130 Amazing Faith Quotes To Continue Following Your Goal

What is Faith and what is a life without it? If you ask this to any philosophical person, then be ready for an inspiring session. Faith is merely a five letters word, but it can mean life to someone. These faith quotes could make your day when you’re feeling low. Hope is a base of life, and it’s the first step to success too. The world runs on trust, and a people can stop a war with faith also. You can get up with a hope you can let yourself flow with fade too.


So, how did this small Five letters word have such an effect in a persons life? Faith is Everything you’ll want to pursue success. Trust can be that thing that you can depend on upon but being dependable for everything can be hazardous in many cases too. For proving it, we can give an example of devotee and god. It says that if we ask to learn, then we can apply that knowledge for the whole of our life and find prosperity. Similarly, if we do nothing but only pray for something we will die praying and not getting anything. Having known these facts, let us see about some of your day making Faith Quotes here.


faith quotes

To believe or not to think something is a question that we ask ourselves every day. Take that risk, have faith in yourself and overcome your fear to attain your goal in life.

Faith and love

Love is not possible without faith between people involving in it. Similarly, with the belief among loved ones we can achieve any goal we urge to get in our life. It’s more like faith and love being two wheels of a cart to make our life easier.

Lord And Faith

Faith In lord is running this world. Without these Faith factors, Most of us could not be confident in what we do and what we try to attain. As long as we have the Lord’s name in our heart, we can have no fear and can get to our target easily.


Perfection is always right there before you to grab and own it. But are you Ready for these? One real component needed for these perfections of a goal is Having faith in yourself.

Uncertainty Principle

Our World is uncertain, and we can have what we want in a blink of an eye. So have faith in One real power and dedicate yourself towards your goal.

Fear Side

Fear is an instinct among living beings. We think fear as a bad thing, but it’s not necessarily true every time. Fear to do something can stop us from foolishness in our mind. But having fear to have faith in yourself is the last thing you want to do.

Unity Of Faith And Love

A total unit of power, yes these factors as love and Faith when combined is undefeatable. So, love who deserve and have faith in God and yourself and feel this unstoppable force inside you.

Daith And Truth

A power which will never let you down. When you have no specific way to go and take further steps, always trust God. We can have a potential to believe that will push you when needed in your life. These Faith quotes say that same thing here.

Risk And Gain

There is no gain preventing every possible risk. We can wait forever to make the situation favouring us, or we can take these risks resulting in rewards. We can take it as an example of a person jumping from a plank to pool. He could never feel a feeling of swimming if he never jumps from it. Above, faith quotes show that Risk Is that first step needed to gain success.

The Prayer

Praying is among our most efficient and reliable methods to prevent our heart from losing faith to yourself. We can be that hopeless guy committing foolishness or pave our way using prayers.

Trust And God

There is always a guardian above us saving us from worst and even punishing us for our evil deeds. We can trust Almighty and start to work with devotion towards our goal.

Guts Over Fear

These faith Quotes and sayings always teach us one fundamental and foremost thing that is having your Guts over Fear. If you have that guts to trust yourself and faith in God, then you are ready to overcome any hurdles in life. Together with all these powerful forces in your back, you can overcome fear. A coward can never know that taste of success one gets even if he can gain it in other ways.

Never Give Up

Never give up, focus in your goal and trust no one else but yourself and devote yourself till your bone collapse. And if you are at your limits have faith in God and step up. A thousand miles journey if you want to achieve you’ll have to start with a step.


If you have courage over your fear, then you can achieve control of your life. These things honestly matter if you are a leader. A leader must have that courage to lead by examples so that he could succeed along with his comrades.

Surrender Is Good

It’s better sometimes to let yourself surrender as it gives you the freedom to start fresh. Similarly, If you push yourself harder than limit too hard, you could then break yourself down.

Man And Women

A man and his partner when tied to a knot of marriage they promise to support each other till death. If these people can fulfil these promises, they can change their whole life. These couples can be ideal to others and can inspire different others to follow.

Faith in your Inner God

We all have a god as our inner self that gives you good as well as lousy power in your action. If you can control and have faith in yourself you can have a prosperous future.

Past, Present, And Future

If you are among those who lag by overthinking about past, then you will have to change soon. Whenever you are taking too much pressure from gone things, you won’t be successful. It will hold you down when you want to get up. So, change yourself and be better.

An Invisible Power

Yeah, a Wifi is just like faith as we can achieve what we seek through wifi in your device. Similarly, we can compare this phenomenon in real life scenario too.

 Trust Yourself

Sometimes trusting isn’t enough if we cling to our past. So get over with it and bring out the new episode in your life. Be optimistic and hope for the best result.

Make Impossible Possible

So, do things get utterly comfortable when one has faith in it? Well, that might not be completely accurate in our case as no action and only hope is poisonous to our goal.


We are no better in person or as a goal persuader if we can’t convert them into action. These would be like a vehicle without wheels as it’s taking you nowhere. You can change them to work and have that absolute privilege of being one person that can obtain their goal correctly.

Trust God And Be Assured

Say it or not we all believe that there is a more prominent power figure above us who is looking after our every action. We have given that power a name of God. If you can have faith in them, then you can indeed be able to have confidence in yourself.

Love To Step Up

Faith is an unbreakable bond when it comes to love relationship. When we have faith in our partner, we can win through anything and everything. So love and trust are enough for every action we aim. Well, they help almost from our base, but a plan without action is useless as dead.

 Faith Quotes To Start Your day.

If you start your day with a quote, you can give your 100 per cent relief and ability not to make. Life is short so be that optimistic person with whom all people can get along and enjoy respecting that positive aura.

Faith A Beautiful Term

Faith may be a simple five digit word, but it carries that power to change this world. It may not seem to you at first, but you will feel that rush in your heart to push you and give you constant support in fulfilling your goal. So, Faith quotes here shows that trust is a beautiful partner of yours.

Martin Luther King Jr’s Saying

If you don’t trust yourself, you can’t achieve anything in life. That is an absolute necessary criterion to make something in your life. A pessimist can’t think other stuff than the dark side of life, so They’re always stuck at the bottom of the list. We can have a great example of Martin Luther King Jr in which he optimistically gives us that hope to start your journey towards success.

Probability To success

Life has an unlimited possibility of things going well as well as things slipping out of your hand. To control these flow and increase your Probability have faith in God and yourself.

Fun In Faith

You will always find yourself taking an option while you’re in a difficult situation. There it is essential that how and what you choose to step up and over. If you decide to accept faith over fear, your life will be more meaningful.

Fear And Doubt

Doubt is that factor in a human brain that will lessen the carelessness of a person. But unnecessary doubts can pull you back when you need someone to push you towards your destination. Similarly, It’ll get worse if you lose faith in yourself. This faith quote tried to explain this same thing.

Truth And Love

Your mind controls you, and that’s not something to be a surprise of here. It will try to avoid risk sometimes that is also an option in a fight or fly condition. Support your brain with Love, faith, and Truth, so it’ll listen to you.  Faith Quotes like these could help you in similar circumstances.


Yes, we are sinful of something we dit sometimes in our life. Knowingly or unknowingly we are more sinful every day. So, what’s going to purify us and forgive us of these sins? Our Faith in God will do that very thing for us.

Time And Patience

Never Lose faith quotes, You may need that motivation, a trusted force and a reason to believe in yourself. But keep one thing in mind that no barrier can withstand your dedication forever. With Patience and power to build your core of faith Everything is possible.

Faith Quotes Bible

A walking stick for those who need support and help to gain something that can change into a superior being. Such is the power of the Holy Bible. From More Than 2000 years the Bible is helping those in utter darkness to come and enjoy light around them. From many things written in it, we can Extract Our summary within it. Bible teaches us a language of love, That language is by our Lord himself.

A Power To Believe

Power of almighty is unquestionable. We could see our world around us and imagine what would’ve happened to us if there were no lord. He is a person who has that capacity to show us Truth and Way. With lord by us, we can be sure that it’s only matter of time to reach our goal and everything is within reach.

Thank You, Lord

A small price to pay in the form of words to all those privileges our Lord has provided us. Let’s thank him for everything. These faith quotes prevent us from being selfish.

Be Limitless


Be a force that everybody can trust. Come to this brighter side and lead those lagging towards here too. Similarly, never back down from what you say and what you try to achieve in your life. When it comes to your goal, be limitless and be Bold.

Roar And Rule

Faith is an only way to defeat doubts in your mind. Have confidence in yourself in a range that no doubt can roam near it. Be a lion and roar to rule over your consciousness.

Discipline-Obedience, Be Real

Discipline and Obedience are those two factors coming along Faith and Making it more powerful than ever. Once you Trust In lord, you will know what to do and when to stop. You will understand soon after you hope something in your life that a bird in the hand is way better than two in the bush.

An Optimistic Start- Trust Lord

If you are optimistic, then you are way better than those people that aren’t. An encouraging start trusting our Lord can help us to choose that right way from our beginning.  You can count on him as he has plans for everyone following his direction.

Faith, Energy and Peace

Trust is a significant criterion when someone talks about peace. Different wise mens have their views in the form of faith quotes and sayings. Order is only possible if there are faith and trust between the two parties. Belief is that power making Impossible possible.

Communication And Trust

A trust comes to action in case of effective communication. People communicate more freely and tend to fulfil their destiny if there is a significant trust factor.

Vivekananda’s Wit

Many people follow his sayings and wit as Swami Vivekananda aura of virtuousness is famous far and wide. These quotes on faith and trust show that We should never disturb a person trust and loyalty as by doing that we are not able to help him but we will drag him deeper.

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Patience Is The key

Patience is that factor which will give you an essential lesson of time. A person can get a better result if he’s patience till perfection. As we sow, our reap depends on it. We can achieve our goal more conveniently if we have patience from the start.

Knowledge Is Power

A person worth is not calculated by his wealth but by his knowledge. A rich stupid person can never reach that level of a poor scholar. With faith in the experience they have, they can be invincible.

Courage To Take Over

With courage, you can make an impossible task very much possible. A person with the courage of a tiger can rule this world in his way.

Faith Quotes To Pursue

Following lords, steps are the first thing you can do as faith in yourself comes sooner with experience. With lord looking over us we can move a mountain or break a rock. We can be the greatest if our goal is high enough. So close your eyes and follow this power.

Nothing Is Impossible

Faith has a potential of changing even our greatest weakness into power. With hope in our side, we can achieve what others only dare to dream. History speaks itself here as we can give examples of first astronauts or mountaineers. Step by step one can achieve a goal with these hopes.

Tagore’s Wit

Rabindranath Tagore, an artist of Literary arts and unmeasured feels. Our Nobel prize winner Tagore here have compared Faith to a bird which sings even when the dawn is dark. Here, he wants to say that faith over something will help and support you until you get to it.

Truth We Don’t See

Hope and confidence in that hope is an only thing that will make us go forever without giving up. Belief is that factor which opens a person’s third eye, an eye of the heart. It has that power to manipulate things and gain our target. These great faith quotes are teaching us this very thing.

Faith Without Action

Medicine can also turn into poison if it’s not made to work in its tenure. Similar is our case with faith. Too much faith without action is equivalent to a toxin in the name of medicine.

A Candle In The Wind

A warrior on its own with his weapons in these forms of excellent material. A similar gun is faith and hopes to those people who are fighting to achieve something in life. With Hope and confidence, there are no boulders to stop that person.

Believe In God

A power which will never let you down. When you have no specific way to go and take further steps, always trust God. We can have a potential to believe that will push you when needed in your life. These faith inspirational quotes say that same thing here.

Bible Learnings

From More Than 2000 years the Bible is helping those in utter darkness to come and enjoy light around them. From many things written in it, we can Extract Our summary within it. Bible teaches us a language of love, That language is by our Lord himself. Lord never ignore his followers and hear their prayer and help them.

Have Faith In Yourself

When Everything is out of your control, and you are unable to achieve what you want you to want to remember that there is still a person you can trust and have faith. That very character is none other than you. With dedication and belief in your arsenal, you can take over this world. Similarly, with courage and love, you can take over fear and failure.

Faith And Love Quotes

A simple quote can change your way of living and understanding life. Such is a power of words and such is of Faith quotes as well. These Simple words take a little from you but can give that enlightenment you want for your entire life. It’s never too late to change yourself and to change yourself. So, have faith in the lord or god and have confidence in yourself to overcome any hurdle in your way to reaching a goal. Faith supports love and overcomes fear, so have faith and reach out to the stars of success.

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