157 Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo Designs For Everyone Who Want To Have One

A butterfly tattoo- it is beautiful. Simple as that. Great design of mean and women all alike and there are so many ways you could do it. So many design ideas and approaches and also a lot of places where you could make a slight alternate to change the entire way how your tattoo looks. Which means your type of butterfly, your colors and also how you fill in designs inside your wings. As there are so many things to combine, there are so many ways your tattoo could be different and distinct and what you can be proud of.

Butterfly Tattoos Meaning


And butterfly tattoos can mean a lot of things as well. They say what you want to say because there are various designs to choose from, every single one of them will say different things. Anyway, generally, a butterfly tattoo means freedom, belief, and transformation. Some of the specific meanings are:

White Butterfly: Purity

Blue Butterfly: Good Luck

Monarch Butterfly: Royalty

Purple Butterfly: Feminine Beauty

Celtic Butterfly: Transformation, Creation And The Afterlife

Yellow Butterfly: This is a “happy” color, so happiness

Anyway, all these are general interpretations, and sometimes could be a little bit too much specific. Let’s say, if you want to get a blue butterfly tattoo and signify what a yellow butterfly does, you could do it. The only rule is that you do what you want to do.

As you can see, there are so many factors about butterfly tattoos that raise your interest. So, if you want to get one, then you should do so. That is a right decision you will make. However, you will have to take a look at these first. And very carefully.

Curled And A Pink Rose


butterfly tattoo

Regarding its style and its motive of miracles, this one stands apart from everything else in the crowd. A seek finish of a butterfly design on your back.

Blue And Curls

A classic blue butterfly with the lines representing a plant.

 Golden King

Like its color, this butterfly species is called a monarch butterfly. One of the most struggling species of butterflies, they fight hard to survive. Which you could reflect on yourself in your tattoo.

Heart And Monarch

It is not a realistic monarch butterfly tattoo but still represents one. And also the universal symbol of love, which is always special.

A Red Color

3D butterfly tattoo designs are really popular among all other, and this one suits perfectly on anybody’s wrist.


This one also has the name of the hometown of the wearer written down. Or maybe a place she wanted to remember for the rest of her life, anything possible either way.

Two Friends

More the number, more flight and more flight, more depth. Add another butterfly such that one signifies you and another one a person that you value.

Pink And Stars

Well, you could also wear your butterfly tattoo like an armband around your wrist. We don’t know if this one goes all the way to connect it’s two sides, but still, it gives us a great tip.

A Brown Butterfly

How do you like chocolate? And the color of it? This one uses the color of your skin to get its complexion.

Purple Butterfly

Purple is taken to be a feminine color, representing a woman’s beauty. Maybe that is because many girls have this color as their favorite.

Happens For A Reason

With your butterfly tattoo, you could represent anything you want to. And you could elaborate more with a quote that has made a lot of difference in your life.

Matching Ones

Think of using small butterfly tattoos on wrist for a very special reason. Matching sister or best friend butterfly tattoos for women- you could write a book on them. Regarding how good they look and what they mean to the people getting them.

3D Aqua Color

Bright colors- they make your butterfly design brighter. I don’t know if I made any sense or not, but I entirely do when I say this is splendid.

Butterfly Feminine Symbol

With smaller butterfly tattoos like this, you could make a big noise if you place them perfectly.

Watercolors Smearing

Clever use of some great color combinations to give rise to something that could be a treat to everybody’s eyes. Who needs outlines, when your artist is this skillful?

A Swarm Of Friends

A group of a butterfly flying together- always a great sight to see. Just that everyone will be staring at your shoulder after this.

Butterfly And Flowers

Which means only beauty to see on it. A butterfly tattoo on foot is always a good idea if your design is as great as this.

Small Butterfly Tattoos

Small, and so endearing. This is a great proof that size won’t matter, also regarding tattoos.

Butterfly On Your Shoulder

For your shoulder being a place for a beautiful butterfly to land assured like this, your heart must be beautiful. There are connections between everything, you see.

A Rest

Well, you have seen so much of these blue butterfly tattoos, and now it is time that you know about their specific meaning.  It means good luck and fortune.

A Group Of Monarchs

Royalty everywhere. Things that live like kings, and also decorate your skin like one.

Orange Shadowed

Your favorite color is exactly what you want to gradient your tattoo. Especially with designs like butterfly tattoos, you have an option to experiment with various hues.

A Trail On Your Back

A pathway of a butterfly- it goes through everything that is beautiful.

Pink Scatters

Stars, stardust, and butterfly- what do you think about this?

Three Monarchs

Here, this is how you make a statement with your tattoos. Such butterfly tattoos on shoulder mean instant attention everywhere you go.

Foot Monarch

A fluttering butterfly, its wings take a variety of shapes and go through many orientations to make on a complete flap. And you motif could be around one of the states of its flight.


Transparent wings- you can see through it, but never overlook it. And an outline made with the color fillings themselves.

For Who I Am

For a message, you can give with a butterfly tattoo, make sure it is always what you will want to say to the people around you.


Have tattoo colors thrown on your upper arm with a bucket? Even if it was, those colors have landed in the best way possible. And including your name on your tattoo also means giving information about yourself.


It is pink, and you like the color. And it is the only required reason for your tattoo elements to be in pink.

Butterly And Blue Stars

Here are some butterflies exploring to the depth of your heart. Where it is always colorful and shining like the stars.

Solid Blue

Blue and blue only- awesomeness took to another level. You want your butterfly tattoos to look a certain way, so that is what you do- make it look like that.

Butterfly Hip Tattoo

A sewed butterfly- a perfectly tailored design as well. Those small heart patterns on either of its sides make use of whatever space there is.

Energy It Releases

Why do you even need to limit your butterfly to just a plain design while you could add some extra design patterns in it to make it even more descriptive?

Yellow ANd Gold

For a considerably larger yet cute design, this is one you could go with.  A great design for a butterfly tattoo in the thigh.

A Symbol

What you want to do is what you do with your tattoo. And this is the secret of a simple butterfly tattoo looking so good.

Big And Small

Different designs, different sizes, and different view angles. A lot of variations in this particular design sample.

Two Large Butterflies

They are flying with confidence- like the entire air is supposed to be theirs.


Make your tattoo simple, trying to finish it in a smaller design also means that you are going to get more creative.

Classic Colors

These are some traditional color templates on a newer type of motif. Bringing in many different design approaches means making your tattoo the center of anybody’s attraction.

Grains And Stardusts

Dust of positivity on the trail of these butterflies. They have a lot of beauty to give among these flowers.

A Butterfly On Your Shoulder

Here is another monarch butterfly tattoo but this time with some bolder colors.

A Queue

These butterflies landed like they are supposed to do a show. Like a greatly choreographed one.

Butterfly Sleeves

Moth-like designs. And also cool and sleek. Every single butterfly in the arms makes a great butterfly tattoo for men.

Monarch Feet

A secret of these tattoos is that even if they could be seen of the same color, these colors are still modified a little bit beforehand so that they look perfect with your skin color.

Colors Of Beauty

BEautiful colors all over. And everything so attractive, from the colors combined inside its body to colors escaping from it.

Butterfly Hand Tattoo

You will have to take a look at this- another golden design. And also you can see it heading to its best place to be on.

Color Combination

Using so many colors is somewhat of a risk. If they don’t go properly with one other like they are supposed to, then it could just do more harm than anything good. But, if its the other way, then bam!- it is something like this.

Dots And A Butterfly

Those dots make a diamond symbol in the background. A correct fitting for a creature as beautiful as this.

Everyone Equal

Beauty inequality- maybe these are the words that this tattoo would give if it were written instead of drawn. A great message with breathtaking design.

Black And Brown Stripes

It is not only such that you can only use brighter colors to make your butterfly tattoo colorful. Do it with the darker selection of the hues, it will still look awesome.

Traditional Butterfly

Well, there is no way that ancient people would not notice its enchanting beauty. So, it is only natural that you will find various superb traditional designs of a butterfly tattoo.

Sleeve Made Of Beautiful Things

Bringing in a rose tattoo and a butterfly tattoo together also means that you can have a lot to do with your tattoo.

Purple Sitting

A design that you already have seen before, but not in this color. You don’t have to make a huge or some massive changes, just a small decision different from everyone else and you will get a completely distinct tattoo of your style.

Butterfly And A Rose Outline

Thinking of beautiful things- imagining them and bringing them to life- that’s what you do for a perfect design.


Another minimalistic approached tattoo, another design you are very familiar with. But, look at the color transformation in different parts of its design.

Combination On Back

Not only the combination of different colors, but it is also bringing many styles together. The modern one and the traditional design idea go well along with each other.


Elaborate- give your tattoo sufficient meanings and make use of your skin and your conscience as much as you can. With that spirit, you will get designs such as this.

Blue And Black

So sleek together, and also individually. You can have any numbers of such butterfly tattoos on your back.

Water plant And A Butterfly

A little bit of black dusted ink making the background makes this one special. A place filled with such a life- somewhere a beautiful butterfly like this would always want to be in.

Sun And Moon

Its wings have the entire sky imprinted in them. A traditional design with every essential element of such tattoos. The sun stands for life, and the moon is a feminine symbol.

Half On Each Hand

Your palms come together and “truly” make the shape of a butterfly. They mak,e a butterfly itself.

three Wanderers

Their trial on your back- for a group of butterflies, here is another one. All these little things could represent you and your friends or members of your family.

Pink Flowers And Butterfly

How a butterfly tattoo is designed literally means how their wings motif is done. And doing it right means producing some designs like this.

Monarch On Your Hand

Having butterfly tattoos on hand means a lot of confidence, but just with the right designs. Pretty much like this.


You have seen so many butterfly tattoos, so the plus point is that you get a lot of ways to be creative, like eventually using two or more of such designs to design something for yourself. For example, here is a name and you have seen 3D butterfly tattoos. So, what about 3D butterfly tattoos with names? Just saying, try to combine everything we have seen here.

Rose And Butterfly

This one is a common combination, yes that is true. But, that will never stop you from inventing your designs now and then. This one has a lot of depth into it.

Butterfly And Shadow

The morning dew-  what a great view it is when you see something as beautiful as a butterfly in such a wonderful ambiance. And with such butterfly tattoos on shoulders, people around her will always get to experience such a thing.

Purple And Pink

Darker colors, bright regarding design.  And with a matching outfit, her back looks outstanding.

Butterly And Stars

Moving on to another one of the unique butterfly tattoos we found, here is another which is set to raise the interest of many of us.

Half A Foot

You have seen it on the palm and now here is a tattoo when both of your feet come together. I bet having something like this to her means she would always want to bring them as to make so.

Name Made Of Trial

She already had a butterfly tattoo before, and now she decided to have another one. Butterfly tattoos are still a good idea if you already have a tattoo, and even better when they go well together with your butterfly. This time, either way, its butterfly tattoos for her.

Butterfly And BIrds Together

Beauty, freedom, and royalty in this tattoo. Her tattoos lie on one side of her back, a careful orientation if we have to say.

One Painting

A brighter painting tattoo, with a lot more contrast to it than the other ones.

One Word

Have any word tattooed with your butterfly, making sure that its design is identical to design itself.

Stars And Name

Proud of being you, right? That is why you have a tattoo that tells your story. And you can start that story with your beautiful name.


An adorable face of a magnificent butterfly. He looks busy at something.

Purple Butterfly, Blue Flower

What about this one? I know you are impressed. With the classic Spanish style of tattooing, all these elements are exactly what you have if you want to have,

Facing Towards You

Well, yes you are interested towards her. And on the other side, she wants to know about you as well. It is going to be a long staredown between her and anyone who looks at her.

Small Sparkling Purple

You already know that a butterfly tattoo can say a lot and is completely noticeable even if it is small. And this is another one supporting just that statement.

Hip Cover

Have butterfly on the middle of your hip and linings spanning its sideways. Taking up your hip, a great way to do it.

Purple Stars

Everything this color- and done stunningly. Stars and butterfly- rebirth, happiness, and renewal.

Celtic Pearls

For more intricate feminine designs, you should look at such ones.  Only beautiful things grow with beautiful things, and that is the theory behind this butterfly and pearls.

Orange Escape

First, a tattoo made and a color spilled- maybe that is how we define its process. But, after that, there have been so many variations in this outline at every spot, you whether see a colored or an uncolored sample, hard to express in words, but it still is complex.

Traditional Moth-Like Design

Finding such a design exists also means getting your hands on something that is set to make your tattoo stand apart. An eye on its body, well, we already know it is how it looks like but still that could signify the wonderful vision that you have been blessed with.

Monarchs On Hips

Loving a monarch butterfly tattoo design means trying to see every possible design with even the slightest of variations from the previous ones. And your eyes easily notice it in every design.

Golden Butterfly Foot Tattoo

A great way of doing your butterfly tattoo on foot, also knowing that matching shoes are almost a necessity.


It is something made from the Gods paintbrush, so it indeed will look so good. I am talking about a butterfly, of course. And this tattoo is how a real artist represents that.

Tribal butterfly And Heart

Your tattoo accompanied with the meaning of love, for every tattoo such as a butterfly tattoo, it is always a great idea.

Fairy Figure

Focus on its body; it is there “standing” like it knows that it enchants the entire world with its beauty. Well, that is exactly the case because this tattoo made a slipper look amazing.

Now, knowing what type of butterfly tattoo you should be looking for, here are some more designs you would like to take a look at.

So, there you saw these butterfly tattoo designs. I hope that they help you make a decision.

A butterfly tattoo- there is so much to it that makes it special. So, make sure that you get your tattoo in the best way possible. Which means picking up the right design and the right person for the job. You need to be very careful on that and have patience.

Well, if these tattoos helped you, I am really glad and I consider it as my victory, seriously. And till whenever, keep on having fun.

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