Romany Malco: Net Worth, Height, Videos, Instagram (Information)

Romany Malco is a music producer, actor, screenwriter, and a voice actor based in the US. The actor, cum music producer, is very well known for his voice acting in Opposites Attract, Skat Strut, and Big Time as Taboo.

Romany Romanic Malco Jr is estimated to earn $3 million.


Early Life

Romany Malco was born oIn 18th of November, 1986, at Brooklyn. He is a descent of a West Indian family, and he was the first American born in his family. His family is originally from Trinidad.


During his teenage year, Romany Malco moved to Texas, Baytown. At Baytown, he attended his High School at the Ross S Sterling and graduated from there.

Early Career

Romany Malco started his career as a Rap artist at a very young age. After he had graduated High School at the Ross S Sterling, he created R.M.G which is a rap group.



As a rapper

Virgin Records later in 1991, signed a contract deal with R.M.G rap group after they were relocated to Los Angeles. The group’s name was also ended up changing from R.M. G to College Boyz later on. In 1992, the group’s single song called ‘Victim of the Ghetto’ ranked in the second place of the 90’s rap chart. The group was only active until 1994.

As a music producer

Romany Malco worked as a music producer in 1997 movie ‘The Pest’ by John Leguizamo.

As an Actor

After working in the movie The Pest as a music producer, John Leguizamo was very impressed by the personality of Malco. John Leguizamo eventually encouraged Malco to pursue his career as an actor, and in 2005, he played the role of Jay in ‘The 40-year-Old Virgin’.

He also worked in a TV series called Weeds as Conrad Shepard. He has also played the role of a supporting actor in many movies like Baby Mama, The Love Guru, etc. For the film ‘The 40-year-Old Virgin’, he was also nominated for Best On-Screen Team at the MTV Movies Awards. 

Malco also appeared in ‘No Ordinary Family’ which is an hour long drama on ABC Prime Time as a member in the fall of 2010. He even appeared in ‘Equals Three’ as a guest host in the episode called ‘T-Painful.’ Equals Three is a very popular YouTube series. 

In 2013’s Last Vegas which is a very popular movie of the time, Malco played the role of a concierge.

As voice actor

Romany Malco has voice acted in many films, but his voice of Taboo in movie Opposites Attract ‘1989’, Skat Strut ‘1990’ and Big Time ‘1992’ are the most popular.


Personal Life

Romany Malco wrote a piece for the Huffington Post on 17th of July, 2013 regarding the Trayvon Martin Verdict. In the article, he pointed out how the media was sensationalizing the verdict only so that they can improve their ranking. 

In a statement, he even pointed out that hundreds of black people died in the United States every year and the issue related to Trayvon was not mainstream news and that it was only for ratings and profits.

Romany Malco got married in 2008 with Taryn Dakha. Taryn Dakha is a former ice skater, and she is also the body double of Jessica Alba. The two met on the set of ‘The Love Guru’ in 2008. Romany Malco was playing the role of a supportive character in the movie. 

But there were rumors on the way which claimed that the duo was having a divorce. But they later denied it, and there were also no reports that they were separating.

In 2015, Romany Malco decided to move to the island, and he even quoted he felt like he was living his dreams by residing on the island.

The actor cum producer has more than three hundred thousand likes and followers on his official Facebook page. He also has over two hundred thousand followers on Instagram with a total of 1844 posts on it.

Nominations and Awards

In 2008 and 2007, Malco was nominated for the ‘Outstanding Supporting Actor in Comedy Series’ for ‘Weeds’ at the Image Awards.  In 2007, he was also nominated for the ‘Outstanding Actor – Comedy Series’ for the name series ‘Weed’ at the Monte-Carlo TV Festival.

In the year 2006, he was proudly nominated for the MTV Movie Awards for the Best Breakthrough Performance along with for Best On-Screen Team (Shared with Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, and Seth Rogen).

Romany Malco has a total of 6 nominations.

Net Worth

The net worth of Romany Romanic Malco Jr is $3 million. He earned the wealth through his career in music, film, and TV.  

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