Green Day: Net Worth, Song, Album (Biopic)


The greatest punk rock band in American history, ‘Sweet Children’ was formed in 1988. It later changed to ‘Green Day’ in 1989. The group constitutes of mainly three members, Billie Joe Armstrong as lead vocalist and guitarist, Mike Dirnt as bassist and Tre Cool as a drummer.

Green Day has managed to sell more than 85 million records worldwide. The band owned five Grammy awards and was ranked no. 91 in ‘100 Greatest Artist of All Time’ listed by VH1.

Green Day



Green Day is an American punk rock band consisting of Billie Joe Armstrong, Tré Cool, and Mike Dirnt.

At the age of 12, Tre Cool joined the band The Lookouts and began performing at the California punk club 924 Gilman Street.  Armstrong and Dirnt at the age of  16 years formed Sweet Children. Armstrong took on lead vocals and guitar, Mike Dirnt, on bass and backing vocals, and  Al Sobrante, on drums.

By 1989, the band had changed their name from Sweet Children to ‘Green Day.’ That year, the band independently released their first EP, 1,000 Hours. It received positive remarks in the punk scene. Soon after that, the band signed a contract with the Lookout! Records. After the release of their first album 39/Smooth, the group replaced Al Sobrante with Tre Cool.



During  1991 the band toured and played locally, building up a large following. They also wrote and recorded their second album, ‘Kerplunk!’, released on Lookout Records in January of 1992.

Throughout the year, they toured Europe and had sold 55,000 copies of their first album by 1993.

They released their major label debut, ‘Dookie’ in 1994 that became a major hit. Following the momentum, their second single ‘Basket Case’ rested on top of the American Modern Rock Charts for five weeks. By 1995, Dookie had sold over 11 million copies worldwide.

After their consecutive hits like Dookie, Insomniac(1995), they launched a new album ‘Nimrod’ which is considered as the best album of their career.

In 2004 September, Green Day released an album which voices against the American government and the media called ‘American Idiot.’ It was their first record to debut at #1 on the Billboard Charts. Another single following American Idiot called ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’  was released which experienced huge success worldwide.

On May 15, 2009, Green Day released a new album, ’21st Century Breakdown’ which was their best chart performance to date. The album reached the peak in 14 nations.

In 2012, Green Day announced a trilogy of albums titled ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!  ¡Tré!. They released it on September 21,  November 9  and December 7 respectively, of the same year.

Green Day released the first single from their 12th studio album ‘Revolution Radio’ called  ‘Bang Bang’ on August 11, 2016. On November  12, 2016, they released another single, ‘Revolution Radio.’ The song is  Number 1 on Billboard’s Rock Airplay Chart and also on the Alternative Songs Chart. The three songs have topped the charts.



Green Day’s sound is believed to be the derivative of the original punk rock bands like Sex Pistols, Ramones, and The Clash. However, Green Day is labeled as punk rock, alternative rock, and pop punk. Noel Gallagher had once criticized the witty claim done by the band that their ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ had crushed his song ‘Wonderwall.’  Green Day are often described as ‘punk revivalists.’



Friends Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt formed a band called ‘Sweet Children’ in 1986. Later, in 1988, Tre Cool started performing as a temporary drummer and finally became permanent, replacing former drummer John Kiffmeyer.  Billie Joe is the lead vocalist and guitarist while Mike Dirnt provides the bass and back vocals in the band.


Won       Won

1995 GREEN DAY Favourite Alternate Artist  (AMA) Nominated
1995 DOOKIE Best Alternative Music Performance (Grammy Awards)
2005 AMERICAN IDIOT Album of the Year (BMA) Nominated
2005 GREEN DAY Album Group of the Year (BMA)        Won
2005 GREEN DAY Pop Group of the Year (BMA)        Won
2005 AMERICAN IDIOT Favourite Pop/Rock Album (AMA)        Won
2005 AMERICAN IDIOT Best Rock Album (Grammy Awards)        Won
2006 AMERICAN IDIOT Best International Album (BRIT Awards)        Won
2006 BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS Record of the Year (Grammy Awards)        Won
2009 GREEN DAY Favourite Alternative Rock Artist (AMA)        Won
2010 21st CENTURY BREAKDOWN Best Rock Album (Grammy Awards)



Green Day

Band members of Green Day play with their Grammy trophy. –– PHOTO CREDIT: Bryan Chan/Los Angeles Times


The band has a total of 4.56 million followers on Twitter,  more than 1.3 million followers on its official Instagram page and about 31.6 million like on the Facebook page.

Twitter:       @GreenDay

Instagram:   greenday





As a band, Green Day has a net worth of around $150 million. It includes the personal net worth of three band members, Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt who have garnered  $55 million, $45 million and $50 million respectively. However, it excludes  Jason White who serves as a lead guitarist and back vocalist only at the musical tours.

GREEN DAY Earning According to Years:

    Year                    Amount


                $7, 441, 146
2014-2015                 $6, 470, 588


2013-2014                 $5, 626, 598


2012-2013                  $4, 313, 725


2011-2012                  $3, 497, 615



The band often gets on controversy, questioned about if the band’s musical style represents ‘true punk.’ John Lydon, a former member of the 1970’s punk band Sex Pistols, had also criticized the band for its un-punk appearance. Later Armstrong made a  statement about their group status saying, ‘You can take us out of a punk rock environment, but you can’t take the punk rock out of us.’

In 1994, Green Day had a mud fight with the audience in a Woodstock concert, which led Dirnt to lose one of his front teeth.

In 2012 iHeartRadio music festival, Green Day members stopped their performance and ripped off the stage because their performance time was shortened.

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