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Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Guy Maddin is a film director, screenwriter, cinematographer, editor, and producer from Canada. With his unique filmmaking style that recreates the form and look of silent film era, Guy Maddin is one of the most celebrated film artists in the contemporary scene. In addition to making films, Guy has also written three books and created a host of installation projects for video art.

Guy Maddin’s Early Life

Guy Maddin was born on the 28th of February, 1956, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. His father was Charles “Chas” Maddin who worked as a grain clerk and general manager of a Winnipeg hockey team, the Maroons and his mother was Herdis Maddin, a hairdresser. Guy is the youngest child in the family with three older siblings, Ross, Cameron, and Janet. Guy had a difficult childhood due to the deaths of his brother Cameron in 1963 his father in 1977.


Guy went to a local school Greenway Elementary when he was a kid. He changed few other schools by the time he graduated from high school. He went to General Wolfe School and Daniel McIntyire Collegiate Institute grades. Guy wanted to pursue his study on Economics. So, he joined the University of Winnipeg for his further education. By the time he graduated in 1977, he still had not thought of being a filmmaker. However, he liked and enjoyed watching films.

Early Career

In the time period between graduating from the university and becoming a filmmaker, Guy did a lot of odd jobs including house painter, bank manager, and photo archivist. At the same time, he started studying film at the University of Manitoba. Film professor Stephen Snyder had a great influence Guy’s life and his decision of becoming a filmmaker. Guy became a member of the Winnipeg Film Group which played a huge role in shaping him as a filmmaker in his formative years. He debuted as a filmmaker at the age of 22 with his first short film The Dead Father. The film came in 1985. After that, he went on making numerous short films and several feature films throughout his career.

Guy Maddin’s Career

Guy has directed more than 50 short films, feature films, and short documentaries. He works as a cinematographer in most of his projects. He also edits his films. Guy said that he prefers writing his films by himself because this provides his greater control and flexibility over the project. Guy is also a published author. He has written three books to date, out of which two are literary companions to the feature films he has made.

Career as a Director

Guy directed his first film in the year 1985. It was a short film titled The Dead Father which he also wrote and produced. Three years after that, in 1988, his first feature film released. The film was titled Tales from the Gimli Hospital which he also wrote. The film garnered a lot of praise for Guy as a filmmaker. From this film, Guy debuted as a cinematographer as well. He has worked on more than 50 projects as a director. Most of them are short films. He has directed only few feature films in his career as a director.

Guy’s films recreate the look and style of early sound and the silent era of cinema. He likes making complicated love stories with entangled plots. Some of his great works include 97 Percent True, Glorious, It’s My Mother’s Birthday Today, My Winnipeg, Odin’s Shield Maiden, Nude Caboose, Brand Upon the Brain!, and My Dad Is 100 Years Old. Guy’s latest work as a director was a feature film called Seances which released in 2016. He is not known to have been working on any projects.

Career as a Writer

Rather than making films on the scripts written by somebody else, Guy prefers writing his films by himself. He has written more than 30 of his films. Guy has been writing since his first short film.

Career as a Cinematographer

Since Guy is an auteur filmmaker, it makes sense for him to shoot his films by himself. He began shooting films since his first feature. He has shot more than 25 of his projects.

Career as an Editor

In addition to directing, writing, and shooting films, Guy is also a very good editor. He edited his first short film by himself. However, he does not edit all of his work and is pretty accepting of other editors to cut his films.

Guy Maddin’s Personal Information

Guy married Martha Jane Waugh in 1977. However, a year after their daughter Jilian was born, the divorced in 1979. He married Elise Moore in 1995. However, the marriage did not last more than two years. Guy is currently married to Kim Morgan. They tied the knot in 2010.

Social Reach

Guy is not available on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media. However, he has an official website by his name where one can find information about him and his work.

Guy Maddin Net Worth

Guy’s total net worth has not been disclosed.

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