Jon Ronson Bio, Career, Married Life, Wife, Children and Net Worth

Jon Ronson is a journalist, author, documentarian and radio presenter from Welsh. He is best-known works are his best-selling- The Men Who Stare at Goats and The Psychopath Test. Jon has the unique way of putting the informal and skeptical investigations in his published book based on the controversy of politics and science.

Early Life

Ronson was born in Cardiff, Wales on 10 May 1967. Culturally, Ronson is a Jew. Intrigued by mysteries and conspiracies it later became his genre of work.

He attended Cardiff high School in Wales at first. He later moved to London where he attended Polytechnic of Central London for a degree in Media Studies.

Personal Life

Ronson married Elaine Patterson, a real estate agent after they met and fell in love. They then had a son together named Joel Ronson. They all currently reside in London. He is a supporter of the football team Arsenal.


As a Writer

Jon first published a book named “Clubbed Class”, which is a travelogue where he bluffs his way into the travel life in search of the best holiday in the world. This published in the year 1994. He then published his second book entitled “Them: Adventure with Extremists” in the year 2001 based on his experiences with people labeled as extremists. On 2004 Ronson contributed to A fantastic life; a memoir to the Picador Anthology.

In 2004 he then released his 3rd book; The Men Who Stare at Goats. The book is about the secret unit within the U.S army named First Earth Battalion. He is famous for investigating people like Major General, who believe that we can kill goats by simply staring at them, and also with right mental preparation, we can walk right past a wall.

His fourth book: Out of Ordinary later published in 2006 which deals with a collection of his guardian articles. He then released his 5th book in 2011 entitled The Psychopath Test. In this, he thoroughly investigates the nature of psychopathic behavior and learning how to apply the Hare psychopathy Checklist. The book, however, was rejected by The Society as well as by the creator of Hare Psychopath Checklist; Robert D. Hare.

His sixth book; Lost at sea: the Jon Ronson Mysteries was released in 2012. He also released So you’ve Been publicly Shamed dealing with the effect of the internet craze on public shaming people.

As a Television Host

Jon Ronson has provided his appearance and has hosted several of his own shows both on and off the radio. Some of his most famous shows are- The Ronson Mission(1994), Hotel Aushwitz(1996), Critical Condition(1997), New Klan(1998), Secret Rulers of the world(2001), Kidneys for Jesus(2003), Death in Santaland(2007), Reverand Death(2008), Revelation(2009), and Escape and Control(2008).

As a Radio Presenter

Ronson’s major career path in radio is the presentation and production of the BBC radio program- Jon Ronson on… The program he presented is nominated for the Sony awards 4 times. Later in his career, Terry Christian’s show on Manchester radio station offered Jon Ronson the position of side commentator in the early 1990’s.
To till this date he still continues to contribute to the Public Radio International in U.S. Jon is also a part of the program This American Life, where he has contributed in different segments and episodes. Some of which are- Naming Names, It’s never over, Them, Family Physics, Pro Se, The Spokesman etc.

As a Musician

Ronson could play the keyboard quite well and in the late 1980s. He later got a chance to replace Mark Radcliff as the keyboard player for the band Frank Sidebottom. He involved himself in a number of performances. Ronson was also the band manager of an indie band Man from Delmonte.

Net Worth

Jon Ronson has an estimated net worth of around $5 million.

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