Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (a.k.a PewDiePie) – Net Worth & Bio

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is professionally known as ‘PewDiePie.’ He is a comedian and online video producer.

He is a Swedish YouTuber and is currently residing in the England. He is popularly known for his sarcastic and funny commentary in his youtube videos. Pewds also calls his subscribers ‘bro army.’

PewDiePie is also the YouTuber with the highest subscribers as of 15th August of 2013. PewDiePie encourages his massive fan base to helped him to fund money for different charities.

He was also named among ‘”The World’s 100 Most Influential People’ in 2016 by ‘Time’.

Early Life

PewDiePie was born on 24th October of 1989. He was born in Gothenburg of Sweden. His parents are Lotta Kristine Johanna a former KappAhl CIO and Ulf Christian Kjellberg a chief executive at a company. He also has a sister ‘Fanny’.


Felix attended the Göteborgs Högre Samskola and graduated from there in 2008. During his high school days, Felix was very absorbed by arts and even drew game characters like Mario.

Later on, he attended the Chalmers University of Technology to study industrial economics. But in 2011, he dropped out of college so that he could extend his career in YouTube.

Early Career

Felix’s YouTube account was initially registered as ‘PewDie’. According to him, pew was the sound made by laser and die obviously meant die. But he forgot his password and later on 29th April of 2010, he again registered a new account in the name of ‘PewDiePie’.

After Felix dropped out of college for YouTube career in 2011, his parents refused to support him.

He then started to work at a hot dog stand!


As a YouTuber

In no time, PewDiePie collected a lot of audiences. Felix once even quoted that at the time, he did not know if he could earn through what he did but he just was trying to do what he loved.

By the end of 2011, PewDiePie’s YouTube channel has 60 thousand subscribers, and the number only kept increasing since.

His channel surpassed a million subs on 11th July of 2012 and after just a month, it surpassed 2 million subscribers.

His channel was ranked as number one YouTube channel by OpenSlate in October of the same year. By the end of the year in December, Felix got a contact with Maker Studio.

His channel surpassed 5 million subscribers by 18th February in 2013 which increased to 6 million by April of 2016. In the same month, he was covered by New York Times.

Surpassing 10 million subscribers

By July, his channel surpassed 10 million subscribers becoming the second most subscribed channel on YouTube. And finally, on August of the same year, his channel became the most subscribed channel on YouTube. Consequently he became the only channel with over 15 million subscribers on 1st of November.

PewDiePie’s channel also became the fastest growing channel with a subscriber ever 1.037 seconds.

By the end of 2013, his channel reached a staggering 19 million subscribers. The channel also has around 1.3billion views by 2013’s second half.

By the end of 2015, his channel became the only one YouTube channel with 10 billion views.

In October of 2015, it eas also announced that a new TV series featuring pewds is being shot and the series is called ‘ Scare PewDiePie’. The series made a debut in 2016.

By the end of 2016, he had an amazing subscription of 50 million and he even received a Ruby YouTube Play Button on 18th December of 2016.

His channel also gained 14.3 billion views on January of 2017.

Awards and Nominations

PewDiePie has won a total of 5 awards until today.

In 2013, the YouTuber won 2 Starcount Social Star Awards and a Shorty Awards. He won a Teen Choice Awards under category ‘Web Star: Gaming’ in the year 2014. Pewds won a 5th Streamy Awards under category ‘Best Gaming Channel, Show, or Series’ in 2015.

Personal Life

He is currently in a relationship with fellow YouTuber, Marzia Bisognin who is known by the name of ‘CutiePieMarzia‘. The duo has been in a relationship since 2011 and had been shuffling between Sweden and Italy. They finally move to Brighton, England in July of 2013.

Social Reach

PewDiePie has a total of 11.4 million followers on his Instagram page and 9.63 million followers on his official Twitter page (@pewdiepie). PewDiePie also has a total of  52.6 million subscribers on his official YouTube channel. No Surprise there!

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of YouTube sensation PewDiePie is $61 million. He earned the sum through his career on YouTube and other endorsements.


Despite the success, PewDiePie was once criticized for his inappropriate rape jokes. He soon apologized for hurting anyone’s feeling and since stopped making jokes about rape.

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