102 Best Hippie Quotes About Love, Peace, And Freedom

A hippie quote! Yes, you are here to read hippie quotes. Hippie quotes are fun to read because hippies were cool. Hippie lifestyle is dead now, but we still have those memories. Hippie culture is a youth movement that started in the 1960’s in America. It all started with resistance to Vietnam war in 1960-1970 and grew as a popular counterculture movement.

When I was in teens, I found out about hippies in movies, and I thought hippies are drug addicts promoting marijuana and other kinds of stuff, fighting with parents and leaving homes, getting laid with anyone, homeless persons, etc. But I was wrong. You might visualize saggy odd clothes, uncut beards, and mustache, braids or dreadlock haircuts with a cigarette on lips or between fingers when I say, hippie. If you think hippie movement means weed/marijuana, drugs, sex, AIDS, rock music, opposing government and kinds of stuff. Then you are entirely wrong. You just happened to know the dark side or criticisms of hippies like me when I first found about them. It is true that they opposed the government, but they were protesting against war and violence while governments were going to bomb innocent people

Hippie culture means finding yourself and freeing yourself from the inescapable clutches societies. They believed in peace and spirituality and pure mind.   Here I have posted some famous hippie quotes. I hope you guy will enjoy.

Rock And Roll Heart

hippie quotes

Childhood is a time when you do not care about anything. During childhood, our mind is so innocent that we do not care about anything. Therefore we rock and roll during childhood. I wish I could remember all those days because they were excellent.

You Should Be Happy

Yes being happy is all life all about. We have this one single life, a lot of people including me do not believe in reincarnation and multiple births and deaths things. So, you have to enjoy your life, and you have to happy.

You Can Shake The World

Every big thing in the world starts small.  Yes, you can shake the world with a gentle shake. If everyone like you a gentle shake then eventually it will produce a large force. Do you know hippies were against wars and violence? A hippie movement started with resistance to war.

Good Things Are Free

Is there any better thing than a cool breeze in a wildland and a lonely forest? I do not we can buy a cool breeze living in a bustling street in New York. You have to go to the hills and mountains to feel the breeze, to explore the beauty of nature. You have to go to the wild to get good things. In fact, those good things do not come to you and hippies have been followers of wild things.

Belong To The Wild

Have you ever thought that you had been bound by a job, relationships, family, government rules and regulations and stuff? Where are you free? When you go to a jungle or some lonely mountain then there no one to stop you from doing things you like. Forests and mountains are not only the places where you can be free, but any places away from your home away from cities are also wild. You can honestly feel yourself in the wild. Hippies have found freedom in the wild.

Strange Adventures

Are there any certainties in life? No there are not. Life is full of unexpected happenings, adventures which you have not planned.

Always Be Yourself

If you are good at something then never change your way of doing things. People will not like the way you are, and they will try to make you want them, but you should be like you are. Because you are great as are, you are now. Do not worry if some people do not like you as there are always people who love you.

Kill Nothing But Time

You do not know how long you will live. You do not know how long your soul is going to attach to your body.  We all have been racing towards our end. So why don’t you kill some time while your soul is hanging out here? That is a hippie quote, leave nothing but footprints to destroy nothing but time. Leave nothing but time means once you walk into wilderness don’t look back.

Free Yourself

There is a famous saying do not be a prisoner of your thoughts. Our thoughts are our most prominent prisoners or barriers. You should leave no one to enslave you not even yourself. First, you need to free yourself then only you can get free.

I Do Not Like Diamonds

I would love some diamonds around my neck, but I do not those diamonds to be bloodstained, mined using forced labor into dark mines. When I hear diamonds, I remember  Kanye West’s “Diamonds.” I’d rather have flowers around my neck because neither starve anyone nor kills anyone.

Green Herb Is The Solution

Call it to weed, call it cannabis or marijuana or ganja, after all, it is the same thing natural herb. I am not sure how good or lousy cannabis it but it is admired my a lot of people including influential Bob Marley. Hippie loves grass.

I Am Free

Do you think you can before free where you are? Jimi Hendrix doesn’t believe that you can be free remaining in one place because our society always objects to what we like to do. Therefore we have to keep running to be free.

All Religion’s Essence Is Same

There are so many faiths and religions that you can follow. All the religions essence or destination is the same. They all say that God is great, God created us and we should oblige to the religions, we should harm others, etc. But the faiths fail to explain why we should compel to them. One belief is fighting with other; they are killing people in the name of faith, yet their religions say harming others is sin and evil.  I think not religion is complete itself.

Don’t Let Others Destroy You

If your mind is in peace, do not let other disturb you. They might prove you or distract you from peace and progress; you should not let others actions impact you and your life.

Go Where You Want To Go

If you think that excellent day will come spontaneously in your life then, you are wrong. A freedom lover does what he likes to do. You should walk the road that leads you to your destination right now rather than waiting for someday will turn out good.

Don’t Look Down

Do you want to far and ahead then you should look in that direction? You should keep your sight fixed on the stars if you’re going to see a falling star and make a wish. At the same time, you should not forget to keep your feet on the ground that means you should not ignore your realities.

Hippie- Bong Is The Solution- Hippie Quote

If everybody were enjoying weed/ marijuana then would be no problem in the world. It is an iconic hippie quote which evolved during the 1960’s. Here bong means the state of highness after consumption of marijuana.

Beauty Is Not Everything

Rose is beautiful but sunflower is also beautiful, but it is not as impressive as a rose.

Well It Is Not Free

When I plan a vacation, I am always short of money. There are a lot of places I want to visit before I die but there is still one problem that prevents me from going anywhere. It’s a shame that I have not even been to many places in my own country. Well, if traveling were free, I would never return home because since my birth  I have been living in the same area after all.

What’s The Secret

What is the secret of happiness? Psychologists and human behavior scientists have been conducting researches over the year, what are secrets of happiness. It is crucial to realize that there is no single reason for joy, a homeless person would be happy to get a hundred bucks, but a rich kid would not be delighted. Henceforth, definition and secrecy of happiness differ from person to person, and it can only be achieved by a deep in details of your life.

Who Doesn’t Love Their Mother

Everyone loves their mother. Mother is the person who carries us moths into her womb and brings us into this world which you can explore.

Hippies Are Cool

When I get home from school both of my parents are hanging out with their phone and when it is time for dinner my mom doesn’t shout all the way but instead send me a text or ring my phone. Times have changed. In the table everyone includes me is struck by cellphone. We seem to have fewer conversations.

Sometimes I wonder what my life would life be if  I had no cell phones, but I have hippie uncles or aunts who have explored the world. Hippe has a lot of knowledge of the world. I think I have missed those things.

We All Have Our Stories

My parents kept my name. Will you know anything about me if I say you guys my name? No, because names are kept only for ease. Names have nothing to do with what you have suffered or what you have faced in your life. Thereupon, remember the stories people or hippie tells you because their name is not essential.

You Are Unique

Ever felt worthless when you failed your tests or your boss fired you.  Don’t you ever worry my friend because a lot of people including me have been through this? I have failed in my maths and my physics test, but there is something in which I am okay. You also have a unique talent that no one has. There is something that this world needs.

I Want To Forget Everything

A Classic Hippie Quote

War is not suitable for anyone for neither children nor adults. Killing and deaths are considered beauties of a fight. As hippier culture started with resistance against Vietnam war, this is a perfect hippie quote.

Be Yourself
Life is very short, and you guys will never know when it will be over. Do we know when we are dying? We do not know when our life ends. In this short life let’s live spreading happiness in a world rather than being sad.

Dirt and clean

Here dirt does not mean mud or dirty kinds of stuff but in your life, you will difficulties and hardships. You will visit a lot of places, and every one of them will not be clean and smooth.

What Is Sexy?

Keeping yourself mysterious is sexy.

Where Is Magic Hiding?

When you go to a circus to see magicians play, you watch the magic but where does it come from? Magic is not only bringing out a rabbit from a hat. In fact, magic is something that you do by yourself. Your most straightforward work can be magical if you do it with your heart. Magic doesn’t mean sorcery, but it lies in your heart.

Classic Hippie Saying

What? You cannot walk on a blacktopped road on summer days barefoot, but you surely can walk barefoot in hills and mountains. If you are not barefoot, then your are overdressed because you have not felt what it feels to walk barefoot.

By American Hippie

This hippie quote is a classic example of hippie culture and its meaning. When you broke out of this usual way of living, you find happiness, and you see magic in every bit of world.

Hippie Culture Means Freedom

Everyone loves seas and oceans except during the tsunamis or hurricanes. Here this hippie quote means we can be as wild, beautiful and free as the sea.  Furthermore, no one can control seas and oceans; no human has attempted it. Therefore, the sea is wild and free, and hippies have compared themselves with the sea.

What Is Life?

You might have heard different meanings of life from priests and pastors they relate everything to God while definitions of life are journeys and destinations. Life is a journey, not a destination. In fact, a quote mentioned above is an inspirational hippie quote.

I Am Going To Kill You

Did you guys listen to Selena Gomez’s “Kill ’em With Kindness” song? That song is cool. I think she got her lyrics from this hippie quote. Kill people with kindness. If they hate you can show love and respect towards them so that they can change their mind. Secondly, there are always peaceful measures available to clear your differences.

Fierce Mind

There are many lessons that schools and colleges do not teach you. They show you maths and physics to calculate masses earth and other complicated things. Do they teach you how to manage your life? Without a doubt, there are many lessons in life that you have to learn yourself that no one is going to teach you.

Never Stop Dreaming

Ever wondered why hippies are always cool? Perhaps they are always calm; they do not seem to care about anything. Hippies enjoy their life and give a damn about anything.


Wait. I became confused while reading that. Ok, now I got it. Sometimes you find yourself in nowhere. You are away from home in wild places which seems to be nowhere; you can see your dream there, your true self there.

Read Hippie Quote When You Are Bored

Our eyes might fool us, but our mind never deceives us. Mirages appear in deserts because of eyes, but it cannot trick out brain because our mind knows that is just an illusion. But if the soul/mind is blind, then there is no use of eyes.

Flowers Will Blossom Tomorrow

Plant flowers in your garden today and you will smell sweet fragrance tomorrow. Yet, if you do not do something today, then you can not expect to get something tomorrow.


Hippie Quote

What if people radiated positive vibes rather than spreading hatred and negativity. Our world would indeed be more beautiful and peaceful than it is today.  After all, people are fighting bloody wars and speeding violence.

I Will See You On The Wild Side

Hippies have a date in the wild not in a city or town. Wild is their home and away.

She Needs To Be Free

If you ask someone why he or she wants to free, they do not answer you why they need to alone, but they say that having freedom is the only way. In fact, there is no single reason for the desire for freedom. People want to be free because they want to be themselves and do what they want to be.

Keep Calm and Read Hippie Quote

It is fun to read a hippie quote, isn’t it? They are fun because these quotes carry an essence of our life. Hippies have so much to tell because they have traveled a lot and they learn valuable lessons, and they have expressed those things in hippie quote.

Don’t Care What People Think Of You

You cannot change how people think of you because it doesn’t matter what they think of you. If they don’t appreciate you or if they do not become closer to you then, it is their loss, not yours. Right people are waiting for you who love you and your work.

We Want More

When you go to sleep you wish that your next day will be livelier than today, you expect more on tomorrow.

Change Yourself

If you want to be like your idol, then you should start changing yourself. Besides, you have to change your habits. For example, if you’re going to lose your weight, then you have to stop eating junks.

Let It Go

Apparently, there are a lot of things in your life that does not matter. Yet, we are unable to identify the things that matter and that don’t.  Therefore, when you let go of things that do not matter then, you start recognizing kinds of stuff. Hippie quote as mentioned earlier gives away meaningful message. For hippies, luxury, family, new apparatus, etc. were useless while things like nature, wilderness mattered most.

Yes You Are

People say that a cute face hides evil intentions. In the same way, a good girl can have bad habits. But what are these bad habits she is saying? They might be wrong in the eyes of societies, but hippies do not consider them a bad habit. Exploring yourself is not a bad habit at all.

Make Your Life Good

We get this life, but it is up to us how we want to shape our lives. We can make our life good or bad, exciting or dull. Compass In Our Heart

You guys may not believe, but there is a compass in our heart which points directions. You have to follow that compass if you are going to make your life interesting.

These are other hippie quotes that you can read:

Now we all know that the hippie culture is/was great in those days. Thought it had lost the momentum, but the messages are still there. People still remember those days when they spoke against their government to stop wars and violence. Though many people say, hippies popularised narcotics and anarchism hippie culture has a significance of its own. And whats wrong in arguing against war and violence. Hippie lifestyle brings you closer to nature. People have been locked in cities by modernism and, they are no longer exploring nature.

As there are bright and dark sides of everything, there are darker sides of hippie culture too. You just read hippie quote; it doesn’t mean you have to follow it right away. You should follow its brighter paths like peace and spirituality but avoid drugs and marijuana. You should promote love and respect but avoid AIDS. You have to fight for freedom, but you should not encourage anarchism and lawlessness.

Hippie culture is one of the most prominent countercultures of all time, but now it’s gone. I hope that you guys will research on hippies yourself.

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