friend

For your daughter, this one is another perfect happy birthday wish.Also, these wishes are great for your daughter in law as well.

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Didn’t Lose Your Age

Give them a reason to celebrate their age- this age which they think is making them older. Also, take a look at our other motivational, positive quotes.

Stay Fabulous

Keep calm with a twist- a great way of wishing somebody a happy birthday.

My Another Best Friend

Well, he is your best friend- and here is a wish that will make him glad hearing that.

Then She’d Ever Know

You are speaking your heart out with your happy birthday wishes for a sister. Just like in this one, where you make sure that she understands that she has brought a lot of happiness in your life.

My Prayers

Here is another one of those happy birthday wishes where you pray for them. A sensational birthday wishes as thsi will definitely let them have so.

Warmest Wishes

When you and your family or other related people are wishing someone a very happy birthday, you should be making sure that your wishes are short and sweet. Such that it will include everyone’s feelings.

My Workdays

For your work peer, this is one. Your co-workers also are some of the closest people in your life at the moments; you get it if you really want to realize that.

Every Little Thing

Snippets of all these little things- they are set to make someone’s day very special. What a great way to wish someone.

Someone I Love

Metaphors- just rotate what you want to say, and then they will be happy.

That Has Been Sent Your Way

A birthday wish in the passive voice, but a lot of activeness in your heart when you say it. This one looks a lot unique.


A lot of them- actually, everything that they can think of when they are smiling with your hugs and kisses.

How You Count Your Age

John Lenon got this one right. This will also make a great birthday wish if you want your friend to learn something.

This Trip

A unique new year to everyone- this is what we call birthdays. These words have been put up very cleverly. So, we might as well say all these were the best birthday wishes. I hope they helped each one of you- from mothers searching “happy birthday wishes for my son” to the women looking for happy birthday wishes for son in law.

So, were you impressed by these happy birthday wishes images? Did they seem to help you? Are you willing to use them to wish your people a very happy birthday? If you are, then I am glad to be of help. Don’t forget to make their day more special with the best wishes and till the next time, keep on smiling and have fun.

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