Patrick Dempsey Dating, Life, Breakup, Bio, Wiki, Career and Net Worth

Patrick Galen Dempsey is one of the most famous and renowned figures in television. Dempsey who is also a race car enthusiast was ranked the highest paying TV actor in 2014.

Dempsey is widely known for his role as Dr. Derek Christopher Shepherd in drama show Grey’s Anatomy. He plays a handsome neurosurgeon also nicknamed ‘McDreamy’.

Besides Grey’s Anatomy, the heartthrob actor has starred in numerous movies such as ‘Enchanted’ of 2007 and the super hit film of ‘Sweet Home Alabama’.

Acting apart, Dempsey has a vast collection of vintage cars, and he has also raced in many professional events.

Early Life

Patrick Dempsey was born on 13th January of 1966 in Lewiston of USA. He was born to father William Dempsey who is an insurance salesman and to mother Amanda Dempsey who was a secretary.

Dempsey grew up in Buckfield and Turner; however, he spent his early life in Ireland where he lived with his two sisters.


Patrick went to Buckfield High School followed by St. Dominic Regional High School.
During his high school, Dempsey participated in the International Jugglers’ Association Championship where he won the second prize.

Early Career

Dempsey first auditioned for a role in Torch Song Trilogy’s production. After winning the role, Dempsey toured to different states with the company, and he also played lead roles in plays like Brighton Beach Memoirs.


As an actor

Patrick got his first major role in a film through movie ‘In the Mood’. He was mere 21 when he landed the role.

Dempsey then also appeared in numerous films like ‘Meatballs III’ in 1987, followed by ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ in the same year. The year after, he played the lead role in movie ‘Loverboy’ as well as in ‘Happy Together’.

In the 90’s Dempsey appeared in many TV series, however the series in which he acted never picked up for more than a season.

But later he gained a lot of positive reviews in 1991 through ‘Mobsters’. In the show, he played the role of Meyer Lansky. He appeared and starred in many tv series like Will & Grace, JFK: Reckless Youth, etc.

However, in the year 2002, Dempsey received a role which had very high profile through movie Sweet Home Alabama.

Until 2000’s, he starred in many films which include Iron Jawed Angels, The Practice, Enchanted, Freedom Writers, Made of Honor and, much more.

Grey’s Anatomy and recent works

Dempsey was cast as Dr. Derek Shepherd with a two years contract on January of 2014. He gained a lot of attention and exposure through the role. He even won many awards for the role. However, in the 11th season of the series, his character dies in a car crash.

He then appeared as Jack Qwant in 2016’s film ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’.

As an Racer

Actor Dempsey is very passionate about racing, and he owns a vast collection of vintage and sports cars. He even quoted once that racing is as important to him as acting and it is not just a hobby.

Dempsey has participated in many racing events which include Panoz Racing Series in 2004, Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race in 2006 and Rolex Sports Car Series in 2007.

Awards and Nominations

Dempsey won a Young Artist Award in the year 1987 for his role in ‘Can’t Buy Me Love.’

After that, all the awards he has won are for his role as Derek Shepherd in Greys Anatomy. He has 2 Screen Actors Guild Award from years 2006 and 2007, 3 People’s Choice Awards won in 2007, 2008 and 2015.

Personal Life

Patrick is 5ft 10in. tall, and he also weighs 170 pounds (77 kg). He has blue eyes which are the most distinctive features about him, and another one is his wavy hair.

Relationships, Marriage, and Dating

Demsey was 21-years-old when he got married to Rochelle “Rocky” Parker who was 48years-old back then. He got married in 1987. However, they got divorced in 1994.

Later on 31st July of 1999, he again got married to Jillian Fink who is a makeup artist.

The duo gave birth to their first child Talula Fyfe on 20th February of 2002. Later on 1st February of 2007, they have twins Sullivan Patrick and Darby Galen.

However, they filed for divorce in 2015, but they called it off again in November of 2016.

Social Reach

Dempsey  has a total of 1.8 million followers on his official Instagram page and 1.34 million followers on his Twitter page. He also has 1.7 million followers on his official Facebook page.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Patrick is $40 million. He earned the sum through his career in acting and auto racing.

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