132 Amazing Pompadour Haircut Which Is Made Just For You

Pompadour haircut is among one of our burning hairstyles with tons of variations to use with it. With tons of changes in option and with its compatibility, we can enjoy its stylish attire. Similarly, when we talk about pomp, we can never ignore the hair gel. It’s almost a necessity for a person with a short hair loving a pompadour to use a hair gel. Anyways we can get a composed and organised look with the help of this Pompadour haircut.

Trending Pompadour Hairstyles

As we know that these hairstyles are very compatible, this gives us an advantage of having a freedom of changing our hair nature over time. Similarly,  our next position is that we can use these hairdos with a different variety of lengths of hair. So, if you are a newbie in this world of hairdressing or an expert in these fields, you will adore pompadour.

Let’s discuss here some of our most famous Pompadour Hairstyle modifications with their characteristics.

Stickleback Pompadour

pompadour haircut

These beauties are among the most approved haircut among followers of a pomp hair. We can also see from these pictures of our models that a sickle back is a perfect haircut for people of all ages. A pompadour is a long forward and gradually short moving towards the back of one’s head. A stickleback is curvy to our side and is almost similar to a half-mohawk.

Modern Pompadour Haircut

Modern pomp may have a different variation of length and add-ons with our basic pompadour hairdo. Similarly, there are many piercings and beard styles going well with a suitable pompadour. Here we have a bald fade with flattop pomp.


A comb-over is a simple but beautiful version of a pompadour hairstyle. Pompadour mens haircut is among basic of these pomps and is widely famous among teens and office people. Comb-Over pomp goes well with a different variation of beard too.

Pompadour Haircut How To Style

Well, most of us might leave these sorts of question to our barber, it’s better knowing this science behind pomp. All pompadour has long frontal and short lateral hairs. We can style our front part and match our rear accordingly. Similarly, we have enough space to the side for adding linings and patterns.

Pompadour Undercut

An undercut is a popular choice of many people when it comes to our side of hair. We cut our side part of ones head lower than the next one which causes balancing unevenness in a volume of hair. Similarly, we can also use piercings to compliment an undercut.

Pomp And A Beard

A beard and a hair always come together when someone is talking about either one of them. A haircut is incomplete without a balancing beard to its side. We can have a long coloured, short and trimmed, as well as a thick beard with pompadour haircut as shown in above pictures.

Elvis With Pompadour

One of our most significant cultural icon; a singer and actor Elvis Aaron Presley is known for his stylish attire. He is that one person who comes to our head when we talk about pompadour haircut. With his Rock-star outlook and unique voice, Elvis ruled the 90’s. His hairstyle undoubtedly played an important role then.

Faux Comb-Over

We can distinguish these hairdos from others as they have a pointy top hair. Similarly, we can compare them to faux as top part here is converging towards our centre of a head. These look great with its different variations of beard and with different skin tones too.

Sickle Hawk Pompadour

While discussing pompadour haircut how to style it ? is that first question that rings one’s head. It’s simple and efficient at the same time, so it’s better to know about it. Take a part of the top and comb it backwards in a linear way. You get this beautiful hair with a simple procedure as discussed above.

Mid Undercut Skin Fade

A fade combines well with different nature of hair. And if you talk about fade, an undercut variation of it comes together with fade. We can have a great combination of pomp in our top while fade undercut to one’s bottoms part of a head. Similarly, we can experiment pomp here with a different variation of beard also.

Long Pomp With Low Bald Fade

These variation of pomps are equally Famous for both male and female. Pompadour hairstyle female looks even better with a side short mohawk. We have mid and low fade to combine with our pomp here.

Side Combed Pomp

We can see that the only difference between usual and side combed pomp is the direction one brushes his hair. We can use a fade or a slight trim in our bottom part. Similarly, we have an equivalent volume in a part of a head when we comb it sidewards.

Small Pomp With Low Bald Fade

A bald fade balances the overall volume of hair in one’s head. A disadvantage is that you can not use linings and patterns while you’re using a bald fade. While lining is not possible it is an intelligent decision to use piercings and neck tattoos to compliment with a bald fade.

Pompadour with a thick beard

A thick beard gives us a bolder and matured look. Our clean thick beard will look more balanced than before if we have a pompadour haircut in our top as shown above.

Golden Colored Pomp

Every one of us colours our hair nowadays, and it looks more significant and better that way too. Good hair colour may enhance your personality while a wrong hair colour will make you look disorganised. Similarly, we must carefully consider our skin tone and eye colour while colouring our hair.

In Swung Pomp

These haircuts definitely look like a birds nest and are advantageous for people with big foreheads. We can combine a swung in a pompadour with a clean-shaven face too. Pompadour mens are smarter with this hairdo.

Pompadour with English Moustache

Gentleman with every angle, an English moustache makes you stylish and classy at the same time. We have a freedom to use long or short beard with an English moustache. A pomp act as a cherry to the top of this beautiful style. Similarly, we can use this hairdo with different formal and informal items of clothing.

Swill Shell Pomp

Like Presley pompadour, we can have different stylish modifications to our pompadour haircuts  2018. Pompadour haircut fade also looks better with these swills to its top. Similarly, these hairdos look better with varying colours of skin too.

Full Comb-over Pompadour

Pompadour haircut instructions are simple but effective, so most of them describe a full pompadour as above. We can use rear linings and piercings to enhance this full comb-over pomp. Adding to it, we can have a variety of beard forms or a clean-shaven face with pompadour comb-over too. Similarly, one can also use hair highlights to compliment with full combed pomp.

Pompadour With Sparse Beard

Sparse beard is mostly clean and comfortable to manage. It also prevents extra hair in a face which many people dislike. Similarly,  This haircut matches well with a sparse beard and gives us that freedom to innovate our strands with matching hair highlights.

Pompadour With Taper Fade

Taper Fade is fashionable and cool. We can have any hair in its top, and it looks equally good with all. So when these two compatible haircuts get along, they seem incredibly lethal. It has different modifications including undercut and hawk so one can shift to them from these hairdressing genii any time.

Lateral Comb-Over With Hair Oil

Along with stylish hair, one must also take care of his hair health. Unhealthy hair habits might result in hair damage, and you could have no more hair to style ever. So be smart and give your hair what necessary for fast growing and beautiful looking nature is. One of the most appreciated and chosen ways is by using hair oils and creams. They provide essential nutrients while giving our hair a brilliant shine also.

Wavy Pompadour Haircut

A wavy hair nature is just a balance between a curl and a straight one. Its better than both of them as we can use its kind to apply to different hairstyles. But sometimes simplest of hairstyles are best among all. So if you are gifted with a wavy hair, then you would find this hairdo interesting.

David Beckham: King Of Strong Styles

An excellent player in football pitch and a gentleman outside of it. Everybody love and follow David Beckham inside and outside a football world for his style and personality. He got no chill when it comes to being a sportsman and a model whose footsteps others can follow. Assisting his style is his great pomp and a shorter faux version of it outside in formal clothing. So if you adore David for who he is, you are most likely to use this haircut.

Women Comb-Over

Alongside men, women are most innovative and careful when we talk about being stylish and sexy. This part is where These beauties come as a boon to women. Easy to manage and elegant to see, pomp is just what they want. These hairdos go perfectly with almost all variations of skin tones and women body physiques.

Highlighted Long Comb-Over

When it comes to highlighting one’s hair, there are two fundamental ways to do it. One is highlighting randomly and selecting random patches. Another one is highlighting only selective strands. Either way, a pompadour haircut goes well with both types of hair highlights. Personal advice of mine is if you have a darker skin complexion use lighter hair highlights and vice versa. You will enhance both your style and personality using hair highlights.

Linings And Patterns

Add-ons are essential not only for your self-satisfaction but also to get a unique look. And when we talk about add-ons, we can never forget a most significant one among them ‘A Lining’. A lining can be linear or in a pattern form, depending upon its owners choice. Similarly, we can also add piercings and face tattoos as a critical Add-on to our haircut. Adding to it, we can conclude that a fade is an ideal choice for better implementation of most of this hair doing.

Pomp With Shades

From cool funky shades to a straightforward reading glasses a hairstyle affects how you look when what are you wearing. It’s no pain when there is a pomp comb over. Either with full or partial pompadour we can use different eye shades as well as glasses. Similarly, if you use eye lenses, then you can match your colour of strands with your Lens colour too. We can also match different beard styles to go well with our shades and strands for a complete look.

Elvis Pomp

Pompadour was famous in this period because of Elvis, and That’s no secret to all. Elvis looked a complete gentleman with this hairstyle and his suit. He also proved well that these hairdos match well with a clean-shaven face.

Robert Pattinson combing Back

Our star from twilight Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson also loves this haircut as we see it in most of his movies. With a touch of little highlight abd a medium kept a beard he is just ready to take away the ladies breath away. So be sexy like Pattinson and try a pompadour.

Nick Jonas

Nicholas Jerry Jonas is an American born singer, song producer and a thriving music director. He is hyped for his recent marriage with former miss world Priyanka Chopra. Backing him up always is his stylish attire and a great personality. His style is highlighted with his sparse trimmed beard and his finely combed pompadour.

Pompadour with Piercings

Pompadour haircut looks well with different innovative and stylish add-ons. One of these is piercing. Facial piercings are bold in look and balances that positive energy of face. Similarly, we can also use ear piercings to compliment these hairstyles. Here, we have a dark shade and an ear piercing to compliment

Bald Fade Pompadour

Here We HAve a mid and low bald fade respectively. Many people accept bald fade as an easy hairstyle, and it’s easy to get and maintain too. Similarly, we can have a top pomp bald fade which goes well with different other modifications and add-ons.

Puffed Combed Top

A pompadour looks somewhat pumped or inflated if done correctly. It is among one of its many characters if you have a long hair. Similarly, if you have a short hair, you can use a faux with a slight rise in it.

Justin Bieber With Faux Pomp

Justin Drew Bieber is a Canadian born singer and musician, who is famous for his style and magical voice. Similarly, his style is supported by his pompadour hairstyle. He might have changed his girlfriend many times, but one thing which is encouraging them is his top highlighted pompadour hairdo. These go well with both formal and informal items of clothing.

Rear Pointed Comb-Over With Lining

A rear pointed hair is easy to use and manage too. These beauties look elegant and also works well with formal and informal clothing. Similarly, we can have this technique to compliment different skin tones. From the above model, we also know that it goes well with a cleanly-shaven face.

Faux With Thick Beard

Taper fade works well with different variations of beard. A thick beard gives one a bold and clean look. Similarly, babyfaced people can get a responsible look with this taper fade pompadour haircut. One can also keep a thin trimmed moustache to go well with these hairdos.

Top Comb-Over UndercutIn this type of hairstyle we comb the top portion of our hair is brushed back. We can also use highlights to our top for further enhancement of hair. Similarly, we can also use a thin moustache to combine with this faux pomp.

Golden Top With Piercings

The golden colour is a royal colour and looks better with any hair nature. Here our model has a high pompadour with a lower lips piercing and a super cool ear top.

Mid Fade Pompadour


A Mid fade is a universally compatible haircut, and People like to have them over any other fades. Similarly, if you love being ready to rock anytime, you should use mid-fade with a pompadour. This technique also gives the hair owner a freedom to change and modify their hair in many different stylish forms. Similarly, You can have a thick or thin beard to pair up with mid fade pompadour.

Classy Highlight With Suit

A Suit is a gentleman’s signature. Similarly, one can look cool and classy with a proper combination of suit, pomp and beard. One can also experiment with different hair highlights to go well with Suits.

Mid Trimmed Beard And Mid Fade

With a faux or Comb-over in a top and with any skin tone too, one can boss his style with a smartly trimmed beard. Similarly, With a suit or in any formal clothes a beard provides that clean finish to one’s haircut. A simple, smart and relaxed way of looking stylish is knowing and implementing that right beard in your face.

Silver Highlighted Mid Fade

A smart highlight selection always enhances a user’s personality. One can choose which colour matches him best and stick with it to look his best. Similarly, a good hair and style always build up more confidence in oneself.

Puffed Rear Combed Taper Fade

Taper fade is an ideal bottom part for a top pompadour. A taper fade is compatible, simple and stylish at the same time. We can boss this haircut with simplicity and effectiveness. Along with it, we can also experiment with our hair with modifications and add-ons. A taper fade provides a compatible base for both formal and informal items of clothing.

Top Faux Comb-over

A faux hairdo has a distinctive character of hair conversing and rising towards the middle. These hairstyles looked innovative and managed at the same time. We can also add tons of other different variations to make them more beautiful. A faux looks dashing and straightforward which is an essential feature for hair.

Sickle Undercut with Linings

A lining is that add-on that we can’t replace or overlook. With a simple pattern or an artistic pattern, a line is easily noticeable and stylish. Similarly, we can say the same thing about undercut. A lining separating the long and short hair is a new concept, and people love it. Here, we have models wearing a pompadour to their top and an undercut below it. Similarly, that undercut separates from short ones with a lining.

Lateral Comb-over Pompadour

A lateral Comb-over pompadour haircut is an innovation in its field. We can see tons of variations in a comb over, but this might be that perfect hairdo for you. It is easily manageable and compatible with different hair nature too. Similarly, one can use this haircut with a cleanly shaven face also.

Trending Pompadour Hairstyles

A healthy and stylish hair will always enhance your personality. A complete hairstyle is that one which matches the owner perfectly along with different features surrounding him. A pompadour haircut is just that one which one seeks for their betterment of look. Our first impression always matters in every situation so that first impression should be a blockbuster with a pompadour haircut. Natural or modified hair nature, you can have any of these as this hairdo matches and makes you look and feel better. With hair highlights and colourings you can add elegance to your hair. Similarly, you can use piercings, tattoos, and different beard styles to compliment pompadour. It looks good with every skin tone and will remain for a long time in the mens fashion world.

So, look good and be smart with pompadour haircut. Once you try these haircuts, you would hardly regret it as it’s that good. Learn the technique and earn your spot with a pompadour in your head.

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