Jayden Odom: Net Worth, Lamar Odom, Tattoo, Death (Story)

How much was the late son of Lamar Odom, Jayden Odom Worth?

Jayden Odom was the son of the infamous TV star and former basketball player- Lamar Odom. Jayden was born on  December 15, 2005. Unfortunately, he died only a year later in June 2006, due to SIDS that stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

The tragic loss saddened the family, Lamar and his then wife, Liza Morales. After the unfortunate death of their infant child, Lamar Odom even got his son’s name tattooed on himself.


Personal Life

Name  Jayden Odom
Date of birth  December 15, 2005
Birthplace  US
Ethnicity  African-American
Height  N/A
Weight  N/A
Profession  N/A
Married  Unmarried
Nationality  American
Father’s name  Lamar Odom
Mother’s name  Liza Morales
Birth sign  N/A
Measurement  N/A
Net Worth  N/A
Siblings  Destiny Odom, Lamar Jr. Odom

Family Life

Jayden’s parents- Liza and Lamar met when they attended the same grade school. The two fell in love, but unfortunately, her father was not happy to find out about their relation.

Despite the disapproval, the two got married and started their family. Together the two had three children- Destiny, Lamar Jr. and Jayden Odom.

The marriage of Jayden’s parents- Lamar and Liza came to a grim end after the death of their infant child. The grievous incident depressed both of them and they still mourn the death of their child even though it’s already been over a decade after the incident.

Tragic Death of the infant son Jayden of Liza and Lamar Odom

The day of the incident, Lamar got a call from his wife. He explains that she was frantically asking him to be in the hospital. Lamar rushed to the hospital, but to his shock, he was told that they lost their son and he could no longer be saved. Grief-stricken, the parents, shared the shocking news to the public that same day.

The happily married couple started having cracks in their relationship, and unfortunately, they could not mend it. Lamar was often found extremely drunk in controversial places, one time at the brothel- Love South Ranch. Incidents after the incident, they finally decided that they no longer could remain together. Once crazy in love couple finally separated their ways.

Although the pair no longer remains together,  both of them are seen grieving the loss of their child often. On the 10th birthday of Jayden, his mother, Liza updated a mournful status wishing her late son a happy birthday. On one occasion, Lamar stated that he still had the laughter of his son recorded on his cell phones. He said that listening to his voice sometimes gives him the strength he needs to carry on.

Lamar is currently married to the famous Kardashian- Khloe Kardashian, however, there are not much information on the whereabouts of Liza Morales.

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