William Shatner: Spouse, Net Worth, Age, Movies (Biography)

William Shatner is Canadian an actor. He is also a well know author and also is a producer and a director. He has worked as an actor for more than 50 years, and he even displayed his talent in comedy recently. 

The actor cum author is an icon because of his depiction of Captain of the USS Enterprise in the movie Star Trek. He is also the writer of TekWar which is a science fiction novel.

Currently, William Shatner is stated to have earned $100 million!


Early Life

William Shatner was born in Montreal, Quebec of Canada in 22nd of March 1931. Anne and Joseph Shatner are his parents. He also has two sisters. 

His grandparents were Jewish and immigrants.


William Shatner went to two different schools in his hometown of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. He went to Willingdon Elementary School and Westhill High School. 

He was also a pupil of Montreal Children’s Theater. In 1952, he graduated from McGill University Faculty of Management of Montreal, Canada with a Bachelors of Commerce. 

The same university even awarded him an honorary Doctorate of Letters in June of 2011.

Early Career

William Shatner worked as a business manager after graduating. He worked for Mountain Play House which is in Montreal. Later in Ottawa, he joined the Canadian National Repertory Theatre.

At the beginning of 1954, he started playing performing at Ontario at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. He even played a minor role in Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex. He made his first debut in a movie with a 1951 Canadian Movie called Butler’s Night Off.



Career as an actor

After making his debut through Butler’s Night Off, William Shatner was cast on The Canadian Howdy Doody Show as Ranger Bob. The first MGM movie he was featured in was 1958 movie Brothers Karamazov in which he played the role of the youngest Karamazov brother.

From 1966 he received a contract to play the role of Kirk in Star Trek Series. He played the role from the date to 1969. After only 3 seasons, the series was canceled because of over mild ratings. But later he did act through voice in the animated version of Star Trek Series.

William Shatner did have a hard time after the cancellation of Star Trek Series as he was not getting good work. But later the small roles he played started paying more. 

Later he appeared in many hit films like 1974 Big Bad Mama by Corman, a horror 1975 movie 91975) and The Horror at 37,000 Feet. These are the movies which are believed to be his all-time best work.

Later in 1979 Shatner and other members of Star Trek series came together to produce  Star Trek: The Motion Picture. He played the role of Krik in it too. After 6 sequels, the movie ended in 1994.

As an author

The first book that he wrote TekWar was published in 1989. According to Shatner, the book was at first developed as a screenplay of Star Trek 5 which was delayed because of Writer’s Guild Strike. The book became so popular that it led to 4 TV movies of TekWar. In it too, the actor played the role of Walter Bascom. Walter Bascom is the boss of the lead character.

As a musician

In 1968, Willian Shatner made a debut in the music industry with ‘The Spoken Word’. It is a single from album ‘The Transformed Man’.


Personal Information

William Shatner first got married to Gloria Rand who is his first wife out of four. Gloria Rand is also a Canada-based actress and he got married to her on 12th August of 1956. He has 3 daughters with her. In 1969, the duo got a divorce after Shatner left her.

Marcy Lafferty is the second wife of Shatner and their relationship lasted 23 years. They got married in 1973 and ended it all in 1996. He has one daughter with her. Nerine Kidd Shatner was his third wife and they got married in 1997. They were a happily married couple but in 1999, Nerine died. In 9th of August, Shatner found his wife’s dead body in their home swimming pool.

In 2001, he again got married to  Elizabeth Anderson Martin and they have been together since then.

The actor sum author has 2.41 million followers on his twitter, 99.5 thousand followers on Instagram and has more than a million followers and likes on his official Facebook page.


Net Worth

The net worth of actor William Shatner is $100 million which he earned through his career in acting, writing, producing etc.   

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