Seageoh Stallone: Movies, Age, Net Worth (Career)

The son of the legendary actor Sylvester Stallone and Sasha Czack, Seargeoh Stallone is also getting the Hollywood attention through his family’s fame.

Although he does not have any remarkable work in the film industry, he has tried to make an impression following his family’s footsteps.

He has however been in the limelight for his good looks he has inherited from his parents.

His net worth is estimated to be $400 Million.

Seargeoh Stallone

Early Life

Born to the famous Hollywood celebrity parents in the year 1979, he had an early influence to join the Hollywood.

He had an excellent start in his first years until he was three years old. It was then when he was diagnosed with autism. Because of his family’s influence, he had pretty supported and good childhood. Raised along with his sibling Sage Stallone, he was raised in his hometown, USA.

He has had a huge influence from his father- Sylvester Stallone and his mother, Sasha Stallone. His father is a prominent actor, screenwriter, producer as well as a successful director who is known for his action films like- Rocky and Rambo. His mother is also an American actress who is majorly known for her role in Long Lost Love and Love of life.


We do not have details on when and from where he graduated. Although no confirmations are made, it is speculated that he may have attended a school or institutions for the special kids.


Not much of his career life has been notable. He was a part of his father’s film- Rocky II, but he only appeared as his father’s character Robert Balboa’s new-born son. The film was released in 1979. No more of his works have come to light since. Although he is the son of the infamous Hollywood Celebrities, very little detail about him is disclosed in the media.

Personal Life

Name Seargeoh Stallone
Date of birth 1979
Age 37 years
Birthplace United Kingdon
Ethnicity White
Height Not Specified
Weight Not Specified
Profession Actor
Married Not Disclosed
Nationality British
Father’s name Sylvester Stallone
Mother’s name Sasha Czack
Birth sign Not Specified
Measurement Not Specified
Net Worth $400 Million
Siblings Sage Stallone

Dating and Love Life

Stallone lives a very solitary life and does not easily get involved with anyone. It is rare to see him in public. His details are mostly unknown. Because of this, we do not yet have an idea about his relationship status.Being a very good looking man with a strong background, it is not that difficult for him to find someone.

But we do not know if he is dating anyone or is still single. He has however not married anyone yet, and he has no children as of today.

Social Reach

Like we stated, he likes to live a life of solitude. And thus, he does not use any social media. Currently, there are no specific accounts registered on his name. He does not have any Facebook or Instagram.

Net worth

It is estimated that the amount he gets as an allowance is a huge amount. Because of his parents, it has come to light that his estimated net worth amounts up to $400 Million.

Rumors and Controversy

Most of the rumors and controversies circling him are related due to his parents. There is, however, no major controversy linked directly to him. Because of his solitary behavior, there are no rumors that are going around the latest Hollywood buzz about him.


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