Jimmy Swaggart: Net Worth, Songs, Gospel Music, Wiki (Biopic)

How Much does Jimmy Swaggart make?

The great Christian Singer, Pastor as well as the author Jimmy Lee Swaggart is a reputable name in the Broadcasting field. He is also the owner of the Sonlife Broadcasting Network which he also operates by his own. Although the troubles with the media, with scandals and controversies, he still has managed to make a clean slate and start again. With his career as a musician as well as an author and a motivational speaker, he makes around $1.5 million as his current net worth.


Early Life

Born on the date March 15, 1935, he was born to his parents Willie Leon and Minnie Belle. He was raised with his sister – Jeanette Ensminger, in their hometown, Ferriday, Lousiana. Both of his parents being avid Christians, he also attended the 25-member Assemblies of God Church.

He was introduced to his music at a young age. His cousins were Jerry Lee Lewis and Mickey Gilley; both of them a renown name in the music industry.


Unfortunately, no details about his educational background are available. There aren’t details of his graduatation either.

Early Career

He lived his life in poverty working odd part-time jobs. Too poor even to own a house; he lived in church basements and small motels!

However, his life almost took a turn when producer, Sam Phillips, discovered him. Sam showed interest in Jimmy and introduced him to the gospel line of music. Surprisingly, he turned the producer down because he believed he was called to preach the gospel!


He started preaching from a trailer which was donated to him. He started as a full-time evangelistic worker, he arranged revival meetings all through South America.

Later, as a musician, he began recording gospel music records in 1960. He would Transmit his gospel songs in the Christian radio stations. A year later, he began his radio ministry and consequently founded a Church-Family Worship Center. After that, he then started a 30-min telecast over the local Christian TV channels and radio stations.

Along with that, he bought a small AM radio station called- WLUX. His station featured programs that aired Christain stories. This was a breakthrough for Jimmy.

He soon followed up his fame in the radio stations and switched to preaching on the television. In 1975, he started his TV ministry, and it slowly expanded throughout the US! He started with a weekly telecast which later changed to a daily weekday telecast. By the year 1983, his telecast broadcasted to around 250 stations all over the US.

However, his downfall came when a prostitution-related scandal ruined his reputation. As a result, he got suspended as well as Defrocked by the Assembly of God.

Despite this setback, Jimmy established himself as an independent minister, and his work comprises mostly of his Family Worship Center in The Jimmy Swaggart Telecast.

Music Career

Debuting into the music field with his gospel songs, he recorded his first album- “Some Golden DayBreak.” He was dubbed a fan favorite in the Record World Magazine in the category of “Favorite Gospel Music.” For his other album- “Live From Nashville.” He was also the Grammy Nominee, and for- “Worship,” he was one of the Grammy Finalist.

As an Author

Preaching about Christianity, he has written almost around 20 Christian Books so far. His most famous works include – “Expository’s Study Bible” and “The Evangelist.”

Personal Life

Name  Jimmy Swaggart
Date of birth  March 15, 1935
Birthplace  Ferriday, Louisiana
Ethnicity  White
Height  5’7″
Weight  N/A
Profession  Musician, Minister, Broadcaster
Married  Married
Nationality  American
Father’s name  Willie Leon
Mother’s name  Minnie Belle
Birth sign  N/A
Measurement  N/A
Net Worth  $1.5 Million
Siblings  Jeanette Ensminger

Marriage and Divorce

The minister is married to his wife,  Frances Anderson. They met while attending the same church. When his wife was just 15, they got married. The couple also has a son named- Donnie. Although much rumors and scandals surrounded him, his wife has constantly always supported him, and they remain together.

Social Reach

Although he is not much of a social media user, he is an active user of Twitter. In his twitter account, he has over 12 thousand followers. No other accounts have been registered in his name so far.


Net Worth

Although he lost millions when his name got involved in scandals, he still manages to earn a decent amount of income. From his book release to his music career as well as his TV and radio broadcasting, he has managed to maker his net worth value the total of $1.5 Million.

Rumors and Controversy

Prostitution Scandal

In the year 1988, the media implicated that he was involved in a sex scandal with a prostitute. The news came as a shock to most of his followers and serious actions were sanctioned against him. Although the story never confirmed from the prostitute side and she failed the polygraph test, he remained suspended from the Assembly of God.

After being an independent minister he met controversies again on October 11, 1991. The police found him with the local prostitute named- Rosemary Garcia. in a car. Later, he stepped down as the head of his ministry by his son. He took time off for healing and counseling.

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