David Hewlett Bio, Wiki, Career, Married Life, Wife, Divorce and Net Worth

Famous among the younger television viewers in Canada from his guest appearances on Shining Time Station, in 1993 portraying Ted Typo, David Hewlett is a film actor, director, writer, and voice actor from Canada. David debuted in a feature film as an actor after appearing in a couple of TV series in 1987. His first film was The Dark Side which was directed by Constantino Magnatta. He has directed three feature films.

David Hewlett’s Early Life

David was born on the 18th of April, 1968 in Redhill, England. His family moved to Canada in 1972 when he was four. During his teenage, David was fascinated by the computer that he got. He immersed himself into the machine and became a self-declared computer nerd.


After moving to Canada, David went to a high school in Toronto. He discovered his acting skills while he was in the school and acted in few student films. When he reached his senior year in school, he did not see any point in formal education and dropped out. He wanted to follow his dream of being an actor. Also, he wanted to learn more about computing. Rather than pursuing his formal education, he started trying to break into the showbiz industry as a sixteen-year-old boy.

Early Career

David dropped out of his school to become an actor and pursue his passion for computers. So, in order to make some money and utilize his knowledge, David started a web development firm, Darkyl Media. He saw a necessity of a junction where filmmakers could come together and interact with each other. So he started an internet community for filmmakers, Fusefilm.com. David started his acting career at the tender age of sixteen. He appeared in a couple of TV series in the early years of his acting career.

David Hewlett’s Career

David has acted in more than 85 feature films, short films, TV series, TV movies and TV mini-series. He tried his hands on direction as well. He directed three films including a TV movie and wrote the same number of feature films.

Career as an Actor

He continued working in numerous TV series and few feature films throughout his career. However, David did not always get to play the characters he would like to portray. He did many horror films which were made on a very low-budget and had limited distribution. The list of such films includes the movies like The Darkside and Scanners II: The New Order and Pin. David’s good role came In 1996 when he played the role of Grant Jansky on Traders. One year later, in 1997, his first commercially successful and critically acclaimed film Cube released. These roles started providing him some fame and stardom in the industry.

David has confessed that he has soft spot for scientific fiction films and would be more than happy to work in such films. David did four TV series in the year 2016 alone. They are Incorporated, Dark Matter, Suits, and Murdoch Mysteries. His next project The Shape of Water is currently under post-production and will come in 2017.

Career as a Director

David started his career as a director long after he became an actor. 19 years after he appeared for the first time on a screen, he debuted as a director with a film called A Dog’s Breakfast starring himself. He cast his dog Mars and his sister Kate Hewlett in the film. Four years after that, David directed Rage of a Yeti, a TV movie. He returned as a director in the year 2014 with his film Debug. It was in a sense his dream project as he always wished to make a scientific fiction movie.

Career as a Writer

In addition to acting and directing, David also enjoys writing screenplays for films. He has written three scripts to date. Among them, he directed and starred on two. He debuted as a writer in 2003 with the film Nothing. He is credited for the story of the film. The other two films that he wrote are his later films as a director A Dog’s Breakfast (2007) and Debug (2014).

David Hewlett’s Personal Life

David is a very close friend of Vincenzo Natali. They went to school together and David acted in five of Natali’s films. Tom Baker is his favorite filmmaker.

Married Life

David has been married twice. David married his sweetheart Soo Garay in 2000 who is also an actress. Unfortunately, their marriage could not last more than four years. They legally separated in 2004. He is currently married to Jane Loughman. They got married in 2008.

Social Reach

David is very popular on his social media. He has more than 104 thousand followers on his twitter account. More than 13 thousand people like him on Facebook. However, he is not available on Instagram.

David Hewlett Net Worth

David has acted in more than 85 films. He has been in the entertainment industry for more than three decades. His total net worth is $ 3 million.

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