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How Much Is Twenty One Pilot Worth?

The famous duo Josh and Joseph Dun, more commonly known as Twenty One Pilots are currently known for their hit singles- Stressed Out, Ride and also for their super hit soundtracks in the film Suicide Squad and Heathens.

The duo of them both is currently estimated to have the net worth amount of around $4 Million.

Formation of the band

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The duo originally formed a band in Ohio with Joseph, Nick Thomas, and Chris Salih. The former band members came up name while they were studying a play called All My Sons.

They explained that the name of the band isn’t just a fancy name for a performing band, but has a deeper meaning to it than what meets the ears.

Debut and Rise to Fame

In the year 2009, the band had officially released their first debut self-titled album- Twenty One Pilots. Their music effectively had an impact on the music industry, gaining a lot of fans along.

The next year, they also became active on Soundcloud, and from there, their rise to fame started. Gaining more than millions of fans worldwide, their most hits in the Soundcloud were- Time To Say Goodbye and Jar of hearts. Both of these songs were spinoffs from the original one.


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But the rise to fame became unsustainable when two of the band members left the group. First Chris Salih left the band on May 8, 2011. Later on June 3, 2011, Nick Thomas also followed. Because two major parts of the bands left, the band remained silent for a while.

The period of silence was a transition phase for the band. The fans became skeptical if their comeback would reach their expectations with their new songs. But eventually, Josh Dun, the former drummer of House of Heroes joined the band.

Comeback Performance and Sold Out Performances

The duo was then set to charm the fan members with their newly formed band. They released their second self-release album- Regional at Best on July 8, 2011.

That same year, the duo got the chance to play at the sold-out show in Columbus. They also signed the Atlantic Records and  Fueled By Ramen record Labels. With their demands high, they even released their debut Fueled By Ramen recording with three song EP called- Three Songs.

They soon released their singles, Holding On To You reached the radio charts in America which reached the 11th on The Billboard Alternative Songs chart. Their other singles- Guns For Hands and Lovely also reached number 21, and 67 respectively in the Japan’s Hot 100.

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Together, they performed countless shows and even toured around the world. In the year 2015, March 16, they released their third album- ‘Blurryface.’ Their singles, ‘Fairly Local’ and ‘Tear in my Heart’ released soon after.

Their album- ‘Blurryface’ sold around 134,000 copies in the first week of its release. It also became the No.1 Album on the Billboard 200. It also won the Top Rock Album in the Billboard Music Awards.

Tours and Shows

In the year 2013, Twenty One Pilot toured officially with Fall Out Boy and Panic!at the Disco as opening acts on the Save Rock and Roll Arena Tour. The next year, in 2014, Twenty One Pilots conducted events around the country. They got involved in music festivals like- Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Boston Calling and Firefly.

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Because of this, their fan base requested for their official tour. They took requests and toured all over the country in different cities with their tour- Quiet is Violent. The tour started in September 2014 and ended in the same year.

The Twenty One Pilots also toured all over the world with their BlurryFace World tour starting from May 11, 2015, in Scotland. The tour included performing in United States, Australia, South East Asia as well as in Japan and Europe. They toured along with Echosmith and Finish Ticket.

They have more collaborations with artist lined up for 2017. With the artists like TOPxMM, they have fans awaiting their next album release. 

Net Worth from 2012-2017

2012 $500,000
2013 $1 million
2014 $1.6 million
2015 $3 million
2016 $4 million

Coming from their hit singles and album release to their successful film tracks, Twenty One Pilot has hit the road to success starting from their early days.

Their most successful venture being the soundtracks for Heathens and Suicide Squad, they currently have a net worth value of around $4 Million.

With their popularity rising with each release, it is certain that their net worth value will increase as well in 2017.

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