127 Impressive Ear Tattoos That Are Amazingly Good

In the recent days, the ear tattoos are gaining a lot of popularity. The ear has a unique shape, just that we could make many unique designs, that may be the reason behind it. Regarding tattoos, our ears are welcoming which means a lot of styles suit in our ears. And also to make a statement, this place is perfect because there are not a lot of instances our ears are not noticed.

So, if you are thinking of getting an ear tattoo as well, that’s a good decision and here are, some designs of the ear tattoos that you must take a look at before getting one.

Polynesian Ear Tattoos


When we are talking about tribal designs of tattoos, they look stunning, wherever they are done. Abd, however, they are done. All these tattoos make use of the unique shape of earlobes and how they elevate our neck. They make use of every little space there is.


A classic cross symbol- this tattoo design is usually used for inner ear tattoos. It is a symbol of faith, one that indicates that you want to learn very good things that the Lord teaches you.

Ear Band

Three simple lines- this one looks like a band around your outer ear skin. Nothing too much, the ear tattoos lines are simple and yet so fascinating.

Celtic Patterns

There are various approaches of the tribal tattoos themselves and whatever you see, they are always splendid. They make great ear tattoos for guys.


Dagger has been an important symbol regarding tattoos from the ancient times. They are very important elements of traditional tattoos, as you can see.

Borders And Fillings

What you want to express, you do it in whatever way you want to. That is the key to make a stunning, unique tattoo design.

Around Your Ears

Not on the ears, but around its surrounding. So many variations in this floral design. This is one for who want something observable from anything else.

Spider Ear Tattoos

A web and a spider who made it. It might be an indication of what you hear; you will always keep it safe, trapped in the web.


For skull tattoo enthusiasts, this is one they must see. A smaller design, it looks so cool when you war a skull tattoo like an ear top.


Here is one you should look if you are looking for some interesting behind the ear tattoos designs. For everyone getting a view, you are vicious as thunder.

Arrow And Cross

Both of them have great tattoos, also giving two great ideas for you.

Anchor Tattoo

For anchor tattoos, to know if it is right for you or not- do you love adventures? Are you always rigid and don’t let anybody shake you off? If yes, then well- this is what you could go with.

Animal Skull

Whichever animal he is representing, this is cool. Another innovative around the ear tattoo design.


Inner ear tattoos- you should be creative with such designs as much as you can. And then, you get something like this that everyone will be talking about.

Sun And Sea

Sea waves and sun- simple, yet this tattoo says a lot. A great use of limited space to bring in so much depth.

Plus Patterns

Bring in patterns- this looks like something from a classic Sega game.

Polynesian Patterns

Well, Polynesian tattoos are cool- not only because of their designs, but also the number of their designs. There is so much you could get.

A Hundred

This number could mean different things to everyone, but it still makes a significance to everybody’s life. I know that you could relate this tattoo in your way once you get this.

Sea Waves And Ship

Ship tattoos- they were also popular from the traditional times and still are. If you love voyage. Adventures or anything related to the sea, then you could go with it if you think its cool.


Different numbers – different things. Some important things that you would never want yourself to forget. And what could be a better way of remembering them forever than ear tattoos?


Are you a music lover? Well, everyone loves music. So, tattoos like this make sense to everyone.

Skull And a Black Background

A reason why everyone fears the dark. A skull made of the candle, it seems like it.


A star with many pointed edges- that star which gives us light and life.


I would say these are two suns- done on this different ears. One light and one dark- maybe to show that they co-exist together.

Rose And Stem

How this rose fits in his ears is amazing and different from anything else. A different vibe created by a distinct orientation.


It could be the eyes of an angry genie- the Polynesian motif shape makes it seem like one.

Floral Around Ears

A floral tattoo that stretches all over to your head. This man has two commitment here- one regarding his tattoo design and another as his haircut.

Polynesian Insides

The dusty texture in this one. These leaves patterns look fantastic.


Another grainy design this time resembling the Sun.

Grainy Stripes

Shiny and dots- your ear has a unique shape, that is why you should be experimenting with unique outlines.

Buddha Tattoos

NOt necessarily a Buddha tattoo, but it still is areligious tattoo representing Buddhism.  And great design, of course.

Everywhere A Polynesian

Here is one for people who love these designs. This time, he has had it around everywhere he can.

Spider Web

Another spider web ear tattoo design, this time a traditional approach. And those points add on to it.

Abstract Tribal

Another one was giving a tribal vibe, but we can’t say for sure what it represents, or it is. Still, it goes perfectly with other tattoos he has.

Classic Celtic

Everyone knows this sort of tattoos; something people have been in love with since the early days of tattoos. Thanks to its amazing look.

Diamond Shaped Crystal

For people who would prefer minimalistic tattoos over anything else, this is one they could go with.

Top Spider Web

A spider web may signify grasping everything you hear, but it also might say that you would use your tattoo to filter everything else that you don’t want to hear.

 Sunflower Ear Tattoos

This is a flower representing happiness and leading a life that you know how to enjoy. And it looks sleek. More than enough reasons for you to not have any doubts if you are thinking of going for one.

Celtic Behind Ears

Regarding where you have your tattoo on, you can make clever use of the space that is available for you. Something to do if you want an elaborate design.

Cross Lined

Something with no borders. Pointed edges. Keep it simple, keep it stylish.

Skull And Ribs

With a darker background, skull ear tattoos look more detailed. Like a design that really is up to something.

Traditional Lizard

Lizard is a very important element in the tribal tattoos. It is supposed to be an animal which connects people to their ancestors.


Everyone is set to notice your ear tattoo after you get one, so make sure to keep it interesting.

Flower And Bird

Freedom, exploring the beauty of this world. Good things like this are represented with a design such as this.

Inner Ear Polynesian Designs

This one makes use of every spiral in the inside of one’s ear. To give a design that everyone will remember.

Spider Web Around

For those interested in its design and meaning, you should be looking at this as well. Let your interest hike.

Clean Outlines

Polynesian tattoos, with great shapes inside- there are so many unique shapes out there so look out for the best you can find.

A Grainy Band

Nothing much, just some dust-colored on your ears, and it makes a great design. You don’t need to do a lot if you know what can be done.

Four Bands

These tattoos look like the ancient ones. Classic and never out of style.

Flower Petals

Floral designs are very important ones when we talk about tribal tattoos, and this is no different regarding when these tattoos are done around one’s ears.

Colored Floral

This time, it is colored. Filled with solid colors and designs rather than outlines or stripes.

Back Of The Ear

Placement is also important, for it could make the same design look very different in different places.

Dragons Skeleton

A dragon may represent good or evil- whatever it is that you like. Because in Asian cultures, it was taken as an animal of miracles while in English cultures, it is a bad omen.

Rounded Lines

Patterns- you could get innovative when you talk about them. Regarding how you make them and how they shape.

Flower Petals Bloom

Blooming, right? It always feels great to see the center of a flower so much stuffed with petals. And a plus point when it is a tattoo with a tribal design.

Musical Notes And Money

These probably are the things that he cares for the most in his life. His music and the money he makes from it.

Skeleton And Vertebrae

Not a new idea, but yes, a newer design. Another one of those ear skull tattoos which will gain your genuine interest.

Skull Head

You could design your skull tattoos in various ways, and this one is all about the darker shading it has.

Strings And Music Notes

Needless to say, these tattoos are mostly worn by musicians. But, you necessarily don’t have to be one if you want to get one of these tattoos.

Notes In Different Places

Heres one. It is all about the orientation of the note symbols. Maybe, if that is what they are called.

Different Languages

What you can do with tattoos behind your ears is that you could add some words or phrases. And it can be in any language, your mother tongue the most preferred. One reason os the representation and the other one is that your local tattoo artists could be used to do quote tattoo designs in your language.

Spider Hanging Down From Web

Not the first instance we see a spider ear tattoo, but it is different from anything that we have seen before. A bigger design, and this time outside of his ears.

Broken Umbrella

Something that protects you- and when its handle is broken, it could mean something deeper than that. Anyway, your original tattoo design could also depend on your storytelling ability, and this man knows that just too well.

Kings Crown

Here are some other Celtic designs that you should be looking at. Smaller tattoos- big things, regarding designs and meanings.

A Long Line

This one stretches from his near to the back of his neck. Of course, a traditional abstract design, and still those black stretchings look like a shadow falling from something.

Lines And Arrow

Classic designs, which means tribal designs as they used to be- this is a lot of peoples choices on their ears inking. And could be yours, too if you like them.


A bird of strength, vision and a prolific hunter- in addition to some great designs available, its meanings are also what attract people to have an eagle tattoo.

Won’t Let Water Fall

Here’s another umbrella design. Small, simple and splendid. Designs like this suit to guys as well as girls.


These are the things that let birds fly. Which also means they grant a bird its freedom. THere is much more to a feather tattoo in addition to its style.


Anchor tattoos are always great ones that you could have around the area of your ears. You love them, even more, when you know their meaning.

A Bats Wings

Your back ear, if you are to tattoo it, make sure that you do it with something special. BEcause that is a small place to get a tattoo on and it is noticeable. Give the lookers a design that will wow them.

Curls And Lines

What do you think about this? Some special twirls and points that could be resembling various things in art.

All Around Your Ears

When tattoos are this awesome, it is always ayes if you want to have your tattoo spread everywhere around your ears.

All Celtic

Outside and inside- he has ear tattoos all over. And both of them are similar in styling touch.


These spikes are meant to signify shark teeth; These things represent power, protection, and shelter.


A single cross along the ear and escaping through it. Stretching the word simple to make it amazing.

A Cross

So, shall we call it an “earlier?” Anyway, this one shows that he has a lot of faith and this is why he has had these words.

Peter Pan

Flying off to Neverland- this one also could show your interest towards a Disney classic. A great story, of course.

Flowers Behind Your Ear

What about its texture? That is exactly what makes it different from everything else.


Well, bats can get this adorable. That is if you want them to. An endearing design of a badass creature, here it is- a purple bat ear tattoo.

Abstract Symbols

Your tattoo means a lot to you, you know it. And it means something. But with your artistic ability, it is always okay to keep it low-key, if you want people guessing.

Polynesian Feathers

You could add a tribal touch to any tattoo element there is, and it is definitely you get a great design.

Anchor Behind Ears

Keep your skin moist, keep it clean. This is what she does, and that is why we can see a clean design.

Anchor Irregular Line

Doesn’t need to be smooth-you have a lot to choose when we are talking about outlines and all.

Blue Diamond

Diamond is a precious thing, and also very strong. That is true, and its color here is more than her favorite color. It is also a feminine representation.

Hot Air Balloon

Something that flies freely- this could also be signifying freedom. So, why back off when you have a unique design by your hands?

Skull And Rose

A skull wearing a rose- this is rare even if these two elements are regular. Tattoos like this mean fresh start and love, and how you present them together depends on how innovative you are.

Traditional Owl And Heart

A cute little owl looking at you. A wise thing with a lot of love in its heart- itis exactly what all of us want to be.

An Alien

Something from another planet and not scary at all. This is a cute alien in her tattoo.


Here is a powerful shot- reading so many superhero comics over the days may have made us familiar with this one already. And now, we have come to know that it doesn’t only look good in comic books, but also as ear tattoos.


Of course, I gave a title having no clue about what this is. But, I don’t have to lie to say it looks super cool even when I don’t know this abstract image representation.

Birth Numbers

These numbers look like her kundalini, which astrologers use in their science. And literally, this is her introducing herself with every information about her.

Flying Bird

Green and blue- a flight with total pride. What do you think about getting a bird tattoo below your ear?


These things are always beautiful- and don’t forget the colors surrounding them. These hues seem like a blanket of positivity that surrounds them.

Rose And Leaves

A good old rose tattoo with thorn. It means that people could get near you, you allow that, but for that, they will need to first go through the thrones, which could be regarding your thoughts or beliefs.

Blue Flower Branch

A strong branch, and beautiful blue flowers. And a great choice for ear tattoos.

Rose Outline

Minimalist rose design outlines also make sensational ear tattoos. Something simple, delicate and filled with love and care.

Stars And Music Notes

Here, he has colorful stars outside his ears and musical tones giving an idea for great helix ear tattoos.


The Sun and a fallen tooth- this is most probably a sign of starting something new and giving it life. With a great design.

Eagle Wings

An eagle wing- that is enough for to showcase something that matters a lot to you- the freedom of life. And also journey and expeditions.

Celtic Flower Ear Tattoos

A Celtic design- always considered one of the favorites among women. Well, it is only natural because these ear tattoos are impressive.

A Feather Bunch


Bringing in some classic touch to your ear tattoos is always welcome. A bunch of feathers- it could have something to say about a farm.

So, here were some ear tattoos that we wanted you to see. What did you think of them?

For getting an ear tattoo, it is simple- first, you make a decision and then, you make sure that you made the right one. Well, deciding to get an ear tattoo is always a right one, that’s for sure- but like any other tattoo, you will need to be extra careful about your design and in which place you would want to get your tattoo on. There are many instances with the ear tattoos that the designs have not come right, so bearing that on the mind, make sure you get yourself to the best tattoo parlor that you can go to. The cost won’t matter, know your preferences. And there also could be some other factors you would like to know like the ear tattoos pain, so talk to your tattoo artist about that. Also, it is good to know about the tattoo maintenance, like if you are questioning, “do inner ear tattoos fade?”- of course, they do, you will need some tips to avoid that from happening.

Knowing this, you are good to go and best of luck with your ear tattoos.


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