Neil Young: Songs, Albums, Net Worth (Biography)


Neil Percival Young is a Canadian singer, songwriter, rock musician, and philanthropist cum entrepreneur. He has earned the nickname, ‘the Godfather of Grunge.’

Profoundly, he believed the live music sounds better in every sense than the digitally played version. Given his performance style, he is has been a source of inspiration for legends like David Bowie. Consequently, He won multiple Grammy Awards among other several awards, and inaugurated in ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’ twice.

All in all, Young values at approximately $65 Million.

Neil Young


Early Life

Neil Young, born on 12th November 1945, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to the father, Scott Alexander Young, and the mother, Edna Blow Ragland Young. To put it briefly, his father, a fiction author and journalist, specialized in writing about sports, and his mother was affiliated with an organization for women, Daughters of the American Revolution.

Furthermore, he has an elder brother, Robert, born in 1942. Their mother, nicknamed as Rassy, was a Canadian with American and French ancestry. The parents wed in Winnipeg, Manitoba two years before the first son, Robert, was born.


Soon after his birth, the family moved to a rural Community in Ontario, “a sleepy little place” as he recalls his experience living there. When 6, he suffered from Polio. It was during the last known epidemic outbreak in Ontario.

After his recovery, the Young family went on a vacation to Florida, United States. It was there, Neil gained a shortly attended Chisolm Elementary School. In 1952, the family relocated to Pickering when he got first interested in popular music after listening to the radio.

He later studied in ‘Earl Grey Junior High School’ and ‘Kelvin High School’ in the working class region of Winnipeg.

Early Career

In the mid-fifties, his father got tangled up in numerous extramarital affairs. This led to Rassy separating from Scott. Neil joined his mother leaving for Winnipeg, while Robert remained with his father in Toronto. Staying with his mother, who was a pianist herself, he familiarized himself with the popular music of the time.

So naturally, Elvis Presley heavily inspired him. Additionally, the prevailing music genres of the time were Rock n’ Roll, R&B, Western Pop and Rockability.

He started to play an instrument, Ukulele. In Winnipeg, he formed his first band, Jades, while at Earl Grey Junior High School, and the next called ‘Squires.’ In high school, he played in ‘Squires’ which was the first stable rock band for Ken Koblum, Jeff Wuckert and Bill Edmondson.

Eventually, they had a first hit called ‘The Sultan,’ which was favored locally. Incidentally, he dropped out of high school to focus on musical career.



Neil has an illustrious career. He is a celebrated musician, singer, songwriter, philanthropist and entrepreneur. Having hugely inspired the 90’s grunge wave, he is considered as ‘the Godfather of Grunge.’

He started off his musical career with the band, Jades. And, through his long-spanning career, the list of the groups he has been part of: ‘The Squires,’ ‘Mynah Birds,’ ‘Buffalo Springfield,’ ‘Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young’ and ‘Crazy Horse.’

Similarly, list of most acclaimed studio albums by Young: ‘After the Gold Rush,’ ‘On the Beach,’ ‘Everybody Knows This is Nowhere,’ ‘Harvest,’ ‘Zuma,’ ‘Tonight’s the Night,’ ‘Rust Never Sleeps,’ ‘Comes a Time,’ ‘Harvest Moon,’ ‘Ragged Glory,’ ‘Neil Young’ etc.

Indeed, he has received a prestigious array of awards and accolades.

Year Award
2011 Juno Award, Artist of the Year, Adult Alternative Album of the Year
2011 Alan Waters Humanitarian Award
2011 Grammy Awards, Best Rock Song for ‘Angry World’
2010 Grammy Awards, Best Art Direction on a Boxed/Special Limited Edition Package (The Archives 1 1963-1972)
1982 Canadian Music Hall of Fame
1995 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for Solo Work
1997 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Buffalo Springfield
2006 Artist of the Year by the American Music Association



Personal Information

Neil Yong, Facts

Birth Name Neil Percival Young
Date of Birth 12th November 1945
Place of Birth Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Father Scott Alexander Young
Mother Edna Blow Ragland Young (aka Rassy)
Brother Robert Young (b. 1942)
Education Chisolm Elementary School, New Smyrna Beach, Florida (briefly attended)

Earl Grey Junior High School, Fort Rouge, Winnipeg (graduated)

Kelvin High School, Winnipeg (dropped out)

Profession Singer-songwriter, Musician
Genres Grunge, Rock, Country
First Band Jades (1960-1961)
Major Albums Everybody Knows This is Nowhere

After the Gold Rush


Tonight’s the Night


Comes a Time

Assumed Net Worth $65 Million



Social Reach

Neil Young connects to his fans and well-wishers via the major platforms of social media. In summary, the details of his social media information is tabulated below:

Platform Links Number of Followers
Facebook 3,313,384
Twitter 403,000+
Instagram 147,000+



Rumors and Controversies

Neil Young and Lynyrd Skynyrd, an American Rock band, had a lyrical feud. Lynyrd Skynyrd came up with an answer song, ‘Sweet Home Alabama,’ to Niel Young’s ‘Southern Man.’ Particularly, the debate took place on the subject of the southern history of slavery. However, both of the parties respect each other regardless of varying opinions.

Also, In June 2015, Donald Trump explicitly expressed his resentment for the Neil Young’s song, ‘Rockin’ in the Free World,’ as it mocked Trump’s presidential candidacy announcement.

Neil and Jack White of ‘White Stripes’ were rumored to collaborate in 2014. Soon, the conclusion came with the rumor lacking basis from Neil’s official Facebook page.



The singer-songwriter, previously three times married and single, has been dating Daryl Hannah since 2014. Lately, Daryl,55 and Neil, 70 were photographed walking together in the early April 2016.

Neil and Daryl


Net Worth

How wealthy is Neil Young?

The approximate value of Neil young is $ 65 Million. Quite Obviously, his major source of wealth has been his singing career. Below expressed are the details of his net worth:

Net Worth $65,000,000
Yearly Salary $7,647,059
Earnings from Endorsement and Sponsorships $1,699,346
Earnings through the recent years
2015-2016 $7,647,059
2014-2015 $6,649,616
2013-2014 $5,098,039
2012-2013 $4,133,545
Album earnings
Album name Income
Everybody Knows This is Nowhere $11,764,706
After the Gold Rush $9,558,824
Harvest $7,282,913
Tonight’s the Night $5,462,185
Zuma $4,662,841
Comes a Time $4,248,366
Total Earnings from Album Sales $52,979,834
Net Worth with respect to year
2015 $65,000,000
2014 $56,521,739
2013 $52,000,000
2012 $37,142,857

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