Ivan Reitman Bio, Wiki, Married Life, Wife, Children and Net Worth

Ivan Reitman is a Slovakia-Canada based producer as well as director. He has been known mostly for his comedy work; mainly from the 1980’s and 1990’s. He also founded and is the owner of The Montecito Picture Company. He is a Jew and also has a degree in Music.

Early Life

Born on October 27, 1946, Reitman was the son of Klara and Ladislav Reitman. His father was an underground resistance fighter, and so his mother was a survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp. They came as refugees to Canada in the year 1950. They then settled there from then.


Reitman had attended the Oakwood Collegiate in Toronto. He later attended Mc Master University to receive a Bachelors degree in Music. He graduated in the year 1969.


Ivan’s career as a producer had started first when he was with the station CITY-TV based in Toronto. But he was soon fired from his job there in his first year by the owner of the station. He then produced his first stage production “Spellbound” which later evolved into a Broadway Production. It was in the year 1973.

He then started venturing and investing as a producer of two films. The films were both by the director David Cronenberg called Shivers (1975) and Rabid (1976). Although these were his debut on production, his big break came later with the movie “National Lampoon’s Animal House” in 1978. His success followed with the direction of “Meatballs” in 1979. After his success with these films, he then started production and direction of some comedy movies. Some of which are Stripes, Ghost-Busters, Legal Eagles, Twins, Ghostbusters 2, Dave, Junior, Six Days, Seven Nights, Evolution, My Super Ex-Girlfriend and No Strings Attached.

After the 1990’s Ivan had reduced his direction but continued his production as a producer as well as production manager through his founded company, Northern Lights Entertainment. He produced many movies like Heavy Metal, Space Jam, Private Parts, Road Trip, Old School; I love you man, Euro Trip, Beethoven, Beethoven 2nd, etc. He also produced many comedy movies like- I love you, man and Up in the air. Reitman then invested in a thriller movie called “Chloe.”


His Filmography includes famous movies like – Foxy lady. Cannibal Girls, Shivers, Death Weekend, Rabid, Animal House, Meatballs, Stripes, Heavy Metal, Ghostbusters, Legal Eagle, Twins, and Ghostbusters 2. He also produced Kindergarten Cop, Beethoven, Dave, Junior, Space Jam and Father’s Day. Again later he directed and produced Private Parts, Six Days; Seven Nights, Road Trip, Evolution, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, and Post Grad. His major successful film with his son was Up in the Air and Chloe which also made his success grow even more. His latest or recent movies include No Strings Attached, Hitchcock, Baywatch, Draft Day, Baywatch, Bastards. Triplets.

Now in 2016, he was reported to have revealed his plans on producing an upcoming series. It is an animated series which is the sequel to Ghostbuster called “Ghostbusters: Ecto Force.”

His signature style has been noticed by many when he has repeated the same thing for more than twice. Most of his movies deal with the theme of the ‘common man’ winning over professionals. Bill Murray is also one of his most cast Actor. All of his movies are either Sci-Fi or Slapstick Humour. He also works with Joe Medjuck and Len Blum for production and screenplay.

Ivan Reitman Married Life

Reitman got married to his wife Genevieve Robert in the year 1976. He and his wife are a converted Judaist. Thus, they have brought up their children in the same culture. They have a son and two daughters together. Jason Reitman, his son, is also a film director. He is known for his work in “Juno, Thank you for smoking” and “up in the air.” Catherine Reitman, his eldest daughter, is a member of the Groundlings Comedy troupe and his youngest daughter is a sophomore at Santa Barbara City College.

Awards and nominations

During his filming career, Reitman has won several awards as well as nominations in many categories. For the movie “Meatballs,” he won a Golden Reel Award in 1979. Saturn Award for Best Fantasy Film was awarded to him for his movie “Ghostbusters” in the year 1984. Later in 2009, his movie “Up in the Air” which was directed by his son, was nominated for Academy Award for Best Picture.

Ivan Reitman Net Worth

Reitman’s estimated net worth of his work as a director and producer is estimated to be around $85 million.

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