135 Elegant Rose Tattoo That You Want To Get Right Now

Rose tattoo for both guys and girls? Roses and Flowers are for girls, but guys can also have rose tattoos. Back in the day’s tattoos used to identify which tribe you belong to or tattoos’ use was for your identification. Similarly, people used tattoos for the identification of prisoners. But as the time passed, they turned into culture and tradition and finally into fashion. They have turned into more like a fashion trend.

If you are thinking of getting a tattoo, then you should scroll or swipe down to see different types of rose tattoos you would want to get right now in 2018.

Rose Tattoo On Neck


rose tattoo

The neck is a common place to get a tattoo for girls. Some common neck tattoos are a feather, dandelion and other small flower tattoos. However here we have a red and black shaded rose spanning over the neck and traps which is, of course, vast and beautiful at the same time.

Black and Gray Tattoo On Back

If you are a fan of big tattoos, then this is a tattoo you might want to have.

Rose Tattoo On Shoulder and Back

She has worn three beautiful roses on her back and shoulder. At the same time, a butterfly is hanging out there among roses. Here roses look more natural because of the colors of petals and green leaves.

Here we have another rose tattoo on the shoulder which covers collarbone and back. Unlike the previous tatts in which had vibrant color, it has few other colors than black.

Rose on Shoulder

You can show your tattoo on shoulder wearing short tops or clothes which exposes your shoulder. They ideal for your summer outfits. These girls are wearing roses on their shoulder which are not difficult to carry at all.

Rose on Collarbone

Well, we can see how the initial drawing turned out. I think it turned out cute. The model has worn a white top exposing her black rose tattoo, and that’s the purpose of having tattoos.

Males can also have rose tattoos on the collarbone.

Collarbone is one of the most challenging parts of a body to have a tattoo because it contains no muscles at all except some skin. Our model has beautiful black shaded rose under her neck which is cute and charming.

Mile Long Tattoo

This tattoo spans from her knees to her ankle, it is not a mile long, but still, it is long enough.


Generally, black roses have meanings like mysteries, darkness, horror but it also symbolizes unconditional love. It is a well-carved tattoo and excellently shaded.

Garden On Your Back

We used only two colors in this tattoo, but you can say that this is one of best-looking tatts. Sometimes, simple things look more complicated when you there is a combination of artistry and design. Our model has got many flowers on her back. I guess she has even petted a peacock. She has worn a peacock feather.

Red Rose With Knots

Did you tie a knot with someone? Are you getting married or you have engaged with your soul mate then you should get this tattoo.

Antique Watch Will Tell You The Time

I don’t have an antique pocket clock like that, but it doesn’t mean I cannot have one. In spite of buying a real vintage watch, I  would get a tattoo on my body like same as hers.

Rose Tattoo on an arm

It is a medium-sized tattoo ideal for teenagers.

It looks like a natural rose which blossomed just a few days ago, and you want to pluck it right away. But it is a shame that you cannot pluck it.

It’s Five Fifty O’Clock

What a better way to record important events of your life? Get a tattoo of that time. For example, You would want to mark the time of your childbirth or your own birth time.

Black and White Rose Tattoo on Shoulder

We have already seen tattoos on a shoulder, but these are tattoos lying on the edge of the ledge and contain only primary color black for outlining and shading.

She has a Celtic tattoo full of devotion towards God.

The Sky is the limit.

I guess she has written her ambition on her back along with a rose. Yes, “the sky is the limit.”

Outlined Rose Tatoo

If you do not like colorful things or if you want to decrease the amount of color that goes into your skin, then you might want to try outline tattoos. Outline tattoos are simple, and they involve less color and piercing than another tatt. At the same time, it gives you less pain. Therefore, it is an ideal tattoo for a large number of people.

Rose Is Listening 

As you have carved a rose underneath your ear, it might be listening to everything you hear. I bet it will not spy for anyone other than you.

Rose and Clock Tattoo on Ebony Skin

We have yet another clock tattoo, but now it is eight twenty. Tattoos look even beautiful in the chocolate skin.

Rose Tattoo From Shoulder to Waist

When your body is a canvas, you have to let the painter paint. These tattts are arts rather than ink spilled over your body.

Tattoos are painful, and you’d rather know it. It would be better think twice before getting these tattoos because they are so massive that they require significant willpower to complete them. But I am sure they will be iconic tattoos after their completion.

Red Lips and White Rose

Tattoos are not just limited to symbols; they are a form of art where your body is a canvas. There are hidden meanings in your tattoo. A rose might represent a beauty but its color and style, its size may give different sense. Here rose is representing beauty but the lady seem who seems to be in agony gives a different meaning. She doesn’t have vampire teeth but, she might also be a vampire.

Is This Photoshopped?

Rose and butterfly do not look like they are carved there but look like images of rose and butterfly are cropped and place over a picture of an arm. But this is indeed a tattoo, and I  must believe that this is a tattoo, not a photoshopped image. You might ask what about its shadows on the skin? Well, shadows are also tatts.

Roses For Loved Ones

A throat is a very delicate part of a body to have a tattoo because it has vital organs like a respiratory tract. This male model has dared to get a tatt on his throat.

Rose For Your Rose

Flowers and colorful things are said to be girl things, but if you want a rose for you bae, a guy can also have this tattoo. If your soul mate’ name is Rose, then it will be more meaningful and livelier.

Tick, Tick, Tick

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your tattoo produced a tick-tick sound like a real watch? It is a complex tatt containing world map, watch, rose covered in black shards and many more and spans all over his forearm.

Roses On Your Waist

Rose For Your Bestie

Do you know Yellow rose is a symbol of friendship? If you want your association to be even more robust, then you can dedicate this tattoo for your best friend. I am sure you will surprise your best friend. Tatts are not only meant for your girlfriend or boyfriend, but it can also dedicate to your friend who always watches your back, and never lets you down.

Mandala and Rose

Rose and Mandala represent two different themes of tattoos. It works well when two different ideas are combined. There is a number 69 carved in the center of tatt which must be meaningful for the person wearing it. When two different styles are combined, it gives a great result.

Thorns and Spikes

We all admire the beauty and fragrance of rose, but we never talk about thorns and spikes surrounding it. In this, we get to see both roses and thorns. Moreover, rose resembles good part our lives and spines represent the sorrows and painful parts of our life. I think rose is only one flower which can serve our life.

Lateral Rose Tattoo Across Your Thigh

This art is a tattoo you would wear if you are a fan of short pants or bikinis or some short skirts as this part of your thigh is only visible while wearing those clothes.

Tiny Rose Tattoo On Ankle

You wear long pants or short pants, your ankles will always be visible unless you wear socks. Although it is a small tattoo, it is noticeable.

Rose is Blossoming On Your Waist

B and W Rose Tattoo on Arm

Roses On Strong Forearm

Strong arms and forearms are identities of male and forearms. Tattoos are impressive on forearms of men.

Rose Tattoo on Foot

High heels on one piece or slippers on skinny pants this tattoo will be visible in both of those outfits.

Rosy Upper Arm

Yes, it is a rosy upper arm.

Ripped Jeans Are Bae

In the recent times, ripped jeans have rocked women’s fashion industry. Now you don’t need to wear shorts to showcase your tattoos on your thighs.

Mechanical Rose 3-D Roses:

These are a few different types of three-dimensional roses.

Colorful Rose


If there is Picasso in the tattoo industry then, surely this tattoo artist’s creation is a masterpiece which would rival Picasso’s canvas creations. Here the roses are so beautifully carved that they do not even look like tattoos.

Realistic Pink Rose

Blak and White Roses On Arm

More Outline Than Shading

Shading is essential in tattoos, but sometimes it is as vital as outlining when the outlining itself is brilliant. As we can see, in this tattoo, there is less shading and more outline. Moreover, only one color black is used here.

Tiny Roses On Arm:

If you like small tattoos then, you should check these out:

Long Nails But Tiny Rose

Small is cute. Small dogs are beautiful, and small cats are cute. In the same way, small roses are beautiful so does small tattoos. Long nails and small tattoos are the best combinations.

Tiny Colorful Rose Tattoo

Just Outline

The one thing good about outline tattoo is that there is always an option available for coloring. You can wear colorless tatts for a while and later color it. After coloration, you will feel like you had a brand new tattoo.

Tiny Rose

Suppose you have a burn scar on your arm that you got while getting your pizza tray out of an oven and it does not go. What do you then? Injuries bring ugliness on your delicate skin. Therefore you can have a tattoo to cover the scar. Now your scar is gone, at the same time you have cool tatts.

If you are a fan of small tattoo or if you don’t want to suffer great pain during tattooing then this tattoo is for you. At the same time if you have skin diseases or it gives you a relief.

A Single Rose On Your Arm

These are the tattoos arm which contains a single rose. They are gorgeous tattoos.

Also See:


A Purple Tattoo

I have not seen a purple color tattoo in real life. Have you guys seen it? Well now you’ve seen it, and just can’t get it out of your head.

Roses On Arm

Dollar Bills Petals

Rose Tattoo For Bikinis and Swimsuits:

Are going on summer vacation to Bahamas or Hawaii or Bora Bora and thinking of getting a tattoo that you can showcase while wearing sexy bikinis then you can check these out.

Serpent Swirls Up

Got a pet snake? People dedicate their tattoo to their dead dog or cat. Why not a snake? You might give it another meaning that a beautiful surrounds a cruel animal.

An excellent outline tattoo which you can get in the relatively short amount of time. You can gradually color this tattoo after your vacation is over. This art is a detailed tattoo with roses, a lot of leaves, lilies and other flowers. You are carrying a garden on your lap.

It is a sexy rose tattoo that you want to have. I am not saying this because the picture is hot but, the tatt is glamorous in itself. When you wear a bikini, then you would look like a sports illustrated swimsuit model.

Black Roses and Black Bikini

It would be awesome if you combined this tattoo with a black bikini.

Mandala Booty

Some people might find this tattoo naughty, but I find it beautiful. When you are getting tatts close to your private parts, I recommend you to take your friend or boyfriend together with you unless you know the tattoo artist personally as there have been issues with sexual harassment and stuff. I do not mean to say all artists are perverts, but you have to be careful.

Shattered Face

This tattoo is has a deep meaning hidden. I cannot interpret it accurately. But, it looks like a face shaped glass vessel which is now shattered. The shattered face may explain many things like sadness, grief, etc.

Another Tatt For Swimsuit

Tattoos For Shorts:

Some of these can be suitable for bikinis as well as shorts.

Rose Petals Wearing Ear Rings

This guns and roses tattoo is perfect for swimsuits as well as suits.

Roses Covered In Between Mandala

I wonder if those roses are tattoos, I thought they were watercolor. This is a confusing tatt in which the roses look like watercolor and mandala looks like dot pen drawing. But, I am wrong, they are tatts, not watercolor painting. It is a well-carved tattoo though.

Necklaces Do Not Need Neck

Who said necklaces can we wear only around the neck? You just found out that a rose can also wear a collar. Here a love shaped watch which lies between two roses also contains strings and laces connected with it. You can have this tattoo for both swimsuits and shorts.

Roses Everywhere

You Should Rock It

With a mick on your lap, you are no less than a rock star. It might also interpret as the bird in a tattoo is singing a beautiful song.
You will wear short pants or miniskirts after getting these tattoos. You get a tattoo enduring a significant amount of time because you want people to admire your tattoo. But if it is not visible, then they cannot see. Therefore, they cannot comment on your tattoos. You should wear shorts and skirts after getting these tattoos. People will get a weapon by getting these tatts because they are just awesome.  However, you can also wear bikinis with these tattoos.

Crown and Jewels

Who does not like diamonds and jewels? “I like dollars; I like diamonds,” that’s Cardi B’s song’s lyrics. Here the roses are wearing a crown made up of gold and jewels and surrounded by diamonds.

Celtic Rose

If your job is to fight ghosts and demons, then this is a tattoo you must have because you will be wearing the cross twenty-four seven.


Mexican Rose Tattoo

Is this a rose?

There are thorns, but I do not think this is a rose.

Tattoos On Rib Cage

All American Rose Tattoo

Are you a war veteran or a patriotic person? If you are then this tattoo is for you. I think this tattoo is reserved for American friends.

What a piece of Art

This is a piece of art that you would want to keep in a museum.

Rose With Skull

Skulls have been guys favorite tattoo elements over the years, but here rose is combined with terrific heads. Usually, skull tattoos portray death, anger, and horror but the meanings differ from person to person. However, roses might give definitions apart from death and terror in these tattoos.

Guns and Roses

Well, there is only one rose and a single gun, but I like to call it guns and roses because it reminds me of one of my favorites band Guns and Roses. This tattoo gives contrasting messages, gun, and rose; a gun is a symbol of violence and evil while rose is a symbol of love and compassion. It also Remi ds me of War and Peace.

Hence it also gives an idea that human life has both bright and dark side, good and evil part, etc. Life is not perfect. Therefore it has ups and downs, joys and sorrows. This one tattoo gives a meaning of whole life. Finally, I do have to appreciate the hard work of the artist.

Upper Chest Tattoo For Men

It Is All About Music

Some of us are admirers of large tattoos. Not everyone can have large tattoos because it requires a lot of enthusiasm and willpower. Large tattoos take a lot of time to carve. The waist is a perfect part for women to get a tattoo.

When Your Back Is Canvas

Gigantic Tattoo On Shoulder and Neck

Is that a Rolex?

Is that watch on tattoo a Rolex?

Colorful Rose Tattoos Spanning Shoulder and Arms

Dollar Bills Rose Tattoo

Rose Tattoo On Fist

Since the left arm is for wearing watches, you can try wearing tattoos on right hand and vice-versa.

Lost Your Way, North Is In That Direction

Do you have confusion on directions, which one is east and which one is south? If you have a dilemma, then you should get this tattoo on your wrist. It will be helpful when you lose your way.

Tattoos have been linked to skin cancer If you have any skin diseases, it might lead you to other conditions which eventually might turn fatal. Therefore, you should consult your doctor if you can have tattoos or not. At the same time, all tattoo artists are not skillful. Once you get a tattoo, there is no turning back unless you had a temporary tattoo. Usually, the tattoo removal procedure includes a significant amount of time taking months and involves an unbearable pain. You do not want to get through all of this stuff, right? You should check out if the artist you are going to have a tattoo with is skillful or not, You should check out his previous works, hygiene, and cleanliness of the studio, etc. because you don’t want to regret after having a tattoo.

If you have not got a tattoo yet, I hope you will get one after reading this article.

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