Selma Archerd: Life, Career, Net Worth (Biopic)

Selma Archerd is an America based actress. She is well known for her roles in 1988 movie Die Hard, 1987, Lethal Weapon and 1992 Lethal Weapon 3. She has also made an appearance in many other movies.


Early Life

Selma Archerd, originally known as Selma Fanning, was born in New Jersey of The United States on 26th of February 1925. She has lived a very secretive life. Apart from being an American, any other information about her childhood remains a secret.


Her education status as well stays hush-hush. However, it can be seen that she had either studied acting or had been trained in the field before because of her flawless acting which led her to act in hit movies like Die Hard.

Early Career

Selma Archerd first made her debut in a television series in 1973. Not much information about her past has been disclosed.


Career as an actress

Selma Archerd has a very golden career on small screen i.e. television screen. She has worked in many TV series from the date of 1973 to 2000. In 2000 she finally decided to retire. 

Furthermore, Airport 1975, Serpico, Charmed, Rainbow, are some of her iconic works.

She played the role of a policewoman in 1987 movie Lethal Weapon. Also, she was seen in the second sequel 1192 Lethal Weapon 3.

She also played to role of a hostage in 1988 popular movie Die Hard.


Personal Information

Like any of her other information, there is rarely any information about her personal life available on the internet. The 91-year-old Golden actress is not known to get into any controversies.

Iconic actress Selma Archerd was married to Army Archerd who is an American columnist in 1960. For more than 50 years, Army worked for Variety. Selma was the second wife of Army. 

The duo was happily married for almost 40 years but in 2009, lost his life because of lungs cancer. So, she is a widow.

However, Selma was married to Army, the actress was married to Howard Rosenblum. The details about the duo’s marriage and divorce have been kept a secret, and there are no news or other information available regarding the pair’s marriage and divorce. But she does have two children from his side, and the details about the two sons have also been kept a secret.

Apart from this, there is not much information about the actress’s affair with any other man.

The iconic actress is not available on any social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. As mentioned above, the actress has kept her life very secretive, and there is not much information available about her on the internet.


New Worth

Actress Selma Archerd has worked in many super hit films, and she is also very popular on the Television screen, but like her personal life, there is not much details or information revealed about the actress’s earning or net worth.  

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