115 Short Inspirational Positive Quotes That Will Change Your Life

Be positive- this is simply what positive quotes tell you. And this is very necessary. For you know, positivity is the key that unlocks happiness. It is not just a word that exists- it is some precious thing that you should be willing to adopt and then it will turn the world into your way. So, positive quotes about life are bound to be a lot of help.

positive quotes


And if you have realized all these, things, then you indeed are in search for some great positive quotes. And we gathered all of them. Hence, here are some of the best positive quotes for success and happiness that have ever been said.

Setting Up Goals


positive quotes

This quote speaks of a very important thing. You know, we need to have a sense of direction- getting somewhere is only possible when we know where we are headed to.


Your job won’t matter- until there are successful people in every field. Our world is just a system- a system that has been devised such that people can gain success if they keep on doing what they love. Quotes like this should be taken very mandatory positive quotes about work, something that should be taught to everyone.

Emotions And Things

These types of short positive quotes will help you in your lifetime. You will need to remember all these words carefully.

Replace Them

To be frank, we definitely have got a lot of negative thoughts in our mind, just as this quote indicates. And we also know that our thoughts convert into results, don’t we?

Last Of Human Freedom

Let them take everything- but not your freedom. And what this quote means with this is that you will still have it- to turn any situations in your favor when they seem so far out.

Think And Be

Short, sweet and true. There are only some words in this quote, and they are all we need to learn everything about positivity.

For Positive Things To Happen

There are some positive quotes that you should always be wary of- some that you will need to abide by your whole life. And this is one of them.

More Things

It is true that these days we spend a lot of our time on our phone. But to be frank, we are just wasting a lot o four-time when we do so. With this quote, let us understand that. We can do so many fun things that don’t involve phone screens.

Lift Them Up

Even if this picture context is funny, this quote is to be taken seriously. For we know that only positive people are those who turn out to be strong, and they are the ones who will help others be like them.

Than You Think

Don’t think so? Then it’s easy- just change your thoughts. And you will know that this quote is so real.

Never Let t Rest

How many times have you heard the people tell you always improve? This one adds on to that and will help you lead a very positive life.

Love What You Do

As Steve Jobs tells in one of his positive quotes, great work and loving what you do- these things are almost synonyms. For only if you have a positive attitude towards your job, you like it, and when you like it, you would want to do it will all your

To Get Better

And if you can say these exact same words to yourself, then indeed, you will get better as well.

A Change

Happiness- you become happy if you want yourself to be. Which means happiness is defined by your own feelings- if you think you are happy, then you are.

Getting Started


Some of us end up never starting- we need to put a stop to that. Starting is not so hard- and once we do it, then that is the only way we can even reach the finish line.

Positive Action and Thinking

Both of these things, which this quote talks about, are mandatory. You will need to have both of it, and that is how you gain success, just like Shiv Khera says.

Amazing Day

Tell this quote to yourself every day. What it tells you about positivity is exactly up to a point.

Astound Ourselves

Take words from a person who has experienced everything he says. So, if there are positive quotes from someone as great as Thoman Alva Edison himself, there is no reason you should not be willing to understand it to the full context.


Actually, pain a great teacher itself. As you work your way out of a pain, you will already have learned a lot of many new things. Take your blessings.


This quote exactly tells us why a team is very important. And for all the teams in the world which have been successful until now, all of them understood this clearly.

You’re To Every

Actually, you can only feel yourself, right? Which means, everything become what you want them to be. So, if you know what you want them to be and act according to that, then you will be living in a world filled with happiness.

Descent And Rising

Let them know this, actually, you will not need their ears to listen to these, but let their hearts do so. This is the attitude that we expect from you after you read all of these positive quotes for success.

A Gentle Reminder

Here, we said this to you, and we hope you remember now. And afterward, we also expect you to remind yourself of this quote on a regular basis.

What You Have Overcome

You have been really strong in the past, you know. So just need to remind that to yourself and then, you will overcome whatever that seems tough for now.

Appreciate Yourself

Yes, you will need some self-praise. For that is not only for your motivation, but you truly deserve some applauds from your own side. Foor everything you have done for yourself.


First off, you will need to recognize them. And then, you will always have an option to approach being positive. That is, spending time with those positive people.

Where It Is Shining

Extremely clear metaphors- that light it has been talking about is happiness. And if you want that, you will need it’s source too, and that’s positivity.



A hurdle- it is just a word. And its meaning varies on what we teach ourselves about it. See, great people like Micheal Jordan definition could change everybody’s life.

Be Yourself

You are different, you are a gift, and you are everything that this quote says you are. Let others witness this beauty if you will.


God’s plan- you have heard of this phrase before, right? If you don’t believe in this quote, reflect your past self. And then you will realize you have been perfectly familiar with these words.

No Energy

You have got a lot of energy- but that doesn’t mean you spend it on anything you can. Just understand where it should be spent.

For Greater Challenges

Whatever problem you are facing right now- there is always another bigger than that. And if you reach to the point where you will need to solve that, it means you are a greater person than you have been before.

Unexpected Moments

This quote has been true for your whole life. And it will always be, of course. Remember what you have already learned before,



Remember this quote the first thing in the morning. And in some short time, you will find yourself a different person, full of achievements.

Let Go Of Who I Am

Don’t hold on to things that you think shouldn’t be changed if, in fact, they are giving you troubles. Change that, and be what you might be.

Worth It

Easy is not so fun, right? You already know this, so why not be willing to take on some challenges every now and then?

Way To Lift Them Up

When you do so, that will not only mean a lot to them but also to you and the world. For you sacrificing some of your efforts to help someone up, this is one of the most wonderful things you could ever do.

Don’t Go With Them

You can change your course anytime you want- it is all up to you. So, why go with the things when they are not letting you to a right way.


Just don’t let this quote to fool you- it’s not just some funny quote. Understand these words very carefully.

Without Thought Of A Success

When some sort of success is not a success for you at all, you will find it easier in accomplishing it. This is all that her experiences tell her.


Here are so many positive quotes about life in thsi picture. All of these things are exactly what you need to lead a very happy life.

Complain or Rejoice

The selection is all ours, isn’t it? We can do whatever we want ourselves to- there are two ways to go to it.

For A Dream To Come True

Because you know, some people don’t even have a dream. And if you have one, this also means you have just enough everything to bring it true. So, do what this quote tells you to do.

In Your Mind


If you understand this quote quite well, then you will also get that your world is your mind. Which means your world is exactly what you think about it in your mind.

What Consumes Your Mind

Let’s say this is another version of the same quote we just read before. Your mind is a morsel of food to your thoughts, it is true, so just feed to only the positive ones to only make them alive.

Until You Have Faced Your Struggles

Indeed, you are capable of doing so many things- which we haven’t even realized yet. But sometimes, when we are struggling to take ourselves out from a situation, we amaze ourselves with what we do, this quote points out exactly that.

7 Rules

So, which of these rules do you think you will follow? Ask me; I think I am going to never forget any of them.

A New Beginning

That is why it is even called a ‘new day’ in the first place, right? So, all of us really have to do what this quote tells us to.

Be The Energy

Unsimilars attract- that is only in case of magnets. There is no time for any corny quotes that make no sense, this one here is true.

Make It Happen

Not so many things that should be troubling you- here, it is, straight and simple. There are the only three things that you will ever need to do.


Enjoy, right? Once you finish you journey, there are only going to be memories with you. So, always keep in mind that you will need to enjoy your experience, not only your memories.

As Long As It Is Forward

If something is making you better, then take it. Because, it is a right thing to do, so there is no reason for holding back. Just as this quote tells you.

A Contagious Matter

Just to say, every people who are around the successful ones also get to experience some success. Which means that positive attitude which is in one transmits to everyone around them.

A Choice

We have read this positive quote before, and then there is another sentence backing it up, elaborating it even more.

A Reason

This is some of the best things that you can be, and it is not so hard to be so. Teach yourself that with this quote.

You Just Can’t

Understand it- we are all very familiar with this positive quote, aren’t we?

Right Things That Start happiness

Well, you can ask them to leave your life- and if they don’t, then it is time for you to leave theirs. For being so wrong, they don’t have a privilege for rightful people like you to stay in their lives.

Your Only Limit


This thing is only a word that we think of. And when we understand that, we will never have any limits.

More Than Just A Tagline

When some words explain exactly about positive thinking in a brief and a true matter, then that quote automatically turns into one of the best inspirational quotes about life and happiness.

End It With A Positive Thought

If you do, then you will never happen to be sad. Because you will always have this thing called hope.

In Your Heart

Your heart has your god- this quote itself is a very positive thinking. Something you will need to learn to think as well.

Nothing Impossible

For many people have tried to tell you these same words, it is already time that you understand them perfectly. Nothing impossible- this positive attitude is what made the successful people what they are today.

Don’t Wait

It is as if we wait, then that time itself is not right. If we want to make ourselves some right time, we will need to stop waiting and get ourselves out, just like this quote says.

Storms Don’t Last

Reading more inspirational quotes about life and struggle- similar to this is a very good practice. I would say these words will help you more with your life rather than most of your academic books.

When You Are Honest With Yourself

Just don’t read the positive quotes and know that they are true. If you are willing to implement them in your life, then you will see all the good things that it has in store for you.

Live And Focus

These two things that he has said in this quote are very related to each other. They always come together with each other.

Aim Of Positive Psychology

A very positive aim- an aim that we are always willing to welcome into our lives. Because you know, everything that it focuses on is very healthy in our lives.

Breath, Let Go

So many troubles are bugging you, I know that. But, this time, ask yourself if you should be letting them do so.


You could easily do so if you want. It is not so hard, right? Imagine once, and then it becomes way too easy to turn it into reality.

Win Or Lose

Somethings are in our reach- while some are not. What we focus on is all that matters right now.

How My Day Begins

Here is another one of those great positive quotes for the day. Let your day also begin with those things Louise Hay does.

Two Ways Of Spreading Light

And you can undertake any measure you want. As long as you follow this quote, whatever you do, you will still make a huge difference in the world.

For Those Who Make It Best

Br one of those people who this positive quote praises. Positive quotes will change your life- this one tells you why.

Love Yourself

The best person you will get to love. That is yourself. And this quote gives you a very positive reason for that.

A Small Sunny Smile

This is why everyone always wants you to smile. And then keep on smiling. It’s just a small action from your side, but how it helps things to turn to your way, is just incredible.

Where It Manifests

Most of the positive quotes are for you to understand this quote. This is how these words have been arranged, haven’t they?

Getting Better With Change

If so many positive quotes are about thsi sole thing, then try to change everytime you need to. It is so simple, and then you will see results by yourself.

Unstoppable Girl

“Her” in this quote, it can be you. It is if you make yourself exactly like her. No matter what, continue- you can always do that.

Things Tha Prove You Lived

Be positive- your age shouldn’t be something that makes you sad. Because, if you are old, that means you have already experienced the things some people will never get to.


Be very picky- try to understand ambiances of anything. And just be in those surrounding you want yourself to be in.

Run Over Them

There are many ways to run as well. This quote has been put up in a very clever way; we have to say.

Love And Disney Princesses

These are some girls who are inspirational to all of us. And just because of one common reason which you already know.

Other Side

This one is very real. You can use your fear like they way you want. This time, try to make it a bridge, it will be very good for you to do so.

Laugh At Them

Well- yes, you will need to do the same. I mean finding yourself something new to laugh at and still be rightful- isn’t that cool?

Best Today

As this quote says, why do we even need to think about tomorrow when we still have today?


Hope and confidence- the keys to everything. And positivity- way to them. If someone like Helen Keller is saying these words, they are bound to be amazing.

Simple Decision

We don’t need the complete word, even just a snippet of it makes some great positive thoughts quotes.

So, what did you think about these positive quotes? Even liking them could be a blessing. Because you did like these positive quotes, then you could be willing to follow them. And if you do so, then it is only good things in your life.

Well, if you liked these quotes, then I am sincerely happy. Glad to be of help. Be sure that you will try your best to abide by them and till the next time, have fun and always keep on being positive like these quotes tell you to.

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