Maureen Bradley Bio, Early Life, Career, Dating History, Spouse and Net Worth

The director of the feature film Two 4 One, Maureen Bradley is an independent filmmaker, professor, and film curator based in Canada. She has made more than 50 short films to date. Her works focus on changing the traditional gender stereotypes that we see in movies and TV shows. Her movies have queer themes and she advocates the better representation of queer characters in cinema. She has famously said that she aims to transcend trans-gender cliché.

Maureen Bradley’s Early Life

Bradley was interested in music since her childhood days. She was born in Montreal, Quebec in a musical environment. Bradley joined an underground band called “Sons of Desert” in her home city. She played bass in the band and the underground music scene in Montreal was quite eccentric. Later she discovered her passion for cinema and art because of which she left the band and pursued her dream of being a filmmaker. She discovered media arts and editing in the formative years of her career after which she got completely hooked. She followed her passion to various educational institutions and now, she has become one of the prominent figures in the Canadian Independent Cinema circle.


Maureen Bradley went to Concordia University to study Communications and Media Studies. She did her Masters in Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia where she studied Film Production.

Early Career

Maureen started as a bassist in an underground musical band. While she was still playing with the band, she received a VideoFACT music video production grant which changed added a new dimension in her life. She started developing her passion for cinema and media arts and did her graduation in media studies. She started her career in the visual medium as a short filmmaker. In the year 1990, she made two shorts titled “We’re Here, We’re Queer, We’re Fabulous” and “Briser lâisolement: le SIA et les femmes au Québec”. The following year she released “Safe sex is hot sex”, another short film which is one of her many notable works.

Maureen Bradley’s Career

Career as a Filmmaker

Bradley’s most notable work must be her feature film Two 4 One that released in the year 2014. As a filmmaker, she has already made more than 50 short films and videos. She is also the creator of two web art projects and several film installations. She got her largest reach in the audience through a TV series called Road Movie that aired in 1992. More than 15 million people have watched the series which Bradly directed and appeared on .

Her earlier filmography includes brilliant shorts like Tainted: Christopher Lefler and the Queer Censorship Chill (1997), Forever (1997), HER (1996) and Reframing the Montreal Massacre: A Media Interrogation (1995). She continued her journey with shorts releasing Birthday Suit Management: a 21C Homage to Lisa Steele (2001), Erased (1999), Go Dyke! Go! (1998) and What I Remember (1998) in the late 90s. Some of her other critically acclaimed short films are Pants on Fire (2009), Gullible (2008), Self-storage (2006) and Sisyphus (2005). She has received numerous awards and prizes as a filmmaker.

Career as a Professor

Maureen started her teaching career at the University of Regina. She worked as an Assistant Professor of Film Production. Since 2004, she has been working as an Associate Professor in the writing department at the University of Victoria where she teaches film and video. At the university, Bradley re-established the Hi-Def Story Incubator Lab.

Other Work

Besides making films and videos, Maureen has also worked as a media artist and a film curator. In 2002, while she was an assistant professor at the University of Regina, she got an opportunity to work as the Saskatchewan District Council of the Directors Guild of Canada‘s first female director. She has worked as the President of the Board of Directors of CineVic Society of Independent Filmmakers.

Through her movies, she has challenged the typical gender stereotypes prevalent in the traditional TV and cinema. She works on the queer themes and casts queer characters in her productions. Thus she has made great a contribution to the Queer Cinema and independent film scenario. She was also a previous Pacific Board Member of the Independent Media Arts Alliance of Canada. Many famous and reputed galleries and festivals including Museum of Modern Art in New York have screened her works. Her productions have been broad casted in North America and all around the globe. Many festivals in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg and Ottawa have screened Maureen’s award winning productions.

Maureen Bradley’s Personal Life

Dating History

Bradley is a homosexual and is currently dating Stacey Horton. Horton is known for her work as an actress in the feature film that Maureen directed, Two 4 One. She has also acted in a short film called Till Death.

Social Reach

Bradley communicates with her fans and well-wishers via her twitter account. She has more than 1550 followers and 1942 tweets to date.

Maureen Bradley Net Worth

Bradley has worked as a filmmaker, media artist, professor, and curator throughout her career. Her net worth is $100 thousands.

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