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Who is Lily Allen? How much is her Net Worth?

Beatrice Cooper or more popularly known as the singer Lily Allen is also a professional songwriter, actress as well as a TV presenter. She is the daughter of famous film producer, Alison Owen and the comedian Keith Allen.

Debuting to the music scene when she made her music public on “MySpace,” she has now reached the stage of a successful music career. Her most renown work remains her mainstream single- “Smile,” and she is also famous for her other works like- “It’s Not Me, It’s You.” Her career in music has credited her with her huge net worth. As estimated, she currently has the net worth value of  $20 Million.


Early Life

Daughter of the famed film producer Alison Owen and Keith Allen, she was born on the 2nd May of 1985. Her younger brother Alfie Allen is an actor, and she also has a younger sister named Rebecca Allen.

Her family has a long list of goddaughter personalities with Sam Smith as her third cousin, and she is also the goddaughter of the famed vocalist Angela McCluskey.

She was raised by her mother as her father left the family when she was just four years old. She was raised by her mother as her father left the family when she was just four years old.


A troubled child, Lilly attended several schools and colleges but got repeatedly expelled. She notably attended the Prince Charles Junior Alma Mater, Bedales School as well as Hill House School Millfield.

Most of the time, she was expelled for drinking and smoking in the school premises. Once when she was singing in the school playground, Rachel Santesso, an award-winning soprano and a singer overheard her. Impressed by her singing, she started giving her singing lessons.

Early Career

Taking voice lessons from Rachel Santesso, she then sang the Baby Mine in the Disney Animated film- “Dumbo in a school concert.” Since then she realized that music was what she could pursue.

She then started playing the piano and took vocal lessons. She had grade 5 in her piano and grade 8 in her vocals when she was the member of the local church choir group.

Her debut became her first solo titled- “In The Bleak Midwinter.” But before she had a stable career in music, she worked at the Plastic Fantastic record store.

Along with it, she also dealt ecstasy, a type of drug. She got rejected by several record label when she pursued them because of her smoking and drinking.

However, she used her father’s connection to finally sign into the London Records in the year 2002.


The label that she signed to lost interest in her and eventually let her go. But in 2005, she joined the Regal Recordings who gave her $25,000 to record an album.

She then created a Myspace account through which she released her demos. The Observer Music Monthly published a magazine coverage on her. She received more recognition after that.

She officially debuted to the music industry with her album- “Alright, Still” in July 2006. It followed by her second album- “Smile” which was made available in the iTunes Store by the September 2006. Both of the albums received much critical acclaim as well as topped the Billboard charts.

After the success of her first albums, she tried working on her third album, but to no avail.

Meanwhile, several controversies followed, and her reputation costs her her fan base.

In 2008, her album- It’s Not Me, It’s You was released in February of 2009 although it was planned for 2008. It topped the UK, Canada, and Australia Billboard Charts right from its debut.

Other than that, her other famous works include- a cover of “Somewhere Only We Know,” as well as her album- Sheezus.

Personal Life

Name  Lily Rose Beatrice Allen
Date of birth  May 02, 1985
Birthplace  Hammersmith, London, England
Ethnicity  White
Height  5’2″ (157 cms)
Weight  52 kg (115 lbs)
Profession  Singer, Actress
Married  Married
Nationality  American
Father’s name  Keith Allen
Mother’s name  Alison Owen
Birth sign  Taurus
Measurement  N/A
Net Worth  $20 Million
Siblings  Sarah, Alfie, Rebecca, Teddie

Marriage and Divorce

Since the year 2009, she started dating Sam Cooper, a builder, and decorator. After over a year of their relationship, the couple engaged on the Christmas of 2010.

Soon enough they announced the news of their first child together. In the June of 2011, the couple married each other. They also have two daughters together named- Ethel Mary and Marnie Rose.

Social Reach

Famous for her mainstream music as well as her honest lyrics, she has garnered a huge fan base following her. Also an active user of the social medias, she has over 5 million followers on her Twitter while on her Instagram, she has around over 500 thousand followers.

Twitter: @lilyallen

Instagram: lilyallen

Net Worth

Earning solely from her music career, she has managed to make herself millions. Allen currently has the estimated net worth value of around $20 Million as of now.

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