Norman Jewison Wiki, Bio, Married Life, Wife, Children and Net Worth

Norman Jewison is a Canada-based film director, producer, and actor. He is a well-recognized face in the industry. Jewison has been nominated for the Academy Award for the best Director multiple times in his career. He is known to encase important and critical social and political issues. This issue caused controversy and complications while accessing to audiences.

Early Life

Jewison was born in Toronto, Ontario. On the date July 21, 1926, to his mother and father. His father Joseph Jewison used to manage a convenience store and a post office. Dorothy Irene, his mother, was a housewife. He and his family are Christians and in fact not a Jew, despite their surname.


Norman attended Kew Beach school and later transferred to Malvern Collegiate Institute for high school. While in school, he showed immense interest and talent in the field of performing and theater. He then graduated from Victoria College In the University of Toronto with a degree in Arts. Even in his college life, he was always involved in writing, theatrics, acting and directing.

Early Career

After graduation, he moved to London. He started to work as a scriptwriter for children’s show. Jewison also had to support himself with other odd jobs. After a while in London, he returned to Canada. He became a production trainee soon after at CBLT in Toronto.


In Television

Jewison first started his directing career at the CBC Television. He worked there as an assistant director. From the year 1952 to the next seven years, worked as a director, writer, and producer on a small scale. He had produced, directed and written many musicals; comedy shows dramas and specials. Some of them include- The Big Revenue and The Barris Beat.

After seven years, he was offered to work for the CBS in New York. His first directorial debut was Your Hill Parade. He also followed up with The Andy Williams Show. Jewison also directed and filmed movies taking many famous stars.

As a Director

He first started his filming career with a comedy movie entitled “Forty Pounds of Trouble.” After that, he shortly followed up with Doris Day: The Thrill of It All. And later with Send Me No Flowers. After a series of comedies, he decided to take more serious projects. He then wrote and directed a serious movie. It was called The Cincinnati Kid This is still considered the best movie about gambling. He then went on to make several more movies. Entitled- “The Russians Are Coming; the Russians are coming.” This was nominated for four Academy Award.

His success grew in significant amount after his movie “In the Heat of the Night” was released. It won five Academy Award including the Best Picture. The important contribution and works are listed as “The Thomas Crown Affair,” “The Landlord,” and “Gaily Gaily.” Alongside with “And Justice for all”, “The Dogs of War.”

As a Film House Founder

Jewison created the Canadian Centre for Advanced Film Studies in 1986. It was opened as Advanced Film Studies. Later the name was changed as CFC. This Centre was Founded with an aim to invest and inspire the young entrepreneurs to contribute to the screen-based entertainment industry.

This foundation provides a significant number of disciplinary programs and initiatives for filmmaking. Also for screen based acting, television shows, and any other digital media. It also collaborates, partners with various industries and business. It makes opportunities for those who deserve them.

Norman Jewison Married Life

Jewison got married to his first wife, Margaret Ann Dixon on July 11, 1953. They had three children together- Kevin, Jennifer, and Michael. He currently has five grandchildren- Ella, Sam, Megan, Henry, and Alexandra. His first wife died in the year 2004 and then he remained single until 2010. In 2010, he remarried to Lynne St. David. They don’t have any child together. They currently reside in Canada.

Awards and Achievements

So far in his almost 60-70 year career as a director and producer, he has received countless awards and titles and nominations. His contribution to the screen-based entertainment industry is great. The major ones he has won are- “Best Picture,” “Best Director,” “Best Direction” for several of his movies. Jewison has also been rewarded with American Cinema Editors Golden Eddie Award (2008). He also won Lifetime Achievement Award of Director’s Guild (2002) and Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award (1999).

Norman Jewison Net Worth

The net worth of Norman Jewison is not yet disclosed. It remains unsure about the estimated net worth.

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