31 Stunning Hairstyles With Bangs You Will Fall In love With

Want to get yourself into the hottest new trend but not sure where to start from? Well, let us tell you that the hottest hair trend on the go currently is the simplistic bangs to go with your hair. If you want to change you daily outlook but love your locks too much to cut it all out, bangs are the solution for you. If you think a hairstyles with bangs is not a big deal, well, you are wrong. Just the simple and easiest way to start, you can see the immediate and effective difference it makes right after a simple haircut.

From the 80’s to 90’s it has always been a fashion trend and has not ever gone out of style. From short bangs to long wavy ones, you can custom your bangs to your liking. Experiment with colors and every style of hair, you can always go for the fringes. With a variety of options, we have 31 new hairstyles with bangs you can try and recreate to your choice and trust us; you will not regret it.

1. Side-Swept Fringe 

The beauty lies in simplicity, and the picture above is a perfect example. Just a simple side swept fringes accentuate the facial feature making her more noticeable and beautiful in just one go. No additional effort required and as effortless as it is, your haircut will be worth it.

2. Curly Hairstyles With Bangs

If you think bangs are only for that luscious straight hairs, boy are you wrong! Proving your thinking wrong, we have the perfect example of the curly bangs that I’m sure you will fall in love with. The long curly hair is perfectly materialized with the curly bangs making it the perfect go to hair for any day.

3. Long-Layered Bangs

For those of you who think that shorter bangs are not for you, here is another example of how versatile those fringes can be. Here you can see the layered fringes showing off the hint of layer and bangs subtly. Longer fringes acting like layers make the perfect combination if you are the one who loves to let your locks loose.

4. Frayed Fringes

Going for an all out short bangs? Here is one that you cannot deny looks beautiful. Inspired from Hollywood and the 70’s and 80’s, you can see how it beautifies your locks as it sits atop your face swept sideways. Add a bit of glam with huge loose curls, and you are Hollywood-ready! Inspired by Jennifer Lawrence herself, get the glam of Hollywood in you.

5. Simplistic Straight Hairstyles With Bangs

Well, bangs look gorgeous with any hair-do and any hair. The classic straight bangs are still on the go, and you can see the reason why. For the perfect example, you can see Taylor Swift rocking the straightened bangs on the red carpet and looking gorgeous as usual.

6. Grunge Avatar

For the girls who like it a bit rough, take a look at this grunge inspired look. Nothing shouts out more than the bangs she is rocking along with her fine long hair, loosely curled. Add the make-up of your choice, and you are set to rock out all day.

7. Ombre Fringes

With layers, why not start playing with color? Ombre being the It-trend right now, why not ombre your bangs as well. For example, you can look at this layered fringe perfectly colored and highlighted accentuating the ombre effect in her hair. Perfect for this season, try it out, and we’ll guarantee that you will not regret it.

8. Layered Curly Bangs

There is no denying that layering works perfectly even with the curliest of hair. Added the bangs, it perfectly defines the hair structure making your hair the best that you ever had. Even a permed hair looks equally defined and dazzling if you get the right layering and bangs.

9. Wavy Side Swept Fringes

Another look at how layering works best with fringes, take a look at this lengthy hair with waves defining the fringes at the top. Perfect and minimalistic it takes very little effort to work out this hairdo. Wear this anywhere and make a lasting impression of you in a less time.

10. Wavy Bangs

Straightened hair with the wavy bangs is also the perfect way to decrease almost ten years from your age. The bangs make you look younger and prettier and thus is the best way to accentuate your best features. The chestnut brown shade looks a tad prettier with this kind of hair-do, and you cannot deny it.

11. Legally Blonde

If you are a fan of blond shades, why not try and add to the feature and get a fringe to go with your shade of blonde. Although it looks good in any shades, can you even argue that it looks stunning with this blond shade right here?

12. Blonde Gone Wild

Another look at how the bangs look gorgeous in the blond shade, take a closer look. Whether straight or curled, the bangs go hand in hand while working with any hair-do possible. Taking years off the counter, the curls create a sexy and youthful look you will love.

13. Go, Tay Tay

You know you can never go wrong with bangs, for example, look at how Taylor Swift works with her fringes. The face-framing bangs go with any look classy or girlish, just make a choice, and you are set to go.

14. To the left

Platinum blonde with side-swept bangs, you know it all brings it down to this pretty look. With inspiration from celebrities, you know you can rock this hair on any event or occasions that you please.

15. Auburn Bangs

For those of you with those luscious auburn locks, you can see that the addition of those fringes makes a huge difference. The fringes not only takes away years off your face, but it is the perfect hairdo for those of you with elongated faces. Try it, and we will make sure, you will not go back.

16. Beach Waves Bangs

Whether or not you decide to try out a hairdo, just know that any hair-do looks even more stunning with the added feature of the fringes. Looking at the blonde beachy waves, you know that the fringes look super awesome combined with it!

17. Wavy Blowed Out Bangs

For those of you with layers in your hair, why not try making it into this awesome looking hair with minimal effort? Just a blow-dry away and your bangs and layers will be the absolute show-stopper at any place.

18. Edgy Uneven Bangs

Versatile as it is, you can also check out this uneven edgy bangs that Selena Gomez has recently been rocking. Matching the subtle color tone of her hair, the bangs compliments both her style and edginess to go with her personality.

19. Sexy Tamed Bangs

Once again, we are back with the beautiful combination of blonde curls and bangs. Inspired by the Hollywood itself, the hair not only makes you beautiful but you will be the show-stopper once and for all!

20. Face Framing Bangs

If you want something to go around your face to give it more depth, try out this face framing bangs. The symmetrical yet uneven edges give you the depth and volume to your hair as well as makes you look more subtly beautiful.

21. Funky Fun

If you are the one who is up for a more fun outlook, why not go for this look? The classic huge curls compliment the volumized bangs and create this wonderful hairdo perfect for any occasions. Add the missing funk to your daily life, get bangs!

22. Ombre Fun

Follow the trend and try out new looks every day, does it sound like you? If yes, then this hairstyle is the perfect definition of a perfection of today. Skip those horrible bad hair day and rock this ombre hair with bangs. Suitable for your everyday, make it yours, and you will never look back.

23. Highlighted Definition

To add more depth and definition, go for the bangs that are layered. To accentuate more volume, add highlights to the hair and make the image of a more healthy and volumized hair instantly.

24. Red Carpet Fringes

Inspired by the red carpet look, we love this hair with auburn tones with the lovely fringes atop her face. Simple yet ravenously stunning, this hair is the way to many people’s heart. Effortless and timeless, the long hair looks gorgeous with the bangs in front.

25. Simplistic Fringes

After looking at all the versatile fringes, take a look at a more simple one. The simple mid-length hair looks more pretty after the addition of the face-framing fringes. Add the blonde shade, and it looks even prettier. The simple and minimal effort, this hair-do is easy to do and very cost friendly as well.

26. Diva Curls

As we have already mentioned before, bangs make an effort to take the years off your face accentuating on your facial features, making you look more youthful. The example is set with this hairdo and its effect it has. Curled to perfection, you will be set even for the red carpet with this minimal effort hairdo in no time.

27. Classy Makeover

You are no stranger to the Kardashian and especially not to the style queen Kim Kardashian. Well, take a look at her looking beautiful rocking the mid-length bangs atop her straight black hair. The definition of class is defined by this look.

28. Long Lengthy Classy

Another look at the classy and elegant look we have fallen in love with, take a look at the lengthy locks with the hairstyles with bangs on top. Make it your go-to hair, and you don’t even have to bother with your hair updo every day. Just let it loose, and you are ready to rock the day.

Versatile as these were, you can still play along with different styles and colors. After all, your hair is your main accessory so go on and be creative. Shape it up to your choice and make an impression on everyone. With layers or without, bangs or fringes are a great way to make a different outlook with minimal efforts. It not only accentuates certain features of your face, but it also makes you look almost 10 years younger. For those of you with round faces, it helps create an illusion of a longer face structure and those of you with long elongated faces, it also makes it look in balance.

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