Tattoo Design Apps That Can Help You Make the Right Choice for Your Next Tattoo

Getting a tattoo used to be a permanent decision, now they can be removed through laser surgery. Laser is a very expensive and painful procedure, however. So getting a tattoo is still not a decision that should be taken lightly. Tattoos, when done well, can look amazing and be a fabulous form of self-expression. They can also have a beautiful memory attached to them. But that all depends on the design and placement of the tattoo – as well as the artist’s skills.

Nothing is ever perfect, but with a tattoo, people want to get as near to perfection as they can. Whether they know exactly what they want or only have a few elements in mind, planning a design ahead is essential before visiting the studio.

Downloading a tattoo design app can be very helpful in this regard. So here’s a look at the 5 best tattoo design apps for both Android and iPhone in 2019.

  1. Tattoodo

One of the biggest hurdles to getting a great tattoo is finding a quality design that hasn’t been used into oblivion. Searching for designs on Google or Pinterest is all good and well, but the content on there can get stale and overused.

Tattoodo relieves this problem through aggregating unique designs from the best tattoo artists out there. Artists create profiles on the app and share their work, while other users can follow them and even make bookings. Find millions of designs and connect with a huge like-minded community on Tattoodo.

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  1. Inkhunter

Having a great tattoo design is only half the battle, deciding where it should go is the other half. Inkhunter is the crème de la crème of inking apps. It uses augmented reality to place a tattoo anywhere on a person’s body in real time. Any tattoo can be viewed on any part of the body, at any angle.

Needless to say, this has made the app extremely popular. Inkhunter works so well that some tattoo artists even use it to show their clients what their tattoos will look like.

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  1. How to Draw Tattoos

There are next to no tattoos design apps out there that let people fully design their own tattoos. How to Draw Tattoos won’t design a person’s tattoos for them but it will teach them how to do it themselves. The app contains a large catalog of popular tattoo elements and designs with step by step instructions on how to draw them. It might take a while, but this way, someone can completely design their own unique tattoo all on their own.

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  1. Tattoo Fonts

Millions of people choose to ink their bodies with meaningful words instead of pictures. There’s no need to stick to a few select samples of overused fonts and styles, though. Tattoo Fonts offers people a chance to get the perfect look for their chatty new tattoo with over 125 styles to choose from. These aren’t your ordinary Times New Roman or Comic Sans fonts, either. They’re artistic renderings of the written word and can make any inked phrase come to life.

Available on:iOS

  1. Tattoo Designs

This app boasts a gigantic collection of tattoo designs, both highly trendy and more obscure ones. The searchable catalog is also divided into sections for those who aren’t quite sure what they want just yet. Tattoo Designs is a brilliant option for someone who’s looking for a comprehensive library full of different ideas for their own tattoo. Also, one of the best features of this app is the tattoo artist finder, which provides details of any studios in the user’s area.

Available on:Android

A Final Word

Whatever tattoo preference a person has, they’re bound to find something they like through one of these nifty apps. Being able to see what a tattoo will look like on different areas before making a decision is also a big game changer. Now the real struggle will be sticking to just one!

That said, while all these apps make for great tattoo ideas, they don’t make for such great mobile security. There’s been a big influx of malware on app stores (even the reputable ones). Poorly coded apps with access to lots of app permissions are also a big focus point for mobile hackers.

Anyone who’s considering downloading an app should take the necessary precautions to protect themselves from malware and stolen data or identities. Only allowing the bare minimum of app permissions, setting up 2FA, and installing a VPN ( is a great start.

Don’t let the fun get spoilt by poorly coded apps or malicious apps in disguise.

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