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Zacharias Kunuk is a Canada-based film producer and director. His most famous work can be mentioned as Atanarjuat: The fast Runner. It was Canada’s first dramatic feature film produced entirely in the Inuktitut language. He is also the president and co-founder of Canada’s first independent Inuit production company named Isuma Productions. He is a self-taught director and includes most of the environment issues as well as Inuit regarding issues in his work.

Early Life

Born in Kapuivik on Baffin Island in Canada, Kunuk was the son of Enuki Kunuk and his wife Vivian Kunuk. He was born on the date 27 November 1957. He used to carve and sell soapstone sculptures. Kunuk saved and his skills improved. He earned enough to buy cameras. Kunuk started photographing Inuit hunting scenes at first. He then heard about video cameras. After saving enough he went on and purchased a camera and some basic equipment in 1981. He later started experimenting with the cameras and taught himself how to make his own movies.


Kunuk’s film named “The journals of Knud Rasmussen” was a co-production with Denmark. He co-wrote and co-directed the film with Norman Cohn. It was premiered on September 7, 2006. The film was the opening film at Toronto International Film festival. He is also known for his movie- Atanarjuat: The fast runner. This was the first movie which had the entire cast indigenous and made entirely in Inuktitut. He is known for his promotion of indigenous culture and people.

Kunuk also helped to open the Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change Project. He did it with the co-operation of Ian Mauro of University of Victoria’s School of Environmental Studies. He is currently developing a project with Cree Filmmaker Neil Diamond. It is based on the 18th-century conflict between Cree and Inuit. This conflict had lasted for almost a century. He includes Inuit, his language, and hometown in most of his works. Kunuk promotes indigenous culture as well.

Zacharias Kunuk Married Life

He is married to his wife Lydia Anguratsiq. They later had 5 children together. So far there aren’t any information about when and where he got married. We only know that he now lives in Igloolik, Nunavut Canada with his family. He has not been involved in any kind of controversy so far. Kunuk is very closed off about mentioning details about his personal life. Thus we only know very little about his personal life.


His most famous work was his 2001 movie Atanarjuat (2001). He directed, produced, wrote and edited that movie. Later, he made other movies like Nunavut, Our land (1995), Kunuk Family reunion (2004), Weird Sex and Snowshoes; A trek through Canadian Cinematic Psyche (2004). He also made documentaries like- The journals of Knud (2006), Before tomorrow (2008), Tungijug (2009), Home (2011), National Parks project (2011), and Searchers (2016). He produced many of them, directed and wrote most of them. Most of them were based on real issues. He promotes the indigenous people and their culture as well.


During his film-making career, he won several awards and nominations for his contribution. His works are also well known and recognized. He won – Cannes Film Festival- Golden Camera in 2001, Edinburgh International Film festival- New Directors Award in 2001, Toronto International Film festival- Best Canadian Feature Film in 2001. He also won Newport International Film festival- festival award- Best feature film in 2002, Chicago Film Critics Association Awards- Most promising director in 2002, San Diego International Film Festival; Best feature film in 2002. For his work, he also won Genie Awards: Claude Jutra Award – Best Achievement in Editing, Best Achievement in Direction, Best Motion Picture in 2002, Santa Fe Film Festival; Luminaria- Best Feature Film, Ghent International Film Festival in 2002. Kunuk is considered to be one of the most influential director and film-maker.

Zacharias Kunuk Net Worth

Kunuk’s net worth is not disclosed. As per some wiki sites, Zacharias Kunuk net worth is estimated to be $100 thousands.

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