Tom Green: Net Worth, Tv Shows, Movies, Dance Academy (Career)

 Know more about the worth of Michel Thomas Green and his yearly income.

Michael Thomas Green or simple Tom Green is a multitalented Canadian personality. He is best known for being an actor, rapper, comedian, TV host, director as well as a writer. Among his most famed works, his best work is considered his MTV TV show called- “The Tom Green Show.”

Apart from this, he is also famous for his involvement in the popular films like- “Road Trip”, “Charlie’s Angel” as well as “Shred” and “Freddy Got Fingered.” A well-known fact, he is one of the successful comedy actors of our generation and his estimated net worth value reaches up to- $5 million as of now.

Early Life

Tom Green’s birthdate is July 30, 1971, and he was born in Pembroke of Ontario, Canada. He is the eldest son of his parents- Mary Jane and Richard Green. His father is a computer analyst and a retired army captain while his mother is a communications consultant. Green spent most of his childhood in a Canadian Army base and later in Gloucester Ontario.


Green finished his schooling at Henry Munro Middle School transferred from Colonel By Secondary School and Carline Wilson Secondary School. He later graduated from the Algonquin College with a degree in TV broadcasting in the year 1994.

Early Career

Green started his career as a stand-up comedian when he was just fifteen years old. He performed at the local clubs and continued for over 2 years.

When attending his University, he also got the chance to host an overnight show on the University’s radio station called CHUO. He began hosting the show called- The Rap Show.

Along with the fellow mate Gleb Humpkin, he then started their own show called “The Midnight Caller Show” in 1993. The show was based on them making fun of the callers right after they hung up.


As a Rapper

Green started his rap career 1990’s in early when he joined the group- “Organized Rhyme” under the pseudonym MC Bones. Their single called “Check The O.R” was nominated for the Juno Awards. It won the group their MuchVibe Best Rap Video award in 1992. The group later disbanded.

In 1998, he released his solo album- Not The Green Tom Show under the pseudonym- MC Face, his alter ego.

As a TV Host

Green started his own TV show in 1994 called The Tom Green Show an hour long, commercial free show. The show aired on the Rogers Television 22.

The show dealt with various themes where guests were often invited and often there would be an artists or bands playing in between. It also sometimes showed him playing pranks on his close ones, most often his parents.

In October 1996, the show aired as a pilot on the CBC channel. After more fame and uprising, his show was picked up by the MTV in 1999. Renown for Green’s shock humor, The Tom Green Show became notorious all over the US and Canada.

In 2000, Tom Green was diagnosed with testicular cancer and was also successfully treated. However, he filmed all of his time in the hospital and even his surgery. The documentation was aired as an hour long special “Tom Green Cancer Special” on the 23rd May 2000.

As an Actor

As an actor, Green has appeared in many critically acclaimed films. Some of his best works include- “Road Trip”, “Charlie Angel”, as well as “Stealing Harvard”. However, his career did not flourish much as an actor and in 2001, he won five Golden Raspberry Awards for the worst movie of the Year.

Personal Life

Name Michael Thomas Green
Date of birth July 30, 1971
Birthplace Pembroke, Ontario, Canada
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 6’3″ (190 cm)
Profession Tv personality, Show Host, Rapper, Actor
Married Divorced
Nationality Canadian
Father’s name Richard Green
Mother’s name Mary Jane
Net Worth $5 Million
Siblings Younger brother

Marriage and Divorce

Green engaged his then fiance- Drew Barrymore back in July 2000. They met on the set of Charlie’s angel and they soon married. The couple tied the knot a year later on July 7, 2001. However, the couple later split up in 2002.

Social Reach

Tom Green is a regular user of Twitter and you can follow him there. Apart from this, he seems inactive in other social sites.

Twitter @tomgreenlive

Net Worth

Michael Thomas Green has the estimated net worth value of $5 Million currently. This includes all of his assets and all his yearly income.

Rumors and Controversy

Although on and off the Hollywood scene, Thomas Green has yet to cause any major controversies.

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