129 Best Forgiveness Quotes To Awaken Your Mind

So, you want to know about forgiveness quotes; then you are in the right place. As we all are human and everyone makes mistakes may be small or significant. Therefore it is our responsibility to forgive. Forgiveness means letting yourself free from a burden of negative emotions and inviting peace in yourself and in the person that harmed you. Forgiveness is the most important quality a human possesses which requires courage, strength, and wisdom.

Quotes for forgiveness helps to relieve your confusion in many situations on whether to forgive or not. Forgiveness quotes help in finding out the reasons to excuse. Forgiving someone is necessary, and it is made clear by the following quotes. Here, we made a post on the best quotes of forgiveness which will help you to start a great life ahead forgetting all the mistakes.

Learn From  Mistakes


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Indeed, we can’t go back and undo our mistakes, but instead of worrying about it, we can forgive ourselves and move on. Regret does no right for anyone, so we need to forgive instead of it.

Forgiveness Quotes From Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandi, the simplest leader, is the most influential person ever existed.  He supported nonviolence, independence and believed in forgiveness. According to him, forgiveness is the real power of strong people.

Ask Sorry For Your Mistakes And Mean It

As a human being, it is common for us to make mistakes. Thus, when we hurt people, we need to feel sorry and mean it. We also try not to repeat that same mistake.

Forgiveness Quotes From The Bible

Forgiveness is well appreciated and encouraged in Bible than any other religious books. As Jesus forgives us for our mistakes, we also need to forgive other people and live in harmony.

The Power Of Forgiveness Quotes

As carrying a grudge in our mind about the person who mistreated us harms yourself, we need to learn to forgive. So, forgiveness has the power to get rid of negative emotions that may arise in such situations.

Forgiveness Is A Process

If someone does terrible for you and you don’t forgive, then you get yourself in trouble. As forgiving is a process, one may take time to forgive, but people will eventually forgive. So, try your best to develop forgiving characteristics.

Forgiveness Is About You Not The Person You’re Forgiving

It seems like forgiveness is done for the guilty person to feel good but it is not correct.  Instead, forgiveness makes you free from the burden and helps you to move on with your life.

Forgiveness Quotes Related To God

If you are religious, then you might have a forgiving nature as there are many lessons from holy books which teaches it. Like, God has forgiven for our sins, we also need to forgive others and live peacefully.

Words Can Be Forgiven But Not Forgotten

While talking and joking around with our friends, we may say something so wrong that they may never forget for the rest of their life. So, we need to remember that they may forgive us, but they will never forget.

Forgiveness Isn’t Just An Apology

A verbal apology can do nothing until you forgive from the inner heart. An excuse can be given even without interest it is of no value.

Forgiveness Heals You

A person is a sufferer until s/he forgives. After they forgive their suffering fades away. It is, not a thing to forget but to clear the obstructions.

Relationship Forgiveness Quotes

Closed ones are always close to your soul. So to continue the same bond they should forgive. To forgive is to wish well of other even if you are hurt.

Forgiveness Helps You Grow

As we all know anger produce no advantage, we must understand that forgiveness helps to develop your potentiality. Your actual capability increases when you learn to forgive.

Let It Go, But Don’t Forget

Let’s forgive people and get rid of a burden you are carrying in your back. Forgiveness doesn’t say that you should start the same relationship as before instead you may forgive and ignore them.

 Anger Hurts, Forgiveness Heals

Sometimes people don’t realise they are hurting themselves. One such instance is not forgiving other people. You depress yourself in a darker area unless you forgive.

Move On

If you love yourself, then forgive and move on. Forgiving people creates a brighter path in front of you to ease you to walk. So, if you truly love yourself, then forget whatever happened, learn from those mistakes and move on with your new life.

Everything Happens For A Reason

 Everybody makes mistakes in his/her life, and each error leaves a valuable lesson.  These lessons make you stronger and more confident than that you are. So, instead of regret, take it as a new lesson in your life for your better tomorrow.

Forgiveness Comes With Peace

When someone does something wrong, then excusing can pursue to improve them rather than giving punishment. In the same way, you need not forgive others because they deserve it instead you want peace with your life.

Forgive Yourself

Sometimes people regret the terrible things that they did to other people. But this habit makes you miserable instead ask for an apology and forgive yourself. If you are courageous enough to ask sorry, then they will eventually forgive you. Even if they don’t your burden becomes lighter.

Forgiveness Is Love

These forgiveness quotes show the healing power of forgiving nature. Indeed, if you love somebody, then you should also be ready to forgive. So, don’t take your love for granted and forgive each other when you make mistakes.

Bible Forgiveness Quotes

As the Holy Bible says, Jesus is of forgiving nature and never gets tired of forgiving. In the same way, we as a human being need to follow his ideas and forgive each other. We should not be selfish and ask for forgiveness with Jesus all the time but never forgive other people.

Forgiveness Quotes From Buddhism



Lord Buddha was a peace-loving sage seeking to get rid of suffering, hatred among human beings which led him to find Buddhism. Buddhism teaches us to be of a forgiving nature. Thus, if you genuinely want to live a fruitful and satisfying lifestyle, then you should follow path and lessons taught by Buddha.

Apologize, Forgive, Forget

This quote tells that if you are the first to apologise, then you are the bravest. Similarly, first, one to forgive is most robust, and the first one to forget is happiest. So, to be satisfied you need to forget something terrible happening in your life and move on.

Famous Quotes About Forgiveness

These quotes depict the harsh reality of our society. Indeed, people say that forgiveness is a lovely idea until it’s their time to forgive. Similarly, if the mistaker dares to admit his fault, then it is easy for forgiving people.

Forgive Others Because You Deserve Peace

In most of the cases, we need to forgive others not because they are right and they will never repeat that mistake, instead, we want our soul to be in peace. Thus, forgive others even if you don’t want because you deserve happiness and peace.

Weak People Can Never Forgive

Weak people never forgive and trust other people. They think that if I forgive, then they will repeat that. Hence, it is correct to say that forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

Your Forgiveness Annoys Enemies

If someones slap you in the right face, then show them left face to slap. This attitude annoys them and makes themselves regret. Similarly, forgiving nature also annoys the wrongdoer, and they will never repeat the same mistake ever again.

Forgiveness Enlarges The Future

Yeah, forgiving people doesn’t undo the things that happened in the past, but it reshapes the future by teaching us a lesson. Therefore, for a brighter future,  you need to change your habits and seek attributes that work best for you.

Grand Path About Forgiveness


One takehome knowledge from this article is this picture. You need to print a copy and stick on your walls so that you can see it every day. This picture is summary of everything that we can know about forgiveness.

Forgive And Love Everything For Happiness

It may sound counterintuitive, but it’s true that forgiveness brings happiness in human beings. When you forgive someone, then you will feel the sense of relief in your mind. Thus, to remain happy and love others, you need to develop a forgiving attribute.

Darkness Can’t Drive Out Darkness

Darkness can’t solve the problem of darkness rather light is needed. In the same way, hate can’t drive out hate; love does eradicate it. So, to truly love someone, we need empathy and forgiveness.

Hope For Better Tomorrow

It is always better to be optimistic about your future no matter what. Don’t let others mistake hamper your future. If they did something wrong, then forgive and move on else if you did wrong, apologize and move on.

Be Kind

You are sweet, and you have a bright future. Don’t let the world decide your fate and make you hard on yourself. Be kind and don’t let bitterness take away your sweetness.

Have Courage To Admit Mistakes

This quote by Bruce Lee suggests us to forgive mistakes if they admit the mistake they did. In his way, you will give that person another chance to improve his mistakes.

Correcting Mistakes Defines Us

We can never be sure of our actions and circumstances. Due to this sometimes we commit mistakes unintentionally, but that doesn’t mean we are guilty. So, we need to try to correct errors by apologizing and being sorry.

Your Life Story Has Several Chapters

Like that of books, our life also has many chapters. One paragraph of a text doesn’t mean the whole book is rubbish. Likewise, one mistake in life doesn’t say our life is over.

Forgiveness Helps You Grow

These famous inspirational forgiveness quotes suggest us to learn to forgive to develop and grow our personality. Not forgiving is like you breaking the bridges that yourself need to pass.

Not Forgiving Nature Costs You Freedom

One thing that is lucid until now is that forgiveness sets you free from tension and makes you peaceful. Forgiving people can seem like hurting their ego to some people, but they are losing freedom for their pride.

God Forgive Those Who Forgive Others

God is divine as s/he forgives people and encourages this behaviour to his/her disciple. If you are religious, then you must have begged in front of God to forgive you. Likewise, you also need to forgive others as you expect from a god.

Forgiveness Is The Best Gift

As the quote says, forgiveness is the best gift you can give yourself as it frees you from your past experiences and relationships. It also encourages you to live in the present time.

Don’t Expect, Don’t Worry

It is common for people to expect that forgiveness gives person immunity to commit more mistakes. That is completely not true. You don’t need to have expectations from wrongdoers and live your life without worrying about them.

Forgiveness Doesn’t Mean Event Didn’t Happen

Forgiving doesn’t necessarily mean forgetting whatever mistake happened instead it is acknowledging that mistake and trying not making the same mistake ever again. It is about hoping that our forgiveness will help us move forward with fewer worries.

Forgiveness Quotes From American Actor

According to the actor Lee Tergesen, we try to go back to something we lost touch of and find forgiveness. These things happen for every one of our lives, and we need not worry about them.

Forgive Each Other

You are surely lying if you say that you haven’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Thus, as we have become a victim and also have done the same to others, we need to forgive each other. Hence, we need to develop habits of forgiving each other and teach our children such lessons from their childhood.

Forgiveness Is Love

Love and forgiveness are like two sides of the same coin as one doesn’t exist without other. We can’t love if we can’t forgive their misdeeds and it is harder to forgive if we don’t like them.

Cool Quotes About Life

These quotes inspire us to live our life to the fullest. The first quote tells us to live our lives in such a way that we don’t need to worry about regret. Similarly, the second quote says that loneliness and rejection hurt so we need to love each other by forgiving and understanding.

Humans Make Mistakes

Judging people quickly by their mistakes is terrible. Sometimes, we make mistakes and bad choices which doesn’t imply we as cruel. Thus, we need to understand and think from their perspective to fully understand the situation.

Ask For Forgiveness

We commit mistakes but are afraid of apologizing thinking that they will befriend us. Such a mentality doesn’t solve any problems. So, whenever we make mistakes, we need to have the guts to ask for forgiveness. If they forgive, then it solves a problem and even if they don’t forgive they will suffer themselves later on.

Motivational Forgiveness Quotes

We don’t have to send hearts and gifts for the person who hurts our feelings, but we can forgive him. It makes our heart light and helps us fly higher, i.e. achieve more in life. Such inspirational quotes help us to achieve success in our life.

Forgiveness Quotes From J.K. Rowling

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, then you might have probably heard this quote. This quote says that it is easier to forgive others for being wrong.

Forgiveness Boosts Humanity

Humanity is all about helping humans in need. Forgiveness helps humanity to grow as it helps us see ones’ self.

Forgiveness Lightens Scars

Time heals the wound, but it is forgiveness that lightens the scars. New changes are often scary for people but that is life, and they have to deal with it eventually. So, forgive and start a new chapter in your life.

Forgiveness Quotes About Family

No matter how angry we are with our family, one thing we can’t do is lose them. Thus, we have to develop a forgiving nature. So, for family, we every day we love and forgive.

Set Yourself Free

You are like a prisoner of your feelings when you carry a grudge in your head. Such feelings never do good, so we should be strong enough to forgive and set ourselves free.

Circumstances Change, You Shouldn’t

It happens many times doing something precisely one day ago and today may not yield the same results. Such things in our life are the victim of circumstances. So, we need to accept this fact in our life.

Plan To Forget And Forgive

Though this is not easy, you need to plan to forget and forgive for your internal peace of mind. Forgiving others and yourself will heal your wounds and make you happy.

Forgiveness Quotes Related To Jesus

These forgiveness quotes along with previous ones emphasize the importance of forgiveness. Among other standards like truth, humility, service; forgiveness is also god’s standard for success.

Start A New Beginning

Sometimes we are fade up with our lives and want to start a whole new life. So, by forgiving yourself and forgetting all the wrong things that have happened in your life, you can start a new life.

Genuine Happiness

We as a human being should try to make yourself and others happy. For achieving this, we need to have spiritual qualities like compassion, love and a sense of forgiveness. Similarly, We need to remember that no matter how difficult a situation we are in, happiness is possible.

Relationships Related Forgiveness Quotes

To have a perfect relationship with someone, you need to possess the forgiving characteristics. As a relationship gets stronger on understanding each other, we need to forgive people and welcome in our lives.

Look At Yourself

We generally are ahead when we want to be sorry. But when it comes to forgiving others, we think as if we never make mistakes. Thus, such a habit is wrong and leads to a bad relationship. Owing to that, we need to forgive others for asking for forgiveness.

Don’t Blame Others

Regretting the decision of trusting a wrong person is terrible. If somebody did terrible to you, then he is not only responsible for making it miserable. You also play an equal part in it. Thus, it is your work to change fear into faith, hate into love and resentment into forgiveness. By following these principles, you will eventually turn your life into something meaningful.

Relieve Yourself From Misery

When you are hurt, it is common to feel that forgiving is like a reward to your enemies. But in reality, it is a gift from one undeserving to another. Thus, if you don’t want to be a victim, then you need to learn to forgive.

Don’t Let Others Behaviour Destroy Your Heart

By now, you know that forgiveness is not about excusing their behaviour or accepting them. Instead, it is about letting it go and preventing such actions from making us unhappy. So, forgiveness is the best gift you can give it to yourself.

These were a lot of forgiveness quotes that will help in your future. By now, you know that like any other characteristics forgiveness is a need for growth and self-development. One thing you must understand from this post is that you are hurting yourself by not forgiving. Though some quotes contradict each other the core meaning of the quote is the same, and that is to forgive and move on.

To sum up, by reading this article you learned the power of forgiveness and its essence in a human being. Similarly, you also should ask for forgiveness and keep your good relationship with your kits and kins. You are now ready to rock this world with your wit and your ideas. Forgive others and remain happy. Have a great day ahead.

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