90 Best Funny Quotes Which Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Quotes are a combination of words that form one or more sentences to convey specific messages. Unlike ordinary sentences, quotes have some hidden meaning or different signals. Generally, when saying about quotes, we tend to think about motivational quotes, but that’s not always true. There are also some quotes for conveying a message in a fun way called funny quotes.

That’s enough background information, now let’s dive into the 90 funny quotes that will make you laugh, cry and inspire.

Life Is A Test


This quote relates to almost every human being. We see, hear and experience many stressful situations that we have no idea what they are. Such uncertainty in life is what makes us different from robots and is the reason for which we exist.

Wine Is The Answer For Every Question

Ever been in a bar asked question to your question there. If you are like most people, you might have got weird answers that are so unrelatable. So, when you are drunk, wine is the answer to every question.

People Are Stupid

funny quotes

Whether you like to admit or not, you have done some stupid things in your life. Here, in this funny quote, it says that the only thing present in the human mind is stupidity.

Normal Life Is Boring

Being normal is not our nature, so it gets boring pretty fast. Then we go back to be yourself, the free version of you. Indeed, life is boring if we live a routine life.

Lazy People

We people are so lazy that we want everything in our doorstep. This funny quote illustrates the life of many people. If we don’t move a little bit, then others might think that we are dead. So, it forces us to move else we barely would move. This quote is just a funny quote that might not apply to all so take it lightly.

Sit Anywhere You Want

After a few minutes of walk, we, especially lazy people, like to rest. In doing so, we sit anywhere we want without having a second thought. Can a quote get even funnier than this?

Fart In Front of Backtalkers

Haha, this funny quote makes you laugh no matter how many times you listen or read it. So, if you are talking behind my back, then get ready to smell the odor of my fart.

Wish That Never Gets Fulfill

It would be great if anyone had the wisdom of 90 years old, a body of 20 years past, and the energy of 3 years old. But no one can have it. That’s why it’s so funny.

Don’t Give Up Dream, Keep Sleeping

If this were a motivational quote, then it would be never to keep working. As it is a funny quote, you should keep sleeping to get dreams.

Look At Left

This funny quote addresses the curiosity of us to do what it is not instructed to do. We will hardly find anyone not looking at right. Isn’t it fun? This quote addresses and helps us study the human behavior and psychology.

Cheese And Shit Like That

We are lazy and have different styles of remembering things. Here, in the grocery shopping list cheese and that person recognizes shit like that but not by any other. Many people tend to write in a shortcut.

Are You A Leader At Dark?

We all are afraid of the dark. No matter how high you think of yourself, you will always be scared to lead in the night, which is the harsh reality of most of the people.

Never Argue With Stupid

Unlike other quotes from Mark Twain, this is a funny quote. Here he suggests us not to talk to stupid people as they will drag to their label and win with their experience.

Do What You Don’t Like

So you are ready to be healthy, then give up everything you love. Indeed, it is bitter truth for must of us. We are limited to things we don’t to maintain our health.

Alarm Is Your Enemy

An alarm is an enemy for must of us as it doesn’t let us sleep in the morning. It is also the essential thing that we hate. But one shouldn’t forget it’s importance.

Women After Great Man

This quote is just a funny quote criticising the women who go after the rich men. Though, all women might not be like that.

About Weirdo

Weirdos are the people that will do anything in their power to help their friends. They can be easily convinced and are helpful, so one should not let them go.

Another Cupcake Joke

Cupcakes are so delicious that we can’t be sad while having it. If you are feeling sad, grab a cake, and all your worries will disappear.

Reading Addiction

Though most people are not addicted to reading, they tend not to leave whatever they are reading until the chapter finishes.

Answer For A Stupid Question

Answers to the stupid question are sarcastic if you have a humorous friend. If you don’t want such answers, never ask ridiculous questions.

Only After Laughing

If you are like most people, then you tend to laugh at others’ pain of falling into the mud. So, you pick the falling friend after you finish laughing.

Not Dirty Mind

Who doesn’t have a dirty mind right? Almost everyone. Here in this funny quote, it says he doesn’t have a dirty mind rather sexy imagination.

Be Like A Postage Stamp

Postage stamps are not required after the letter reaches the home. Be like it, don’t get involved in any situations be a friend in a path.

Don’t Repeat the Same Mistake

This quote never gets old as it reflects our human mind. We are told not to repeat mistakes, but we make that mistakes many times.

Talk Less

No one wants to hear the rubbish talk. People can’t directly avoid the person, but their expression makes it clear. Thus, don’t make other people listen to your jargons as no one is interested in what you have to say.

Don’t Oversleep

Every time someone tries to overtake the world, they oversleep. So, next time you want to do that turn on your alarm. Here, the author oversleeps time and again, so we are not under his control.

Daily Motivation

Like bathing, one day doesn’t make you fresh every day, neither does motivation. So read to the motivational quotes daily.

Award For Laziness

Like other funny quotes, this quote also depicts the real life of lazy people. One would send others to pick the award if he got one. Indeed there are people lazy like this.

About Skirt

Women’s skirt and speech both should be long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest for the audience.

Single Life Rocks

Don’t worry if you don’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend because you are a superhero. These are some funny quotes to make single people feel good.

Great Power, Great Bill

If you have energy consuming electric appliances, then this quote makes sense to you. So, I suggest limiting your power to a few watts.

About Time

These funny quotes are self-explanatory. Next time, that police will never forget to ask a.m or p.m. The second quote tells us that time flies much faster in bed whereas it remains constant at work.

Just Not Messy

If you want to be fit, then you should never clean your room. Messy rooms make you fit and fine. This quote is just a joke, don’t take it as an excuse.

Referencing Movies

If you have watched Peter Pan, then you might be laughing out loud. Yeah, it’s funny if you get it.

Quotes About Girl

He wants to change girls surname, address, and her view. What else is there to change? Haha. But you will never get the girl who can change her opinion for you. Good luck with searching her.

Only Five Days

These funny quotes represent the life of workers. They find it very difficult to do the work, so all five days are hard. May God forgive lazy people.

Pizza Versus Slim Body

Everyone wants to eat food at the same time remain slim. This process contradicts one another and difficult to find a right balance, hence making it a perfect funny quote.

 Quotes About Brain

This situation has occurred to almost every student taking an exam or when falling in love. Our brain is mysterious and awesome.

Ducking It To Others

Life throws terrible things most of the time. We want to throw that to other beings. So, it is a tweaked version of the quote, whatever life throws at you accept it.

About Friend

Friends know everything about us including our misdeeds. For strangers, one can be quite, but an only best friend has handled his stupidity, so he knows his insanity.

American Presidents

In America, anyone can become a president. It’s a satire response to the saying anyone can become anybody they want if they have enough desire.

Dirty Mind

If someone has a dirty mind and you are communicating with him, then you also have a dirty mind. You are listening and imagining the naked situations. So, you are no different.

Backward Life

Everyone thinks their life is not going the way they plan. Here, he wakes up, gets tired without doing anything and again sleeps.

Empty Christmas Present

These are the funny quotes for parents. This quote teaches the parent to punish their children by setting empty gifts on fire. The present does not need to destroy, and the child gets punishment.

Not Singing, Performing

We all have a habit of singing in the car. But most of our voice is so weird that we are performing comedy rather than singing.

Fucket List

Fucket list is the opposite of things that you don’t want to do before you die. We lazy human beings nowadays don’t want bucket list instead fucket list.

Regarding Marriage Advice

One thing that worries most people is other people finishing their food. So, marry someone who has different cereal choices than yours to avoid conflict. Similarly, even if don’t make any mistakes, feel sorry to keep your marriage alive.

Just Joking

These funny quotes describe the condition of joking people and shy ones. People never believe whatever the person says and think that he is kidding. Next quote suggests hiding awesomeness for not intimidating others.

Homework Reward

It is difficult for most of the students to do their homework especially due to social media. If they take their book out,  then they will surf the internet for hours.

Be Unique

We need our life to make it unique with experiences. Perfection is just a myth, and we can’t be perfect. So, you should try to be unique and appreciate what you already have.

Silent M

So, blindly following masses can be dangerous for the most of the time. Realize you will be supporting when m is missing from masses.

Unsupervised Me

We are troublemakers by birth. When we are left unsupervised, then we do stupid things knowing that it is not good. Thus, moms supervise your children and save humanity.

About Brain

These funny quotes about the brain can never get more entertaining than that. Here, it says everyone doesn’t have a mind and who need it the most never use it.

Correcting Autocorrect

If you have used autocorrect feature on your phone, then you are smiling if not laughing out loud. Indeed, autocorrect needs correction.

About Being Late

Being on time is not our style. We hate to punctuate because we enjoy that time doing things other than that. So, I was enjoying the moment of not being there.

Deja Poo not Vu

Here, the author of the quote tries to make fun of the buzzword deja vu. Deja vu is the feeling that one gets of remembering things that he has not been.

Dancing With Ringtone Music

We get excited by the ringtone and dance immediately when we listen to it. While dancing we forget it was a phone call.

Mixed Feelings Or Drinks?

When we are drunk, it is common to mismatch words as our conscious is null. It needs to be mixed feelings about drinks. Hence, tweaks in the original quote make it fun.

Funny Quotes About Mirror

The mirror shows the person who you are. So, this can be scary sometimes as we are not satisfied with our look. The solution to this problem is Instagram filters which makes us attractive no matter what. Similarly, the second quote is sarcasm about not being a mirror for others face.

The Perfect Man

The perfect man is a myth as we humans have so many imperfections. Thus, the ideal man is a fictional character that exists only in books and movies.

About Eating A Lot

One thing we all love doing is eat a lot. We waste most of the time about thinking what to eat next. These funny quotes perfectly match the sentiment of most of the people.

Water Bottle In Pringle Holder

This quote is another classic joke of calling some other people stupid for not following the way other people do things.

Crispy Noise

We tend to stretch our body once in a while. While doing so, our body makes a cracking sound like a crispy. Thus, the author tells himself that he is crispy, not old.

Seeing Things Differently

It is difficult for us to change our view and see things differently. These funny quotes address that same problem. The second quote, says one should replace only once as there is no need for second time.

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About Falling People

These quotes can’t get funnier than this. It is true that we worry if our phone falls but laugh if our friends drop. Similarly, we have lame excuses like the second quote about falling.

Happiness Related Funny Quotes

These funny quotes tell us that happiness is about not getting up early. But the second quote is real as it says if we are happy about something, don’t let others take that happiness.

Call Back

A situation like this has happened to most of us if not all. We get calls from our friends, and after three seconds we reply but get no answer. How far can one go in just three seconds? One must research this topic.

About Girls

If you had a chance to have girlfriends, then you will know that is very difficult to forget them. But one can hardly remember what he read last night before the exam. He wishes that it was easy to forget girls like that of notes.

Smile When You Have Teeth

Indeed, our life is very short. We need to enjoy every day of our life. We can’t smile if we have don’t have energy and teeth. Once our teeth fall apart, our life will be old, and we will not have much to celebrate this beautiful life.

Don’t Read Next Line

I know you read the next sentence. We don’t like people to tell us what to do and what not to do. We are curious human being and want to know what is in the next line and why is author saying not to look at it. Thus, we eventually read the next line.

For Your Stupid Friend

Some of our friends are so special that we want to tease them all the time. For such friends, these quotes can be handy tease them. In the first quote, it says you are not insulting his friend instead of describing him. Yeah, there are some people whose identity is of abusing nature. The second quote is about comparing friend with his last haircut.

Confused Evil Forces

This quote is a funny way of wising your friend good luck. Here evil forces represent sorrows and miseries and house represents life. Hence, it is the sweetest thing one can wish for other people.

High- Five In The Face

High-five is a greet that you perform when you meet a friend. But there are some stupid friends, who need high five from a chair meaning punishment. Thus, to joke with your friend you can give high five with a chair in the face. But be cautious while doing so.

Mature And Laugh

Mature people are not just old age but are responsible and serious about their life. But some people are so immature that they laugh even for most tin reasons like opening ketchup bottle. They think that sound made while opening a bottle is just like farting. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have such funny people around us all the time?

 About Sex

These quotes are not safe for work but who can resist reading such quotes once in a while. If you are a grammar wizard, then the first quote needs no explanation. For those, who didn’t get it, read twice by searching ‘then’ vs. ‘than’. Similarly, the second quote is the classic pickup lines for boys to tell girls to have sex.

Not Like Baby But Sleep Like Husband

That quote is favorite among womens criticising the way their husband sleeps. There are coffee mugs with this quote printed on it.

Please Don’t Reply While I’m Texting

We all have been in this situation. After writing a few words when we try to send that message, we get reply unrelated to that. So, we need to change the whole text make sense. Thus, reply after I send you the response, not in the middle.

Wow, those were funny quotes that I’ve ever heard. I hope you enjoyed reading these quotes as much as I did writing and describing them. Some of these quotes are quite serious and offensive but take these lightly as they are only for entertainment. Similarly, now you have a fresh mind to do your usual work. Have a great day.


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