Prince Harry: Age, Net Worth, Engaged, Rumors (Information)

Henry Charles Albert David is popularly known by the names of Prime Harry and Prince Henry of Wales. He is the youngest son of  Diana and Charles, the Princess, and Prince of Wales.

For the succession of grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, he was third in the line. But now he is in the fifth after his father, his elder brother, Duke of Cambridge and now, William’s children.

Prince Harry chose a military career after he spent some of his gap years in Lesotho and Australia prior to getting an education from schools in the UK. At RMA Sandhurst, he underwent training for an officer.

His net worth is approximately $40 million!



Early Life

Prince Harry was born on 15th September of 1984 in Paddington, London at the  St Mary’s Hospital. On 21st December of 1984, he was baptized by  Robert Runcie who is the   Archbishop of Canterbury at the  St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.

Prince Andrew,  Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones,  Carolyn Bartholomew,  Bryan Organ, Gerald Ward and Celia, Lady Vestey are his godparents.

Harry and his brother William were taken to different venues which included Disney World to shelters for homeless people. Diana did so because she wanted her sons to provide them with a huge range of experiences.  Harry even went to officials visits with his parents and his first international tour was in 1985. He went to Italy with his parents

Later in 1996, his parents got a divorce, and in the same year, his mother died because of a car accident that took place in Paris.



Harry got his education from independent schools like his father and brother. Jane Mynors’ nursery school was his first school, and later he joined Wetherby School which are both in London.

Later on, he attended  Ludgrove School followed by Eton College after passing the entrance exams.

By June of 2003, Prince Harry completed his education with two A-Levels from the Eton College. He scored grade B in Arts and a D in Geography.

One of a former teacher of Harry shared that Harry was a weak student and many staffs of the college even helped him cheat during the exams.


Career in Military

On 8th of May, 2005, the Prince of Waled entered ‘Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.’ He was recognized as Officer Cadet Wales there, and he even joined the Alamein Company. In just a year, by 2006, the prince completed his training of an Officer. He then was enrolled in the Blue Royals as a Cornet. In British Amry, Blue Royals is a regiment of the Household Cavalry. His service number is 564673.

Later in 13th April of 2008, he was promoted to lieutenant. Also on February of 2007, an announcement was made by the  Ministry of Defence and Clarence House that the Prince was being deployed to Iraq. He was being sent as part of the 1st Mechanized Brigade of the 3rd Mechanized Division. Harry, on the other hand, supported the move and even shared that he would be willing to leave the army if he was kept in safety while his regiment fought in a war.

But later in 16th May of 2007, it was announced by Dannatt that the Prince would not be serving in Iraq. They were concerned that Harry would be a target of high value and it would only increase the danger to the soldiers who were around him.

Later in June of 2007, he went to Canada. There at CFB Suffield, near Medicine Hat, Alberta, he trained with  Canadian Forces and British Army.

Other Works

An announcement was made in October of 2008 that Harry would be following the steps of his father and brother. He was going to learn to fly military helicopters. First, he passed the initial aptitude test and then took a month long course. The results of the Army Air Corps Base (AAC), Middle Wallop, evaluated if he could train as a pilot.

Later in 7th May of 2010, he was given his flying brevet (wings) by his father. It was done at Army Air Corps Base (AAC), Middle Wallop during a ceremony.


Personal Life

Prince Harry is a very athletic person, and he enjoys sports which include skiing, motocross, and competitive polo. He is also a huge supporter of Arsenal (Football Club). He is also a huge fan of Rugby Union. To host the  2015 Rugby World Cup, he supported England.  

As a child, Harry was reputed to be rebellious, leading which earned him the label of ‘wild child.’ Aged 17, he was caught smoking cannabis and getting involved in underage drinking.

Harry was introduced to the granddaughter of Edward Curzon,  Cressida Bonas on May of 2012 by his cousin. Later an announcement was made on April of 2014; they had parted away in a friendly way.

In the recent 2016, it has also been rumored that he was dating Meghan Markle, an American actress. The stories were later verified by Kensington Palace on November of 2016.

Net Worth

The Prince of Wales, Henry Charles Albert David has a new worth of $40 million.


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