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Known for her movies like Missing Victor Pellerin (2006), Vital Signs (2009), and A Gay Girl in Damascus: The Amina Profile (2015), Sophie Deraspe is a film director and writer from Canada. Sophie has been nominated for the Canadian Screen Award for Best Editing in a Feature Documentary.

Sophie Deraspe’s Early Life

Deraspe was born on the 27th of October, 1973 in Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec, Canada. She went to the Universite de Montreal for her college education. Her early career started as a cinematographer. She worked as a cinematographer in a short film called Solitude Dans La Foule which came out in 2000. During the initial days of her career, she was really into visual arts. Sophie also read a lot of literature. She loved books. She credits her love for visual arts and literature for her being a filmmaker and getting into films.

Sophie Deraspe’s Career

Sophie works as a film director, writer, cinematographer, and editor. She also works under various roles as required on the set. Sophie has directed five films, written all of them and shot about the same number of films to date. She has edited four projects.

Career as a Director

She started as a director in 2006, as a 33-year-old woman. Her debut project was titled Missing Victor Pellerin (Rechercher Victor Pellerin). Even though it was her first film, it received appreciations from all around the world. Three years later in 2009, her second film was released. The film Les signes vitaux (Vital Signs) was awarded more than 15 prizes at various film festivals around the world including the Borsos Prize for best new Canadian feature film. It premiered at the Rotterdam Film Festival. She directed a short film as her third venture. La part du déterminisme came out in 2011, after two years of the release of her second feature. However, it was also considered one of her significant works among others.

Her fourth project and third feature film Les loups came out in 2014. It also garnered her good name among critics and audience. However, Sophie got her best recognition from A Gay Girl in Damascus: The Amina Profile, a documentary that explores the Amina Abdallah Omari hoax that became famous in 2011. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2015. This is her fifth and the latest piece of work to date. The National Film Board of Canada called it a “Part love story, part international thriller, and a gripping chronicle of an unprecedented media and sociological hoax”.

Career as a Writer

Sophie is a writer as much as she is a director. She prefers writing her films by herself rather than letting others do it. This is also because of the content and the nature of the films she directs. Sophie has written all five films that she has directed to date. She writes gripping feature films as well as documentaries.

Career as a Cinematographer

Sophie started her career as a cinematographer before she became a writer and director. She shot a Solitude Dans La Foule in 2000 which became her gateway into the film world. She shot all of her initial projects by herself. However, Sophie did not work as a cinematographer in her last two films A Gay Girl in Damascus: The Amina Profile (2015) and Les loups (2014). In 2007, she took a break as a director/writer and shot a short documentary called Pierre Gauvin, un moine modern. Sophie has a good name as a cinematographer as well.

Career as an Editor

After shooting her first film in 2000, she worked in the cutting room for few years. Rather than jumping into direction, she trained herself to edit films so that she could learn a new perspective as a filmmaker. In 2002, she edited a feature-length documentary In the Meanders of the Mekong. One year before debuting as a director, she worked as an editor in another feature-length documentary Don Raoul in 2005. She edited her first film by herself. Although she did not work as an editor in her films for a long time after that, she returned to the cutting room in 2015 for her award-winning documentary A Gay Girl in Damascus: The Amina Profile.

Sophie Deraspe’s Personal Life

It is quite a tough job to get Sophie’s personal information because she is not a media person. There is not much information about her private life even on her Wikipedia page. We could not find her dating information and other details about her private life.

Sophie is not very active on her social media. She does not have a twitter account. However, there is a twitter account in the name of her latest documentary The Amino Profile which has 351 followers. She is not available on other social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Sophie Deraspe Net Worth

Sophie has worked under various profession from a film director to an editor. Even though she is a creative person and does not work solely for money, she earns a decent amount from her work. However, we could not find her net worth sums up to currently.

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