Nicky Jam: Career, Controversies, Rumors, Net Worth…

Widely known by his stage name, Nicky Jam, Nick Rivera Caminero is a famous American singer and songwriter. The American singer is most famous for his songs Hasta el Amanecer and El Perdón.

In addition to that, the singer has won numerous awards and nominations for his songs. He has also collaborated with different famous artists like Daddy Yankee and Enrique.

Early Career

Nick Rivera Caminero was born on 17th March of 1981 in Boston of the United States. He was born to a father who is a Puerto Rican and also a mother who is a Dominican.

At the age of 10, Nicky moved to Barrio Obrero. Strangely enough, Nick gained his stage name at a very young age when a homeless man called him ‘Nicky Jam’ as a joke.

Nick has also been in reggaeton from a very young age.


In the meantime, the name of the high school or the University the singer attended is unknown. There are also no details about the singer’s education.

Early Career

Nick’s family was not very wealthy and had a small income. So, Nick had to work illegally at a grocery store from a very young. He also supported his family by doing such works.


As a singer

While working at a grocery store, a music executive noticed Nicky. Nicky was just 14-years-old then and was soon signed by the executive as he saw some talent in him.

At the time, he released his first album in the year 1995. The name of the album was Distinto A Los Demas, but the album was not a success.

However, the album did provide him exposure as it was able to gain the attention of different producers. He got offers from producers like DJ Joe and DJ Chiklin.

Collaboration with Daddy Yankee and other works

After his unsuccessful first album, Jam still worked in the industry later on meeting Dadd Yankee. They met when both of them were recording with DJ Playero and Guatauba.

The two formed a duo which was unofficial in the starting in 2000’s. The duo of Nicky Jam and Daddy Yankee was also called Los Cangris.

The pair was a huge success and delivered hit singles like Guayando, Sentirte, and others.

Los Cangris was a huge success. However, the duo ended their relation professionally and personally because of personal issues. The duo broke up in the year 2004.

Before this, the duo recorded an album called Los Super Amigos in the year 2000 which also never released.

However, in 2012, the pair collaborated again and recorded their song ‘El Party Me Llama.’ They also shared later that they have put their problems aside.

As a Solo Artist

After splitting with Daddy Yankee, Nicky started working as a solo artist.

He also released an album called Haciendo Escante before the incident. Later in 2004, he released his album Vida Escante.

Later in 2007, he released The Black Carpet which is a studio album. During the period, he also worked with numerous artists like Magnate & Valentino, Héctor & Tito, Big Boy and others.

In the year 2010, Nicky restarted his career and after moving to Medellin, Colombia in late 2000’s.

He then released massive hit singles which include Tu Primera Vez, Juegos Prohibidos, Voy A Beber and many others.

Above all, as mentioned above in 2012, he worked with Daddy Yankee.

The most recent hit release was on 15th January of 2016. In the date, he released his single Hasta El Amanecer. The music video of the song was a huge success as it also gained a shocking 53 million views after just three weeks of being uploaded on YouTube.

Currently, the singer is working on his new album ‘Fenix.’ It will be released in 2017.

Awards and Nominations

In the year 2015, Nicky Jam surprisingly won a total of 5 awards including eight nominations. Moreover, in the year, he won a Premios Tu Mundo under category Party-Starting Song.

He won three Latin American Music Awards for three different categories and also a Latin Grammy Awards.

Later in 2016, he also won two Lo Nuestro Awards for two separate categories.

Personal Information

Name Nick Rivera Caminero
Birthdate 1981, March 17
Birth Place Boston, USA
Profession Singer, Songwriter
Mother’s Name N/A
Father’s Name N/A
Siblings N/A
Height 6’0″ (185 cm)
Weight 88 kg
Body Measurement N/A
Horoscope Pisces
Net Worth $500 Thousand


Relationships and Marriage

The name of the singer’s girlfriend is unknown.It is also not known if the singer is married or has any children.

Social Reach

The singer and songwriter has a total of 1.48 million followers on his official Twitter page and also 15.7 million followers on his official Instagram page. He also has 7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Nicky Jam is $500 thousand. Furthermore, he earned the sum through his career as a singer and a songwriter.

Rumors and controversies

In 2015, Nicky got into a dispute after rumors circulated that the singer was addicted to drugs. He did confront the rumor and also talked about his conflict with Daddy Yankee.

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