Marjorie Bridges-Woods: Net Worth, Husbands, Age (Information)

The gorgeous Marjorie Bridges-Woods is the wife of the renown comedy actor and author- Steve Harvey. The stunningly beautiful Afro-American wife of Steve Harvey is mostly known in the Hollywood because of her husband.

She has a net worth of about $100 Million.

Early Life

The gorgeous Afro-American beauty was born on the 10th of October in the year 1974. She was originally named Marjorie Bridges by her parents which she later changed to Marjorie Bridges-Woods. Much of her early life before her marriage is yet to be disclosed to the public.


Details that have been disclosed say that she has not completed her initial education. While still at the University of Memphis, she dropped out due to adverse reports on her.


Unfortunately, not much of her is known except the fact that her husband is a very famous comedy actor. Her popularity had risen when her husband Steve Harvey made his name in the Hollywood scene.

However, she is a fashion fanatic and tours all over the world to attend the fashion show worldwide. She owns a fashion blog named- The Lady Loves Couture and contributes to it all of her knowledge. Not much remarkable works of her have yet come to light, and she is yet to achieve her goal to work in the fashion industry.

Personal Life

Name Marjorie Bridges-Jones
Date of Birth 10 October 1974
Age 42 years
Birthplace America
Ethnicity Afro-American
Height 6’2″.
Weight Not Specified
Profession Fashion Blogger
Married Married
Nationality American
Father’s name Not Specified
Mother’s name Not Specified
Birth sign Libra
Measurement Not Specified
Net Worth $100 Million
Siblings Not Specified

Marriage and Divorce

Previous Marriages

Both her husband, Steve Harvey as well as she have a similar history in the long run of marital life. Both of them have divorced twice before marrying each other. Her first husband was Jimmy Townsend and was mostly related to drugs and violence. Thus, they did not last a long time.

Her second husband Dannel Woods was no different. He was a renown drug dealer and was repeatedly arrested in drug-related cases, and their marital life started becoming more and more unstable. It’s sure that she regretted that decision to get married again. Later, he was sentenced to life in prison when his drug heist was caught by the federal officers.

Marrying Steve Harvey

At first, when she started dating Steve Harvey, she admits that she did not think that she would marry him. She even said it out loud that she hated the way his lips looked. Even while dating, she got into troubles and got arrested numerous times. However, each time she made troubles, Steve was always there to clean it up for her. Leaving no stones unturned, Steve even bailed her out numerous times.

It is said that they had met in the Memphis Comedy Club, where Harvey announced his Love at First Sight to her on the stage the same night. When they met, both of them were still married to their previous spouses. Later, in the year 2005, they reconnected and as soon as Steve divorced his then wife- Mary Lee, they started their relationship. Finally, they got married 2 years later on the 25th of June, 2007.

They still do not have any children together, but both of them have their own kids from their previous marriages. Steve had 4 children, Wynton, Karli, Brandi and Broderick Jr. Similarly, Marjorie also had three children of her own- Morgan, Jason and Lorie. Together they parent seven children as of now.

Social Reach

Although most of her fortune and fame comes from her famous hubby- Steve Harvey, she still has many followers and fans of her own. She also has her own blog site, and has a fan following of  1.4 Million on Instagram. There is no Twitter account registered in her name yet.

Official Blog Site-

Instagram: marjorie_harvey

Net Worth

With her fashion blog as well the allowance from her rich and famous husband, it is estimated that she has a huge amount of $100 Million as her net worth value.

Rumors and Controversy

Divorce Rumors

The relationship between her and her husband is rumored to be going through a rough patch in their marital life. While attending the Paris Fashion Week, while the paparazzi were following her, she asked them to refer to her as Marjorie-Woods and not Marjorie-Harvey.

After this, the rumor issued and many rumors are going on about their split. However, to this day, no confirmations have been made, and it turned out to be nothing much but a rumor.

Issues with the Ex-wife

Steve Harvey’s ex-wife had recently made an allegation against both Steve as well as Marjorie Harvey that they had been going out since the time of their marriage. She also made a Youtube video on how Steve had evicted her from the house and forced their son Wynton to live with him.

This, however, had enraged Marjorie and she is not the one to take it all in quietly., She has made public that she will be pursuing a lawsuit against all of the allegation and prove her wrong.

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