Bruce McDonald Bio, Wiki, Career, Married Life, Wife, Children and Net Worth

Known for his eclectic style of film making, passion for music, and love of pop culture, Bruce McDonald is a film director, producer, writer, and actor from Canada. He is also the founder of and runs a script development and production company, Shadow Shows.

Bruce McDonald’s Early Life

McDonald was born on the 28th of May, 1959, in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. He showed his interest in music and cinema from quite an early age. He decided to be a filmmaker while he was growing up in Ontario.


Bruce wanted to pursue a formal education in films. So, after his high school, he went to Ryerson University to study film program. His passion for cinema grew stronger in his college days. Before even he joined the film industry, he had made few short films on his own.

Early Career

Bruce was really into filmmaking since his boyhood days. So he borrowed his grandfather’s Super 8 camera and shot few short films. At the age of 23, Bruce debuted as a director with his short film Let me see…. After that, he got a break in the TV industry and directed a series called The Ray Bradbury Theatre which aired in 1985. The same year, his first feature film Knock, Knock came out. However, his real filmmaking career began after his second film RoadKill released. The film starred Don McKellar and garnered critical acclaim all over Canada winning numerous awards.

Bruce McDonald’s Career

After the release of Roadkill, Bruce’s career took off and he has gone on to direct more than 70 feature films, TV series, short films, documentaries, and TV movies. His list of critically acclaimed films includes Pontypool, The Tracy Fragments, and Hard Core Logo.

Career as a Director

During his acceptance speech at Toronto International Film Festival, while receiving the most Outstanding Canadian Film Award for his film Roadkill, Bruce quipped that he “planned to spend the money on a big chunk of hash.” This garnered his some media attention as an irreverent filmmaker. His another film Hard Core Logo is one of the greatest movies from Canada. It has also been frequently ranked as one by various film magazines and organizations. In 1996, the film also won several awards, including Best Screenplay at the Vancouver Film Festival and Best Canadian Feature Film at the Toronto Film Critics Association awards.

Some of his famous episode of TV series are Degrassi: The Next Generation, Twitch City, Lonesome Dove, This Is Wonderland, Instant Star, ReGenesis, Cracked, and Queer as Folk. In 2006, his film The Tracey Fragments premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival. His horror venture Pontypool released in 2009. It garnered much praise from the critics and audience and was named one of the best films from Canada by the Toronto International Film Festival. He is currently working on his next short film Ashram which will come out in 2017. The shooting of the film is finished and it is in post-production at the moment. He recently directed a film called Weirdos which released in 2016. Bruce directed seven episodes of a TV series, Heartland which aired from 2014 to 2016. He also directed three episodes of another TV series Dark Matter. It aired from 2015 to 2016.

Career as a Producer

Bruce began working as a producer since his first film Knock! Knock! The film came out in 1985. He worked in the production of all his movies in his formative years including the multiple award-winning Roadkill (1989) and Highway 91 (1991). Bruce has produced altogether 12 feature films, short films, documentaries, and TV series to date.

Career as a Writer

In addition to being a great director and producer, Bruce is also a multiple award-winning screenwriter. He wrote the Genie Award-winning screenplay along with Don McKellar for Roadkill. Don also wrote his first film by himself. However, the number of films he has written is very small in comparison to the number of films he has directed. He worked only on 8 projects as a writer.

Bruce McDonald’s Personal Information

Bruce is married to Dany Chiasson who also happens to be a filmmaker. Dany has worked as a cinematographer in many of his films. They have a daughter from this marriage, Charlie Yoko McDonald. He currently lives in Toronto with his wife and daughter. Bruce is an avid foodie and loves Italian food. He mentioned Bitches Brew as one of the best albums.

Social Reach

Bruce is not very active on social media. He is not available on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. However, his basic information is available on his Wikipedia and IMDB page. Rather than looking for him on social networking sites, one can find more about his works and contact him through the website of his production company, Shadow Shows.

Bruce McDonald Net Worth

Bruce has been a part of the Canadian film industry for more than three decades by now. However, we could not find his total net worth.

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