Fredo Santana Net Worth, Songs, Snapchat, IG (Information)

How much is the rapper Fredo Santana worth?

Derrick Coleman is an American rapper known mostly by his stage name- Fredo Santana. Right from his debut album- Trappin Ain’t Dead, he has successfully made an impact in the hip-hop scene.

Also being the cousin of another rapper- Chief Keef, he has been in the hip-hop arena since the year 2013.

Assembling all of his assets and bank balance, the rapper seems to have made it big as his current net worth value is of $3 Million.


Early Life

Fredo Santana was born on July 4, 1990, in Chicago, Illinois, US. He was originally named Derrick Coleman, but he later changed it to his current stage name- Fredo Santana.


No solid details on when and from where he graduated is shared to the public.

Early Career

Santana being the older cousin of the rapper- Chief Keef was involved in the hip-hop scene since a young age. His mixtapes dealing with hustling and trap music became his medium to enter the music industry. He debuted with his first mixtape- It’s A Scary Site which was produced by Mike WiLL Made It and 808 Mafia. The album features other artists like- Lil Herb, Lil Bibby, Lil Dunk, Young Chop, 12 Hunna, Leek E Leek, J-Hill as well as King L.

Soon after releasing his first mixtape, he released his second album- Fredo Kruger on February 28, 2013. However, it was only available for retail sale through iTunes since May 7, 2013.


After the release of his two mixtapes, he finally debuted with his first studio album- Trappin Ain’t Dead on November 20, 2013. The album also featured other famous artists like- Kendrick Lamar, Chief Keef, PeeWee Longway as well as the members of the Glory Boyz Entertainment. The album met with success winning the hearts of millions.

Right after the success of his debut album, he released his mixtape- It was a Scary Site 2 in 2013. A year later, he released the mixtape- Walking Legend. Becoming more popular each year, he released two more mixtapes including- Ain’t No Money Like Trap Money, and Fredo Mafia. His most recent work- Plugged In was released in 2017.

Along with his mixtapes, he has also released singles. Along with the artists Young Scooter, and Kendrick Lamar he released- I Need More, Bird talk, Jealous and It’s Only Right.

Personal Life

Name Derrick Coleman
Date of birth July 4, 1990
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois, US
Ethnicity Black
Height 5’9.”
Weight 62 kg
Profession Rapper
Married  N/A
Nationality American
Father’s name N/A
Mother’s name N/A
Birth sign Cancer
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $3 Million
Siblings N/A

Dating and Lovelife

Being a celebrity, he has no difficulty when it comes to finding a suitable partner. However, it seems that he is yet to find the perfect partner and is not currently involved with anyone.

Although no confirmations are made regarding this, the public media has not found him linked with anyone just yet.

Social Reach

The American rap artist is popular, especially among the hip-hop fan members. With his trap music, he has gathered an enormous amount of fan base. His current Instagram account hails an impressive 1.3 million fans, and his Twitter is followed by over 500 thousand fans.



Net Worth

A brilliant rapper Fredo Santana has managed to garner the net worth value of around $3 Million until now. Earning from his works as well as sponsors and brand endorsements, he has made it to the list of rich rappers in the hip-hop scene.

2012 $1.7 Million
2013 $2.6 Million
2014 $3 Million
2015 $2.8 Million
2016 $3 Million

Rumors and Controversy

Santana is not involved in any major controversies till date. However, he has been on the highlight of the public eye because of his controversial posts on the internet.

After the alleged shooting of Mike Brown by an authority figure, he had posted his thought on the subject which to the media became a controversial topic. Through his Instagram, he posted the memes that related to the event. He showed his disapproval of the decision made by the jury. Later he even posted the lyric of the 2Pac Shakur song- Changes which goes- “Cops give a damn about a negro, Pull the trigger, kills a nigga, he’s a hero.”

Recently, when the picture of the President Obama’s daughter Malia Obama smoking weed surfaced the internet, he again took to Twitter and Instagram to have his say. Making fun of the matter that it was no big deal, he along with Lil’ Diddy asked the internet to leave the girl alone. “Man Leave her Alone! Everybody smoke weed, if that was my daughter and I was the President, she would be able to do whatever she wants. Y’all trippin” he wrote in his Instagram post.

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