Roger Spottiswoode: Net Worth, Popularity, Movie (Career)

Roger Spottiswoode is a multi-talented individual. The British-Canadian film director, editor, and a writer is popularly known for directing movies like (1997) Tomorrow Never Dies, (1989) Turner and Hooch and (2000) The 6th Day.

Early Life

Roger Spottiswoode was born in Ottawa, Ontario of Canada on 5th January of 1945. The now 71-year-old  was raised up in Britain. His father is Raymond Spottiswoode, and he was a film. In 1940, he worked for the  National Film Board of Canada.

Raymond Spottiswoode moves to the United States of America in the early 70’s.


The educational qualification of director cum editor Roger Spottiswoode is unknown. But since his father was a Film theoretician, it is evident; he gained a lot of knowledge about theatrical and much more.


Early Career

Roger Spottiswoode before becoming a director, started his career out as an editor. He used to edit British Commercials and Documentaries.

After moving to the USA, he edited movies like Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid, Straw Dogs, Hard Times, etc.


As a director

In 1980, Roger Spottiswoode started his career off as a director. He made his debut as a director in the film industry through a cult classic Terror Train. The movie features Jamie Lee Curtis in the lead role. He even has directed many television films.

Meanwhile, back in 2000, Roger Spottiswoode directed an all time popular movie The 6th Day. It is a science fiction movie with action thriller and popular actor Arnold Schwarzenegger is starring in it.

In addition to that, Terror Train ‘1980’, The Pursuit of D.B Copper ‘1981’, Under Fire ‘1983’, The Best of Times ‘1986,’ Shoot to Kill ‘1988,’ are The list of some remarkable movies directed by  Roger Spottiswoode.

Furthermore, his movies like Air America ‘1990’, And the Band Played on ‘1993’, Mesmer ‘1994’, Hiroshima ‘1995’, Shake Hands with The Devil ‘2007’, Midnight Sun ‘2014’. Are also well received.

The latest movie directed by him is A Street Cat Named Bob which was released in recent 2016.


As an editor

Roger Spottiswoode first started his career in the British Film Industry in 1960’s. He started off as a trainee editor. There he worked under John Bloom who is also a popular editor. He edited Sam Peckinpah’s many films in the early 70’s.

Some movies that have been edited by Roger Spottiswoode are Straw Dogs ‘1971’, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid ‘1973’.

As a writer

Roger Spottiswoode also worked as a writer once. The worked as a co-writer for the script of 48 Hrs. The movie which featured Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy was a huge hit, and there was a huge demand for the sequel. But Roger Spottiswoode since then never considered writing another script.


Personal Information

In 1983, Roger Spottiswoode got married to Holly Palance who is the daughter of Jack Palance. He had two children with her (Lily Spottiswoode and Spencer Spottiswoode), but later in 197, the duo got a divorce.



In 1994, Roger Spottiswoode was nominated for the ‘Outstanding Individual Achievement in Directing for a Miniseries or a Special’ at the Primetime Emmy Awards

For his 1993 movie ‘And TheBand Played On.’

In 2008, he also won a Jury Award for his 2007 movie ‘Shake Hands with the Devil.’

Back in 2007, he won Audience Award and Best Canadian Film both for his 2007 movie ‘Shake Hands with the Devil.’

He has also won a Gemini Awards in 2008, another Audience Award in 2003 and a Special Grand Prize of the Jury in 1993.


Net Worth

Director and editor, Roger Spottiswoode has a net worth of $25 million. He earned money through his career as a director and an editor.

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