Steve Jobs: Net Worth, Education, Parents, Movie, Daughter, Death (Biography)

How much was the inventor Steve Jobs Worth?

The American businessman, entrepreneur and the inventor, Steve Jobs was one of the most successful and richest individuals in the world.

He is fondly remembered as the co-founder and the CEO of one of the most innovative and commercially successful companies- “Apple Inc.” Along with Steve Wozniak, he is hailed as the pioneers of the microcomputer revolution since the 1970’s. And, unsurprisingly His estimated net worth value was around the rough amount of $19 billion by his the time of his untimely death.

In addition to this, he had major shares at the animation company- “Pixar.” Furthermore, he was also one of the board members of “The Walt Disney” and CEO of the “NeXT.”



Early Life

Steve Jobs was born to his parents Schieble and Jandali on the February 24 of 1955. Because his mother was unwed at the time of his birth, he was given up for adoption. Finally, the couple Paul and Clara Jobs took Jobs in. And, a few years the couple adopted another child- Patricia.

Intrigued by his father craftsmanship, Steve was deeply involved in the electronics and engineering since an early age.


For his primary schooling, Jobs was placed in the Monta Loma Elementary School. He was bright. He skipped the 4th and the 5th grade to join the 6th grade in the Crittenden Middle School.

For his high school, he joined the Homestead High School and later joined the Reed College. However, he soon dropped out because he thought that the college was too expensive for his parents to afford.

Early Career

In the year 1973, Steve Wozniak designed his version of the video game called- “Pong.” After completion, he gave it to Jobs who took it to the Atari Inc in California. Since Jobs was the one who presented them with the game, Atari mistook him as the inventor of the game and hired him as one of the technicians.

However, he left for a period to travel and ecperience life. After returning to Atari, he was assigned to create a circuit board for a arcade game and offered $100 for one TTL chip removal.

But, because he had very little knowledge on circuits he decided to let his friend Wozniak take the offer. Wozniak accepted and reduced the TTL count to 46.


Wozniak and Steve invented the Apple I computer in 1976. Jobs suggested that they should sell it and along with Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, he started the Apple Computer in the garage of his home. But the third founder, Wayne left soon after.

With Woz working on the improvement of the computer, Steve spent hours on the phone trying to find an investor for their newly built machine.

Finally, they found an investor ready to invest in the Intel marketing manager- Mike Markkula. In 1977, they introduced another of their invention- Apple II at the West Coast Computer Fair.

With the sale of the Apple II, the company’s sale increased over 700 percent to around $139 Million. However, other products from Apple started gaining more loss than profit. The products showed multiple flaws.

In 1984, Apple then released the Macintosh with positive reviews.

However, Steve was phased out by the company’s executives and he had to leave the Apple in 1985. Following his departure from the Apple, he bought the animation company which is now the Pixar Animation Studio. The company later merged with the Walt Disney in the year 2006 making him the largest shareholder of the company.

Apple bought the Pixar company in 1996 and Steve rejoined his post as the CEO of the Apple Inc. Joining back to the Apple, he worked for $1 a year he put Apple back on track with several ingenious products.

Personal Life

Name Steven Paul Jobs
Date of birth  February 14, 1955
Birthplace  San Fransisco, California, US
Ethnicity  White
Height  6′ (183 cm)
Weight  160 lbs
Profession  Inventor, Businessman,
Married  Married
Nationality  American
Father’s name  Paul Jobs
Mother’s name  Clara Jobs
Birth sign  N/A
Measurement  N/A
Net Worth  $19 Billion
Siblings  Patricia Jobs

Marriage and Divorce

He remained a person of solitude and there were very rare occasions that he shed lights on his personal affairs. What is known however is that he has a daughter Lisa who was birthed by his girlfriend- Chrisann Brennan.

Although he denied the fact that he was the father at first, his daughter started living with him when aged 7. He was married to his current wife- Laurene Powell whom he met while studying at the Stanford Business School. The fell in love and married on 18th March, 1991. They resided in Palo Alto, California along with their three children.

Social Reach

Although being one of the biggest entrepreneurs worldwide, he still committed to his world of solitude. He never used any social media although a lot of fan pages have been made in his name.

Net Worth

Being one of the most successful entrepreneurs, he has a fortune in his name worth of billions. At the time of his unfortunate and early death, he was worth around $19 Billion.

Rumors and Controversy

Apple announces the Death of their CEO Steve Jobs

In the year 2003, Steve Jobs was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor located in his pancreas. He was the victim to the islet cell neuroendocrine tumor. But despite the diagnosis, Steve refused any recommendations made by the doctor for nine months. He instead opted for the pseudo-medicine diet to try and heal his tumor. However, this led to his unfortunate death as stated by the Harvard Researcher Ramzi Amri.

In the July of 2004, he underwent a pancreaticoduodenectomy to remove the tumor. In the year 2009, he again underwent another surgery for a liver transplant.

However, none did much good to him despite the positive prognosis after the procedure. He died at his hot at 3 pm in Palo Alto, California because of a relapse of his previously treated cancer. This caused him to have a respiratory arrest, and thus he died an untimely death. His death was announced by the Apple Inc. on October 5, 2011.

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